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    AFOX Readies Single-Slot Radeon HD 7850

    I think this is a good idea,because in recent review, the full dual slot 7850 card only reach about 70c under full load,and this card been tuned down,if it does not exceed more than 85c under full load then it should be ok.
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    AMD Catalyst 11.10 Version 3 Preview Driver

    i try all the 3 driver intended to fix rage and its still fcked up:mad:...texture misplacement... i got 3 machine.. gtx470/3650 APU/5870....only the 470 run normally with the nvidia beta driver...come on.... 3 attempt and still failed? please only release it after it was really...
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    Noctua Announces Free Upgrade for LGA2011

    90 dolar for six year....dude even if u eat only once a day 90dolar wont even last for 2months......i will actually consider buying after noctua cooler after this:)
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    ASRock X79 Extreme7 Pictured

    is asrock based this board design on a nike shoes or something?coz i m sure i see this kind of design at some shoes before...anyway nice board!:)
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    MSI Overclocking Competition Won By the Favourites, Real Money Handed Out As Prize

    agree..getting xx.xxghz is important but stability is more important,we want it to last long! this is great i really hope more of this kind of competition is available throughout worldwide
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    In Win Shows off Carlian IV, MANA137, and 80 Plus Gold PSUs

    the white+black colour casing is kinda cool!:)
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    ASUS M5A99X EVO Motherboard Pictured

    why does all asus board now in blue,light blue and black??dint the m3nht board last time used copper colour heatsink? its sick, all the p67 and amd3+ board available in the same colour(except the ROG) btw this is my first post ...hi every 1!
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    AMD Demonstrates World’s First Microsoft DirectX 11 Graphics Processor

    seems to me that the 'DX TREND' is going too fast...there are still many new games that still running dx9....if the software/game developer is switching all their progress to dx 11....how are we,the consumer thats still using dx 10 capable card??.....:wtf:
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    PowerColor launches HD 4670 AGP, Passive HD 4770 and more ATI cards

    err.........wont these card will be bottleneck if the agp board thats still using P4(pentium 4) system???
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    Valve Announces Left 4 Dead 2

    OH NO!!!! HL2 EP3 Should come out first!!! wait for whole years already but now they come out L4D2?!!? BTW i like L4D As Well......But HL2 Should come first!!!