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  1. Peter1986C

    Forum upgrade complete

    Just a dead link to another site (their issue). Was my bad back then to not think of it when I made the guide in a thread here ~4 years ago (when it comes to future proofing). Else I would have helped calibrate their screens.
  2. Peter1986C

    Forum upgrade complete

    Mine is alo a ~$180 screen (AOC G2260VWQ6, 75Hz TN panel) and it is fine. Bummer that the guide I once posted here no longer works because it relied on test images hosted elsewhere then TPU. :(
  3. Peter1986C

    Forum upgrade complete

    I think (IMHO) that your monitors are on (default?) brightness/contrast which are usually too bright values. It ought to be a very light grey, not white.
  4. Peter1986C

    New WCG-TPU team member welcome thread

    Welcome @blindfitter!
  5. Peter1986C

    WCG Daily Numbers

    How did you not fit a modern Fiesta? The rear is made mostly for kids, I know. But the front seats should be fine.
  6. Peter1986C

    TPU's WCG/BOINC Team

    Guys, BOINC does autopause when system load reaches a certain (user-adjustable) threshold. When facing problems, just adjust the threshold.
  7. Peter1986C

    GTX 980 ON 300 WATT?

    Could you please properly fill in your system specs in your profile? And learn a bit on PCs first before you start messing with them. Just saying, you just seem like some 12-year old kid that got his parents' CC.
  8. Peter1986C

    AMD "Summit Ridge" ZEN CPU at 2.80 GHz Beats 3.40 GHz Core i5-4670K

    Indeed. For example the X4 740 I use runs at 3.5GHz (turbo) when more than one core is heavily loaded. Its absolute maximum is 3.7GHz.
  9. Peter1986C

    CPUs for Gigabyte GA-85648FX-775

    I would certainly leave it at that if I were you. Your son should be set with that.
  10. Peter1986C

    CPUs for Gigabyte GA-85648FX-775

    Pro-tip: do not but too much money in that PC, else you are ending up paying as much for it as for some more recent (second hand) machine. So see first how well it goes now before throwing more coin into this project.
  11. Peter1986C

    CPUs for Gigabyte GA-85648FX-775

    Note: even if the BIOS were to support the Core family, the FSB limits the performance gains enormously (since the multiplier is locked and made with faster FSBs in mind). Yes that card should do fine.
  12. Peter1986C

    One PC, 2 PSUs

    Indeed, just get a docking station or something for that HDD.
  13. Peter1986C

    World record fastest electric car

    Ford, I dare to bet the regs on safety are fairly high in Formula Student. Think of all the potentially sued universities! :p
  14. Peter1986C

    America's crackdown on open-source Wi-Fi router firmware – THE TRUTH and how to get involved UPDATED

    I cooled off a bit now and heed the warning. Sorry for the mess-up. Sincerely. I however stand by the opinion RTB does not know what he is talking about and that he was bringing up false (or otherwise irrelevant) arguments. I know correlation does not imply causation; I have never stated...
  15. Peter1986C

    TPU's WCG/BOINC Team

    I get the zika and TBC work only once in a while. Mind you, I am down to one core for the moment (when it comes to BOINC).
  16. Peter1986C

    AMD Provides Sneak Peek of Full Line of Radeon RX Series GPUs at E3

    As far as I know, these are 100-150 dollar cards for stuff like MOBA and 1080p gaming at most. For 1440p gaming and VR one "should" look for a RX 480. Indeed we are talking about sub 100w cards here, they do not need big and expensive coolers (and never had them anyway in that segment). I...
  17. Peter1986C

    America's crackdown on open-source Wi-Fi router firmware – THE TRUTH and how to get involved UPDATED

    Correlation is not "coincidence". I think you are the one here who needs to redo his semester for Statistics and for Methodology.
  18. Peter1986C

    AirCraft Carrier PC Tôi Yêu Vi?t Nam

    I voted 10/10 because: Nice and very creative build, thinking outside the box and with clever placements of the parts (like how the SSD is part of the deck)
  19. Peter1986C

    AMD Briefly Shows Off Zen “Summit Ridge” Silicon

    Dude, drivers reporting crashes is a sign your system is fucking unstable. Verify your BIOS settings are correct. And AMD can not help it that your PC is 8 years old so STFU.
  20. Peter1986C

    AMD Releases Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.6.1

    ^ Your point being?
  21. Peter1986C

    WCG Daily Numbers

    500 kms on 16 KWh with the solar panels switched off (world record) More details on the car
  22. Peter1986C

    PC goes mental after sending it to standby

    Seems to me that either the OS got somehow corrupted, or the BIOS needs to be set differently.
  23. Peter1986C

    New WCG-TPU team member welcome thread

    Hello @Chubfish and welcome to the team!