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  1. Behemot

    New SSD in Compaq CQ60: UDMA6, limited speed

    I got this laptop with bloated system and HDD with increasing numbers of bad secors right at the OS backup partition so I recommended SSD for the owner right away as there is Vista licence only. So I got this A-DATA SX900 128GB SSD and installed fresh Vista 64. But what the heck, it is running...
  2. Behemot

    Anybody has Sapphire HD 7950 Dual-X Boost 3GB? Need components values

    If anybody has this card, PN 299-1E249-100SA could you please have a look for a few components? I got this one to fix, there are 3 SMD components teared off on the back left side under PCIe power connectors. Resistor R1031, capacitor C1002 and transistor Q209. If you can, please measure the...
  3. Behemot

    Exclusive: Platinum Huntkey FX500SE power supply in Europe (review)

    My first review in english, hosted at DiiT.cz Enjoy :toast:
  4. Behemot

    Random Questions (technical)

    Just a technical for the Random Questions: noticed one called Who makes iPhone? (or something like that) when registering. Are you sure it Apple is the right answer? Just that I lived under the impression the Foxconn (or whoever else) makes them :nutkick: