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    Static in tower case

    I live in Malaysia, and yes it only happens if i have either my monitor connected to my video card via DVI or my HDMI cable connected to my LCD TV Flooring in my apartment is ceramic tiles
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    Static in tower case

    Sorry, got the words all wrong Yes i get a small shock when i touch the case. I live in an apartment. Its fairly new..
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    Static in tower case

    There is static running all over the metal parts of my case, as in if i touch my case on the back or in the inside i get this slight electrical surge The rootcause: - DVI Cable and the HDMI cable (hdmi connected to my LCD TV) When only i remove both of them the case no longer has any static...
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    Worthly upgrade?

    Hi all, im running the following: AMD Athlon X2 250 (3ghz) budget cpu AM3+ Mobo 4GB Memory Sapphire HD6850 Card I run on fairly medium settings in Guild Wars 2 and average 20-30FPS in high load areas. I think my CPU is bottlenecking my GPU, anyways a friend of my wants to sell me his...