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    Corsair HS70 Wireless 7.1

    I just received mine, they hiss when powered on for me mostly from the left cup, it's quite annoying. I'm hoping it's a defect and I can get it replaced, as they're otherwise "okay" for a wireless gaming headset. Bringing down the bass will decrease fatigue and increase clarity even without...
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    GeForce GTX 780 Ti Specifications Leaked

    Why not? TITAN _IS NOT_ a 700 series part, remember, it also is not a full GK110 core, it was made "because we can". It still is better for pro work too. Technology evolves, it was a showcase GPU, intended to be superseded soon enough by 'mainstream' parts.
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    GeForce GTX 780 Ti Specifications Leaked

    Well the next division for memory capacity available is 6GB, so get that instead. But then you'd say Dear AMD, you don't fight a 6GB 4K ready card with a 4GB card. That's a big mistake.
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    Thermaltake Unveils the Urban T21 and Urban T31 Mid-Tower Cases

    But I didn't have money for all of that. It's all secondhand, and because I spent less overall I could jam more in :D I never liked tower coolers anyway, I have a C12P and AXP140RT here as spare. Really? I thought you would thank Cooler Master for introducing consumers to full aluminium...
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    Thermaltake Unveils the Urban T21 and Urban T31 Mid-Tower Cases

    I have the S31, same internals different top front and front. Who needs air cooling? I have a 280 top 240 mid and 120 rear rads, 8 drives, 6 cores 8 DIMMS and two GPUS :) I would however not recommended this case. It's cramped, there's no room behind the tray the hdd sleds little nubs break...
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    AMD Radeon R9 290X 4096 MB

    There is no DAC therefore no analogue output AT ALL. I had both the 2900XT and GTX 480 XD
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    Phanteks PH-TC12DX

    With lower thermal loads you will find that heatsinks will perform better, even better if they don't have heatpipes. Heatpipes have a working range, and watercooling introduces heat from the pump and additional 'latency' in cooling. However if you start pushing the boundaries, say at around...
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    Phanteks PH-TC12DX

    Sealed watercooling units are killing off high end air towers. Custom loops are still as popular as ever. As for phase change, they have always had high maintenance costs so were niche just like LN2 or dice. I do know a couple of people with phase, however they're going to go high end water...
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    Arctic Announces Alpine 20 Plus CO CPU Cooler

    For your consideration, here is a photo of the stock boxed cooler that comes with 2011 CPUs Now you tell me, which one do you think will cool the CPU better? There is no stock cooler for 2011. If you were rolling out hundreds of systems based on this CPU you would want to find the cheapest...
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    Enermax Power Supplies Support Forthcoming Haswell CPUs

    Well, I'm using an older Bronze rated PSU with a Seasonic core and it has quite high minimum load ratings, so I doubt I can get away with C7. Previously with teh VRM on the motherboard, you could shutdown all power to a CPU core, even though the motherboard was still draawing power and turning...
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    Enermax Power Supplies Support Forthcoming Haswell CPUs

    DC-DC design just refers to that the minor rails (5/3.3V) are no longer converted from mains AC, but from 12VDC. This simplifies design and makes things much more efficient. However not all PSUs even of this design can run at near 0W loads, so you'd have to check before enabling C7 sleep.
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    Control case fan speed (SYS)

    I should probably also add that it's possible to get fan controllers which only have 3 pin connectors but they use PWM to control the fan speed, ie the mcubed tbalancer allows as near as makes no difference an infinite amount of fan control, including specifying PWM or DC based speed control for...
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    Control case fan speed (SYS)

    Of coursed it wont, but PWM headers still allow DC based speed control (given a non half assed motherboard), which is more ideal over using a PWM converter because DC motors not designed for PWM control tend to tick really annoyingly. You know, the 10 years + before PWM fans were released? DC...
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    Control case fan speed (SYS)

    Your motherboard can't control the system fan headers. You don't want any form of hardware controller (even a $1 inline resistor). Answer: Buy a new motherboard with better fan header control. Even the cheapest Asus motherboards allow custom system/chassis control based on CPU temperature or...
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    Lian Li Announces Two New Brushed Aluminum Mini-ITX Chassis: PC-Q27 and PC-Q28

    So they took the Q08 and made it worse... say hello to the Q28 :\
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    Corsair Obsidian 350D M-ATX Chassis Pictured

    About the same size as a generic mid tower, but at least it fits a dual rad internally without fouling the top of a motherboard. It sounds like you want a $30 cheapo case (or Antec NSK). plenty of options there. I would argue this is about as small as you can get away with to build a power...
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    SSD/HDD/HDD Triple Drives in M18XR2!

    Well the hdds have to fit between the gaps of that triple connector in the second pic, with your leet measuring skills work out why they say 9mm total height. i'm thinking the extra hight of a 12mm drive won't fir the chassis even if it fits the caddy. ALso the 12mm drive will probably not fit...
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    GIGABYTE Shows Off WindForce 450W VGA Cooling Solution

    I think the bend is due to the lens on the camera used. You can see how the chassis itself has a severe bend in it when it is definitely straight, due to the lens distortion. Even the PCIE slots are easily visibly bent due to the distortion.
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    Radeon HD 7990 CrossFireX Smiles for the Camera

    the plx pcie chip is simply there to mux the dual pcie 16x lanes of each gpu to a single pcie 16x slot. it's like a fancy Y splitter. there would still be traces for a 'crossfire ribbon' on the card. because seriously, if plx owned the tech to enable sli or crossfire through their pcie...
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    ASUS GTX 670 DC Mini 2048 MB

    WHYYYYYY there's already blocks for the stock 670 which is just as small XD Kinda wish that the red accent was blue, to look the same as the asus itx deluxe board.
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    I might need to replace my memory

    It's greyed out as it's just displaying the XMP profile. You'd have to check the voltage section of your BIOS/EFI to make sure it's been applied or not.
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    D-Link Wireless AC1200 Dual Band Gigabit Cloud Router Now Shipping

    Have you tried to make cables from a light consumer device that has horizontal cabling tidy or go through a desk port? :P bundling the cables together lifts the device off the table, but if they were all vertical sure they try to fall into the same space, that's exactly what you'd want to be...
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    Overclocking I5 2500 temps.

    _everything_ wears out over time. Overclocking just reduces the amount of time this takes. uncore voltage has been killing hardware faster than base clock overclocking
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    Help Me Overclock AMD FX 4130 Properly.

    Pretty much every Piledriver is 1.4125v at Turbo, being the highest of the VID range. I've personally used two 8350's with this VID and a 6100. The Default P1 state has also been 1.375 on all 3 CPUs. Give or take 0.05v depending on the motherboard for the real voltage. AMD don't really have...