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  1. chr0nos

    Help choosing an RX480 8Gb

    So far been waiting for a ITX version of the RX480 but seems that day will never come, so im gonna have to switch cases and buy the damn card because playing with iGPU sucks xD Price is almost the same on the cards, Im looking for 2 things (max OC and great cooling) What u guys recommend?
  2. chr0nos

    HD7850 not performing well

    So recently I got a XFX HD7850 and tried to game with it but the performance is horrible. Tried H.A.W.X. everything to the highest settings and i only get (1080p) 15-25 fps (DX10 mode BTW) SYS Specs: CPU DualCore Intel Core 2 Duo E7500, 2933 MHz (11 x 267) MB Intel Pearl Creek DG31PR (2 PCI...
  3. chr0nos

    Asus M6Extreme vs Asus M6Formula

    Hello Everyone. So im trying to build a pc for personal use. Ill be using a 4770k, Kingston 16Gb DDR3 Predator 2133c11, H110 and cant decide which board should I use. I wont be using SLI/CF soon but I do want to achieve the best possible OC on the CPU Could someone with experience with the...
  4. chr0nos

    [SOLVED] Windows 8.1 Not Detecting USB Devices

    Hello everyone I'm having some trouble with a new Vaio Pro 13 that doesn't want to detect new usb devices buth old ones work fine on the port i plugged them the first time. It came with factory Windows 8, updgraded the bios to latest version before updating to Windows 8.1 then started acting...