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  1. mlee49

    [FS/FT][US] i7 5930k, 32GB Corsair Dominators, 2x MSI 780 Ti, and other goodies

    Hello! Been a while since I've listed a FS thread however after a much needed upgrade I have some decent parts that could use a good home. Please message me for all inquiries and current trades looking for a GTX 10 series card. All prices include shipping within US lower 48 states, not looking...
  2. mlee49

    No boot with 8 pin cpu

    Hi guys, long time no post. Having a bit of trouble with my desktop system. Yesterday it wouldn't turn on when I pressed the power key, simply heard the psu click but no boot. I suspected the psu and picked up a spare from Microcenter but when everything reconnected still no boot. Then I...
  3. mlee49

    [FS][US] I7 970, 500GB 840 Evo, 24GB DDR3, and tons more!

    Hello! I recently upgraded to X99 after years of dedication to the X58 platform. Sadly I'm releasing my i7 970 back into the wild along with some great friends. Please PM me with questions or post them here if you'd like. Thanks for browsing! Short list: Intel i7 970 $160 shipped 500GB...
  4. mlee49

    If your headphones tickle...

    CHECK FOR SPIDERS!!!!!!! Holy crap, I felt it like 3 or 4 times before I found out it was a spider!!!!
  5. mlee49

    Wanting to Rent a gaming laptop

    I know this is weird but my gaming notebook recently died and I have a week long business trip planned coming up and I need a notebook with a dedicated gpu or I might die of boredom. I am wanting to rent a notebook with a decent dedicated gpu equivalnt to an Nvidia 280 or AMD midrange. I...
  6. mlee49

    [FS][US] Samsung 256GB 830 ssd

    Hello friends :) Up for sale is a spare ssd I had just chillin in my laptop that died. Time to sell it and move on, :) It is a Samsung 830 256GB solid state drive. It does not have the laptop upgrade kit, nor any sata cables or brackets. Simply the drive and the install disc. Pics: Price...
  7. mlee49

    [FS][US] 2x GTX560Ti 448 Core Classifed Ultras and tons of WC parts

    Hello everybody! I've upgraded my video card and now would like to release my old wares into the world. Please see pictures below the short list and item description with pricing at the bottom. Thanks for looking :) Short list: 2x Nvidia GTX 560 Ti 448 Core Classified Ultras [details] All...
  8. mlee49

    LGA 2011 Build Critique

    Hi everybody! Please help with my new 2014 build and critique and/or provide your opinion. :) CPU: i7 4770k MOBO: Asus X79 Deluxe RAM: 32GB Corsair Vengance Pro 1866MHz VGA: 2x GTX 780 Ti's HDD: 240 GB Samsung 840 with 1TB WD Black PSU: Thermaltake Toughpower 850W CASE: Enermax Fulmo GT...
  9. mlee49

    Help me decide: 770 4GB or 780 ti

    Hey guys, I'm debating these two cards for my next upgrade. I'm not intreasted in AMD this time so please no 290/270 suggestions. So the 770 4GB is $400 and the 780 ti is $700. I'm leaning towards the 770 and going SLI in a couple months. The big reason for the upgrade is my 560 ti's are aging...
  10. mlee49

    [FS][US] Router, RAM, and 275GTX

    Hey everyone, long time no see. :) I've got some extra hardware just sitting here, thought I'd make a buck or so. Feel free to check it out :D Up for sale: 1) D-Link DGL-4500 Wireless N router $SOLD!!! 2) 3x2GB DDR3 2000MHz Perfect Storm G Skill RAM $OLD!!! 3) eVGA 275GTX Pics: Router...
  11. mlee49

    Overhaul or Scrap it and buy new?

    So my parents desktop is aging faster than they are, which is surprising. Here's what they have right now: Intel 775 E8200 Quad core cpu 2 GB of ddr2 800MHz ram Asus P45 mATX mainboard(mid-low level) 320 GB Blue WD HDD 500W ATX PSU DVD/CD burner 15" 1280x768 LCD 10 year old Keyboard...
  12. mlee49

    5 Minutes of Batman: Arkham Origins

    Check it: Wow, that looks amazing!!
  13. mlee49

    Corsair 900D Early review

    Hey everyone, I know I'm excited about the new 900D coming out and I'm sure most everyone else is too. The first reviews are coming in and one of my favorite reviewers: Linus Tech Tips has it: Early pricing has it at $350, which is fair for the massive case you get. Literally, you could...
  14. mlee49

    Origin can be good for something I guess

    Best download speeds I've ever seen. Max Steam download I've got was 4.5MB/s, this was sustained 6 MB/s, mostly at 7 though. And yes, I did purchase SimCity but only because I got DeadSpace 3 along with it for free. Also, I purchased it from GreenManGaming and earned $10 credit. So I'm...
  15. mlee49

    RealTemp: 1 Million Downloads!!

    Many of you know the amazing software that TechPowerUp has developed and supported through the years. GPU-Z is now a world wide standard for graphic card compatibility and monitoring. TPUCapture is a handy screen capture tool I know I've used for years. Radeon Bios Editor gained immediate...
  16. mlee49

    TPU Image database

    First off, I know this request has been made before but I think it bears another debate. So, I dont know about you all but I find myself searching for posts I've made alot. Most of the time I'm looking for posts where I put up a screen shot. For TPU I use techpowerup.org image...
  17. mlee49

    Should I get a sound card?

    So I've never owned a dedicated sound card and I'm not sure what I'm missing out on. Currently I run a digital audio out via HDMI to my receiver (Sony STR820 7.1 @110W per channel) via my 560Ti. I never run analog audio, either through the front headphone port or rear outputs. So what am...
  18. mlee49

    Cisco rolls out Anti-Porn firmware

    Cisco recently released a new firmware for their wireless router devices that forces users to bypass the standard Admin login to a "Cloud based" login which enforces several interesting clauses. My take is Cisco released this firmware in efforts to be more 'cloud-like' with intnetions of...
  19. mlee49

    Internet Explorer 7 Tax: 6.8% @ Kogan.com

    So yeah, you like IE 7? Well plan on paying extra for using it at Kogan.com who implemented a nice 6.8% sales tax on all your purchases. :D
  20. mlee49

    [FS][US] Practically Giving it away!

    So I've got some extra gear I'd like to get rid of and thought I could help some TPU friends out in the process. Short list: Raidmax Aeolus~$40 shipped OCZ 30GB SSD~$30 shipped Thermaltake Frio OCK~$40 shipped Everything for $80 shipped :rockout: Pictures...
  21. mlee49

    [FS][US] SilverStone Strider Gold 750W PSU

    Up for sale is one SilverStone Strider Gold 750W power supply. Excellent supply that pushed my 470 and a 275 CO-OP for a nice F@H event last year. Unfortunately it's been gathering quite a bit of dust and it needs a new home. Price: $100 shipped anywhere in the US. PM me for further...
  22. mlee49

    Car Audio help

    So, I just bought a new car and the stereo system sucks. It's horrid, nearly every speaker is blown and it just sounds awful. The stereo is stock, it's a 97 Toyota Avalon. The actual stereo is a single unit, but it has a separate 6 disc changer in the trunk, I know it was the 90's. Anyways...
  23. mlee49

    Foxconn Mass Suicide Threats

    From The Atlantic Wire: Read more here: http://www.theatlanticwire.com/technology/2012/01/foxconn-still-hard-place-work/47193/ Think about that when you turn on your Xbox or iPhone.
  24. mlee49

    Youtube pause screen: Play Snakes!

    Yeah so go to Youtube and pull up a video then press the pause button(or while the video loads) and you can play snakes! Quick fun while a video loads :) Video for fun: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYhDthbBrrU&feature=g-pop&context=G2f169aaYPAAAAAAABAA Check it out, when the loading wheel...
  25. mlee49

    Acer CEO: We’re Going to Stop Selling Cheap, Unprofitable Crap

    It's about time Acer fessed up to making crap. Here's more: Personally I've never like Acer products, not even their monitors. What do you guys think?