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    Toshiba Launches the HG6 Series Solid State Drives

    Is this using an OCZ design? What controller? Indillix?
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    Trio of New Lian-Li PC-Q Series Mini-ITX Cases Detailed

    You know what's funny about these mITX cases with so much room for drives is that few of the boards I've seen can facilitate more than 4 drives. I guess you can use an expansion card but....... Would be better if they put the motherboard flat on the bottom, psu in the top, lose the 5.25, and...
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    SSD Prices in Free-Fall: The Next DRAM?

    Do you guys all really boot up this often? My machines all run 24/7, what is the point of shutting it off every time you are done using it? Just curious.
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    SSD Prices in Free-Fall: The Next DRAM?

    No one is suggesting that there is no longer a place in high end systems for a HDD. I have SSD system drives in all my machines and I can tell you it is not about boot times. No HDD configuration, no matter how fast it might be, can match even an entry level SSD in latency and access times which...
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    SSD Prices in Free-Fall: The Next DRAM?

    I'll probably regret saying this.......BUT! I have 3 OCZ drives and haven't had any trouble with any of them. 120 GB Vertex 64 GB Vertex 60 GB Agility 3 I am glad to see the prices drop though. Maybe a sweet 256 GB is in my future....