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    editing fanspeed

    I have a 9500GT that I would like to edit the fan speed. I got a new heatsink/fan for the graphics card, but the new fan does not spin fast enough. I need to change the fanspeed to higher rpm. In windows, I used the nvidia control panel to set the fan speed, but I have a hackintosh and cannot...
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    BIOS For Mac 8800GT

    Pretty much what the title says, I need the bios to flash a pc 8800gt to a mac 8800gt. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I tried google, but couldn't find anything. Thanks! :)
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    adding power management to bios?

    I have a 9800gt made by hp that constantly runs at full throttle and never down clocks the card when idle. The card idles around 60C. I would like to add some power management options to the bios so the card down clocks itself at idle. I did some testing with nvidia control panel and found the...