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  1. zatblast

    Problem with a Dell e1505/6400 Laptop (heat)

    for the line problem, try attaching it to another monitor if the lines arent there, then theres probably a problem with the laptops screen, which has been documented on many many many many many....ect... laptop screens something to try is this...
  2. zatblast

    Question about the FBI, Raid 0 and Data recovery...

    http://www.instructables.com/id/Thermite/?comments=all btw, when the feds ask why you just thermited your computer, be all like what do you mean? i was ocing... see if they fall for it.. and dont forget to hit your ram/proc with termite while your at it i mean if your worried enough to...
  3. zatblast

    PCB Color on Video Cards

    what about some random little power connectors right on the card ((dunno if cards currently use all power we try throwing at them however i have to assume they dont)) and so like a few small leds that we could put on them by our choice, with a white pcb so that we might be able to customize it...
  4. zatblast

    RIAA Wants ISPs to Force Client-Side Filtering to Eliminate Piracy

    i love that idea, i would get it for a month, get pretty much everything i needed for the next 2 years, anything else that came along well that 1 guy that acctually has an acct, well i just borrow it from him... as for taxing everything by 4.00$, they cant :D if they did i would have to order...
  5. zatblast

    AS5 On The Cheap

    if someone thinks bulk as5 order is a good idea, they should do the math and get the shipping figured up to prove it :P >>my oppinion anyways... could be a great idea if you got 4 ppl that wanted like 5 tubes but like 20 wanting 1 each... yep lol..
  6. zatblast

    Recovering saved wpa keys

    come up with something easy to remember, yet that few would guess.... my key is 24char long, 5 numbers mixed in there but short version is it goes applebearcatdogelephant12345 could probably just crack your own key.... acctualy that sounds like fun might do it to mine some day...
  7. zatblast

    PCB Color on Video Cards

    *cough* palit guy throw a real poisous dart frog in with that card ;) ;) ok dont that would be cruel have fun with the new card shadowfold
  8. zatblast

    PCB Color on Video Cards

    never ending thread of numbers forty-two w00t um ok sorry...
  9. zatblast

    PCB Color on Video Cards

    Not to be an ignorant fool or anything, but who was the lucky one that got the card? or still not to that point yet? lol... just curious..
  10. zatblast

    PCB Color on Video Cards

    part of the fun :D pronounciation charts anyways.. no one really cares about the name, just the specs ;)
  11. zatblast

    PCB Color on Video Cards

    use the poisonous frog genus name as a new branding for the cards... Now introducing the Palit Dendrobates series featuring *acctual card name here* blah blah blah... xD
  12. zatblast

    PCB Color on Video Cards

    already got my post in for this topic... but erockers post made me think for some odd... reason... what about customizable cards direct from palit? again probably uneconomical for palit but would be kind of well i'd be buying one lets leave it at that... anyways have several colors of a good...
  13. zatblast

    PCB Color on Video Cards

    post 96 card 4... like that but as for a colored board... idk kinda wanna jokingly say tidyed... but kind of serious but 1. most likely not easy to do and thus wont be economical and 2. limit the audience further I would kind of find length wise strips to be neat... of course with colors that...
  14. zatblast

    laptop heatsink

    okies tha makes me feel better somehow, that the metal thing is a standard... albietly a crappy standard... aka atleast they didnt forget to remove it and that was causing some of the heat... lol and thanks for the input :D
  15. zatblast

    laptop heatsink

    hi... just wondering if one of you thats taken your laptop apart to apply different thermal paste to the heat sink ever noticed some sort of thin metalic strip... what i mean is the nvidia 6150go chip had a thermal pad attached to it, the turion 64 x2 had a thermal pad that went around the edges...
  16. zatblast

    First time user with linux

    not going to claim to be an expert, still a noob myself... ubuntu is nice however on my laptop it worked once and was never able to get it bootable again ((litterally 30 tries)) gave up and switched to fedora core 8 which has been great... just havent gotten around to getting mywireless card...
  17. zatblast

    Alcpone's Official 3DMark '06 Compilation

    um to be honest i havent looked at this too hard, but anyone think we could turn it into a spread sheet to auto gauge where specific scores fall maybe? and then releave most of the manual editiing?
  18. zatblast

    Web Browser - which one do you think is the best?

    all 3... firefox-main probably 90-95% of my everyday stuff opera-2ndary choice, has a torrent function *cough* and used when ff seems to fail me on this or that... ie-avoided but some arses code pages meant only for ie....
  19. zatblast

    Horrible pictures of dead caps

    100.00 CZK = 6.25114 USD Czech Republic Koruny United States Dollars 1 CZK = 0.0625114 USD 1 USD = 15.9971 CZK In the year 1989, the average gross wage of Czech employees was CSK 3,170. In 2005, the average was nearly CZK 19,000. In 2010, when the country is...
  20. zatblast

    Alcpone's Official 3DMark '06 Compilation

    *wants to build a system for 80$* so kinda hopeing you meant "800.00".....
  21. zatblast

    Alienware Launches ‘World’s Fastest Gaming Desktop’

    kind of like the case look a little bit.... but if i had 10 grand to waste on a puter... i am sure i could find someone to mod my case for me because i'm too much of a noob to do anything really neat.... and then install the components... so gauging off your figures for internal parts say...
  22. zatblast

    Silverthrone on Superpi

    wonder how it would perform with 2 on 1 laptop board though... yes i understand not meant for laptops but uh i know how hot my turion x2 64 2.2ghz laptop runs right where the proc is... so if i could get a 2 small processors and maybe mount one top left and one top right of the motherboard...
  23. zatblast

    Alcpone's Official 3DMark '06 Compilation

    hehe thats what i dont understand, i have had ESIT disabled because i thought thats what it did.. just enabled it and got 11493 so eh *shrug*
  24. zatblast

    Alcpone's Official 3DMark '06 Compilation

    score:11497 um during the 3dmark run i jump to 3.0ghz havent quite figured out why it goes back to 2.01... still working on that but yea dont know if you can take my word for that might have to just wait for it to come out of the 3dmark loop and screen shot it right awayish.. 8800gt 650/950...
  25. zatblast

    Seagate Ships its New Cheetah 15K.6 Hard Drives

    think of the barracudas they are listed as 7200.10 or 7200.11, ect... so i would go with its just part of there naming thing