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  1. OrbitzXT

    Keeping mouse cursor inside a Windowed game?

    I'm wondering if there is any method to keeping the mouse cursor within a windowed game, lets take Starcraft 2 for example. I only have one screen and like to play games in windowed mode so I can watch shows/movies right next to it. In a game like SC2, moving the mouse to the border of the...
  2. OrbitzXT

    Have 8GB of RAM, XP 32 bit detecting 1.91GB

    I know that 32-bit operating systems can only detect up to 4GB and tend to show a little less because some gets reserved for other things, but I installed 32-bit XP on a system with 8GB of RAM, and the General tab of System Properties says I only have 1.91GB, and I see something similar in Task...
  3. OrbitzXT

    How to make mouse cursor move in XP like Windows 7?

    I switched back to Windows XP from Windows 7 recently for a few reasons, I'm having trouble with the mouse cursor though and find it doesn't move exactly the same as it does in Windows 7. It's a little hard to describe, but in Windows 7 I felt like it took less effort to move the cursor around...
  4. OrbitzXT

    How to force clocks on nVidia cards?

    I've been having issues with a game I'm playing, League of Legends, the FPS is dropping randomly in game and I noticed through MSI Afterburner that my core and memory clocks are dropping and fluctuating. I would prefer the clocks stay fixed at 630/1728 respectively (GTX 590) to see if that fixes...
  5. OrbitzXT

    Crashing/Blue Screens Even After New Reinstall

    I have a relatively new PC I built myself about a year ago that's never really had any kinds of issues. It has an i5 2500k not overclocked and the temperatures are fine idle and under load, I have a GTX 590 also never overclocked using the latest non-beta drivers on Windows 7 64 bit. About a...
  6. OrbitzXT

    Best way to watch videos with another person online?

    I'm in a relationship with someone who has to go back to school very soon and we're not going to see each other for a few months. There's a lot of shows coming out this Fall we both like and we tried using Skype screen sharing to watch a show together, but it doesn't really work that well. I...
  7. OrbitzXT

    Best software for watching bluray on laptop?

    I'm reinstalling a laptop for someone and I'm not sure what software was on it before to play blurays. Can anyone recommend the top programs? Thanks.
  8. OrbitzXT

    Turning Gmail Chat Off on Android Phone?

    I hope no one minds me posting a cell phone related question here, I have a couple of annoying people who keep trying to message me through Gmail's chat. In my browser on my PC I go to Settings - Chat and have it set to Chat off. I never get messages while on my PC, but on my phone, these people...
  9. OrbitzXT

    What's a good fan for this CPU?

    My friend built a PC recently using this processor: AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition Deneb 3.4GHz Socket AM3 125W Quad-Core Processor AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition Deneb 3.4GHz So... Something is wrong with the fan that came with it, it's making a buzzing/grinding sound, though the...
  10. OrbitzXT

    Best GPU in the $100-200 price range?

    A friend of mine built a new PC and it turns out the GPU I gave him was no good, so he needs to buy one of his own. What is the best performance you can get in the $100-200 price range?
  11. OrbitzXT

    Does this AMD CPU & Mobo Work Together?

    I've honestly never built an AMD system before, my friend is looking to make something cheap and I want to make sure these work together. Mobo: BIOSTAR A780L3B AM3 AMD 760G Micro ATX AMD Motherb... CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition Deneb 3.4GHz So... RAM: G.SKILL Value Series...
  12. OrbitzXT

    Odd Bluescreen Issue

    I reinstalled a PC at work recently that always works fine during office hours, but when we come in the next morning it's sitting at a bluescreen. It gave the code 0x0000007E (0xC0000005, 0x00000000, 0x8D393B10, 0x8D3936F0). It's a fairly new PC I built myself a few months ago, it has an i3...
  13. OrbitzXT

    PC Infected with Virus

    My boss isn't great with computers and clicked a link in an email she shouldn't have, now the PC is infected with one of those things asking for credit card info to buy anti virus software. I wasn't in the office today so I didn't get to look at it myself, but I told her to boot into safe mode...
  14. OrbitzXT

    Thermal Pad Question

    A friend of mine opened his laptop with the intention on removing the thermal grease put on in the factory with Arctic Silver 5. He ended up removing thermal pads from the GPU thinking it was paste, the AS5 alone was causing it to overheat still. He ordered new thermal pads for the GPU and will...
  15. OrbitzXT

    New Computer Locking Up

    I built a new computer for use in my office at work, it seems to lock up about 1-2 times daily. There are no error messages, no rebooting, etc. It just locks up, the cursor doesn't move and the computer doesn't respond to any keyboard commands. It's a fairly basic system, has an SSD, i3, 2GB of...
  16. OrbitzXT

    AutoCAD 2012 Locks Up When Opened

    This problem randomly began yesterday, I tried to open a DWG file to edit and it opened, but when I tried to do anything the program froze. I tried opening it on another computer and the same exact thing happened. But what confuses me is that my AutoCAD seems to have a problem in general now. If...
  17. OrbitzXT

    Scrolling on Tablet is Highlighting

    My boss has a Windows 7 tablet that has been working fine. Normally when you scroll with your finger is navigates folders, websites, etc. Now when you do that it just highlights. This is happening in Firefox, IE and Windows Explorer. I don't really use tablets myself, I looked through the Touch...
  18. OrbitzXT

    What do these symbols mean?

    I have a PC in my office that is networked to others and acts as a server. There are three different symbols and I was curious what they meant. One is filled in green circle, a hollow green circle and a filled in orangish circle.
  19. OrbitzXT

    Google Latitude Question

    My office is starting to use Latitude to figure out where our drivers are throughout the day. It's very handy but we're wondering if there is a way to add...I guess landmarks or fixed locations of your choosing and call them what you will. Like if we want to add our office on the map, or a few...
  20. OrbitzXT

    RAID Question

    I have this motherboard, and currently have 2 Crucial M4 SSD's setup in RAID 0 on the two SATA III ports on this motherboard. A friend of mine is offering me a third SSD at no cost, the same model/bios revision. My question basically comes down to, do I have any use for this? Since my...
  21. OrbitzXT

    Hacked Email Question

    I noticed this morning that one of my bosses personal emails sent out a suspect link to a few email addresses. The issue is she has quite a few number of PCs, and isn't sure which one is causing the problem. When something like this happens, is it because of malware/spyware on the PC itself, or...
  22. OrbitzXT

    Does RAM speed make a difference?

    On a fairly recent system, how much impact does RAM speed really have? I have DDR3 1600 MHz at the moment, I recently upgraded from 1333 MHz, the benchmark (Maxxmem) I ran showed a nice little improvement, but does that really translate into higher FPS or other real world performance increase...
  23. OrbitzXT

    Files disappearing off server computer

    In my office we have a small network of computers. There is one server, which has actual server hardware in it though it has Windows 7 on it instead of Windows Server 2008 or anything like that. And then there are about 8 PCs connected via a network switch. A couple of weeks ago, some folders...
  24. OrbitzXT

    How to tell if fan is taking in air or exhausting?

    I want to install a couple 120mm fans in my case, but I don't really know which way to install them to get air flowing in the direction I want. How do I tell which way I should be installing it?
  25. OrbitzXT

    AutoCAD 2012 Classes?

    My office wants me to go and take a class teaching basic/intermediate AutoCAD 2012. I have a basic understanding of the program, but I'd like the class anyway. My boss suggested Netcom, since they have classes here in NYC where we are, and also online if you choose. However they wanted $2700...