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  1. infrared

    Weird gpu memory clock issue 1080Ti [solved]

    I'm a bit confused here, most monitoring software seems to report the memory clock on my 1080Ti incorrectly. AFAIK the default memory clock should be 1376mhz, in Afterburner, GPUZ Sensor tab & HWInfo all show it as 1250mhz, the only place I see it being reported differently (1376) is the GPUZ...
  2. infrared

    Mini-Log: Finishing 'Raisin'. From test bed to case.

    I almost didn't post anything but thought it'd be cool to have a mini-log of this build. So I finally got around to getting the waterblock fitted to my 1080Ti, and swapped out two of the shunt resistors to raise the power limit. It's some of the most butt-clenching soldering I've ever done! I...
  3. infrared

    Best wheel for someone that can't use pedals.

    As the title suggests, I'm looking for a decent force feedback wheel to use with project cars 1/2 & maybe assetto corsa if I end up getting it. Problem I have is I can't use pedals, does anyone know of any wheels with throttle/brake as triggers on a wheel or something? Trying to play Project...
  4. infrared

    ITER progress (experimental fusion reactor)

    Just thought I'd post a recent video about the iter project, it seems to be coming along nicely. The video explains the basics of what they're trying to do, for those who haven't been following nuclear fusion technology. I'll keep an eye out for updates and post them here :)
  5. infrared

    [FS][EU] AMD R7 1800x & HyperX DDR4

    For sale is my original 1800x, this was pre-ordered so is one of the early CPU's. I only used this cpu for a month or two at the most, and was replaced with a cherry picked on. It will do 4GHz on water but it requires ~1.44V (3.9GHz @ 1.38V). Temps have always been kept well under control, it's...
  6. infrared

    WCG Projects favoring AMD / Intel

    Question: Since different projects work better on intel or amd (1800x seems to love scc, whereas 6700k and i3-4170 don't seem to do as well - taking into account core count obviously).. Are there any projects which run particularly well on intel? And is it possible to set a preference for a...
  7. infrared

    [WTB][EU] SPDIF cable

    I'm trying to get the audio over HDMI to work with my GTX280, so it looks like I need the SPDIF cable for the card. Are the DVI-HDMI dongles all the same, as in will they all allow hdmi audio to work? I'm using the dongle from my brother's 9600GT. Cheers, Simon. EDIT: Got one :)
  8. infrared

    Ghetto WC/TEC overclockin'!

    I was rummaging around in my room the other day and stumbled across my spare Swiftech Apogee waterblock, so I thought i'd have a bit of fun with it! In the garage I found a 120L/min submersible pump... I've got a 10Gallon(ish) tub that I will use, which i can maybe fill with icecubes / freezer...
  9. infrared

    [FS] RC touring car stuff

    Sorry, this item is no longer for sale
  10. infrared

    Memory recomendations

    Well, my G.skills are starting to complain about being run at 1175mhz 2.1v 24/7, so i'm looking for some new memory and need your recomendations. I need a 4GB kit, preferably 2x2gb config, since i've had bad experiences overclocking with 4 sticks. Willing to try 4 sticks again if it's cheap...
  11. infrared

    Monitors - Need opinions please

    Hey, My crappy AMW 19" LCD is about to give up, so I'm looking to get a new monitor. There are a lot of choices though, and i'm a little unsure what to get. Here is a selection of 22" monitors i like the look of from oc.uk (not limited to that site). The full 1080p resolution of the viewsonic...
  12. infrared

    [WTB] DimondMax 10 - 250GB PCB

    Ok, this is a long shot to say the least! The PCB on my little brother's hard drive has burnt up (taking teh power supply and motherboard with it). Does anyone have and old faulty drive, or one with lots of bad sectors i could nick the PCB off?
  13. infrared

    F@H GPU2 Performance

    Hey all, I'm starting this thread for everybody who is contributing to Folding@Home with a GPU, so that we can help get the best performance out of our cards. I plan to keep track of contributors' Graphics cards, and the PPD being generated, like a scoreboard. This will make it easier to tell...
  14. infrared

    WMP11: can't add folders to F3 list

    Hey there, Just installed vista ultimate x64. I've got all my music on a usb flash drive, and to save space on the OS drive i'd prefer to play them from the flash drive. My problem is it won't let me add the flash drive or any of the folders on it to the "add to library" list (F3). Any...
  15. infrared

    [WTB] [UK] Stock cooler for Sapphire x800GTO2

    Hey, Looking for the stock heatsink that came with the Sapphire X800GTO2. Offering £5 + postage if anyone has one they're not using. Thanks, Simon.
  16. infrared

    COD4 Prob - Weapon won't stop firing.

    Hey, Just wandering if anyone is having the same prob, and maybe found a fix. I've done lots of searching, but can't seem to find anything. The problem is if i'm firing a weapon, and i release both left and right mouse buttons at the same time, the gun will continue to fire until i click...
  17. infrared

    4x 1GB Overclocking Help

    Hey, I've been trying and failing to get a decent overclock with the 4 dimms installed. I know that 4 dimms should reduce overclocking potential, but i seem to hit a brick wall at roughly 1000MHz, no matter what timings or voltages i use. Memory: Supertalent pc2-6400 (4-4-3-8) 1225mhz @ 2.3v...
  18. infrared

    RC Clubhouse!

    Hey everyone, I'm starting this clubhouse for everyone to show off their models and help promote the hobby! Basically, I'll keep a list on this post of every member, and what side of the hobby they're into, be it Cars (nitro/electric? onroad/offroad?), Planes, Helis, Anything!) Just post a...
  19. infrared

    Memory OC probs

    Hey all. Ive been running my system at stock for quite a while now, just for using as a ftp server, and downloading stuff. When i went to clock it back up it wouldn't run at the previous settings. I spent days fighting with voltages, timings, dividers etc. Eventually i found some nice settings...
  20. infrared

    [WTB] Battlefield 2 cd key

    Hey! If anyone doesn't play battlefield 2 anymore, I'm offering $10 to buy the key from you. (Punkbuster banned me. Apparently I used a cheat that "hides itself from punkbuster" :wtf:) I don't need the cd or case or anything, so i'd be happy for it to be emailed to me. Obviously i'd be...
  21. infrared

    Ballistix Problems

    I just bought a Crucial Ballistix PC2-8500 CL5 2GB kit: http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=MY-093-CR I was assuming that these modules, like all of their other ballistix and ballistix-tracer range would come with the Micron D9GMH chips, that are well known for reaching 1200mhz...
  22. infrared

    G80 IHS removal

    Well, the modding bug has bit me again. I knew it wouldn't be long! I'm getting sick of the high temperatures on my 8800gts 640mb.. At the moment with 100% fan it will reach a load temp of 68c @ 675mhz core, which isn't too bad I suppose, but I'm also planning to volt-mod it and bring teh...
  23. infrared

    InfraRed... Selling up

    Hey everyone! I never thought I'd be starting one of these threads, but here goes... Due to work, college and various other commitments I have decided that I don't have the money or time to mess with my computer at the moment. Just recently the ram got fried because the fan cooling them...
  24. infrared

    New psu in ~8 hours!!!

    PCP&C Silencer 750w is on it's way to me! I couldn't wait, so paid the extra for saturday delivery, and booked the day off work! I need to 1. Register for the HWBot team, and 2. Do some benchin!!! :rockout:
  25. infrared

    Forceware 162.18 driver probs?

    Has anyone else with an 8800 card noticed FEAR locking up after ~25 minutes of gameplay with the new drivers? At first i thought it might be cpu/memory instability, but after testing with orthos and memtest86+ for 4 hours each i've decided that's not the problem. Even when the card isn't...