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  1. Tomcat81970

    World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King is Now Officially Here

    Yay Crack! :roll: nah... this should be interesting... my sister will prob have it today, at least on the bright side i wont have to put up with her for a few months :D
  2. Tomcat81970

    Acer Aspire Gemstone Blue Notebook PC Series Now Available in North America

    need one for college, think i found it, nice price for its features... another suggestions tho?
  3. Tomcat81970

    Question about DFI motherboard

    My friend is looking for a new mother board for his c2d... he is looking for a motherboard with true x16 sli and great overclockability... i was looking at this mother board here... http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813136045 can this motherboard handle sli?
  4. Tomcat81970

    Super Pi 1m scores

    there is mine! i dont think i can get it any better than that, tried 4.3ghz @ 1.6v and couldnt boot into windows, so... i think this is it for me. :toast: edit - yeah didnt read the checksum thing.. hold on let me put my settings back and re-run it
  5. Tomcat81970

    Q6600/DFI T2R P35 *Bios Settings

    yay! no where near stable, but still trying to bench... not benching anything that will max it out, just trying to up my voltage so that idle will be close to my max load temps and then run super pi... this is it so far... i could probably get 4.3ghz, but really dont want to try bc its going to...
  6. Tomcat81970

    Q6600/DFI T2R P35 *Bios Settings

    thanks for the programs guys, hopefully i can get this things temps down and still be around 4 4ghz
  7. Tomcat81970

    Q6600/DFI T2R P35 *Bios Settings

    i dont even know if im stable right now at 4ghz, if i am i think i would try to push it alill further to see whats the max at this vcore then try to make it stable with a little bit of temp play... but hey my goal was at least 4ghz so im a happy man right now! edit, yes there was an option for...
  8. Tomcat81970

    Q6600/DFI T2R P35 *Bios Settings

    I disabled the Vcore Droop Control. In my BIOS its actually at 1.5v, not 1.52v.
  9. Tomcat81970

    Q6600/DFI T2R P35 *Bios Settings

    the thing runs hotter than hell tho... i hit a max of 68c load with wprime 1024M test
  10. Tomcat81970

    Q6600/DFI T2R P35 *Bios Settings

    :respect::respect::respect: thanks zen, i left u a message in the other thread, but nvm now!! alrighty then off to more OCing!!! (this is all ive done on my snowday :laugh:) ps - whats the highest NB temp that would be safe? EDIT ps: im in here right now at 3.8 @ 1.525, but not stable (this...
  11. Tomcat81970

    Starter H2o kit,CPU only

    http://www.petrastechshop.com/wacoki.html amazing kits, just got the lovers edition and stock i was idling upper teens (~18c) and load like lower 30s (~33c)... now at 1.525vcore (form 1.18v) im at lower 40s (~42c idle) and load is upper 50s (~59c)
  12. Tomcat81970

    Q6600/DFI T2R P35 *Bios Settings

    Alrighty, got my new watercooling kit in and am loving it, but i am having problems overclocking my q6600. With a 400fsb with a 6x multiplyier (= 2.4ghz which is stock) and a 1.5v core its not stable, but with a 334fsb and a 9x multiplier (= ~3ghz) at 1.2v it is stable... so it seems something...
  13. Tomcat81970

    Q6600 G0 780i.. Wanna OC, need bios settings

    hey zen, i have the same cpu/mobo as u and i also have a watercooling kit.. can u please give me your bios settings... it with a 400fsb with a 6x multiplyier and a 1.5v core its not stable, but with a 334fsb and a 9x multiplier at 1.2v it is stable... so it seems something else other than my...
  14. Tomcat81970

    need watercooling help (anti-foam)

    well i let it run with my T joint open to additional fluid in a funnel kinda like a reservoir. My T joint is at the highest point, so all the bubbles go up and out and the fluid in it goes down.. ive let it run for a few hours and now the tubes are now mostly clear! ive uses a hair dryier to...
  15. Tomcat81970

    need watercooling help (anti-foam)

    well i installed my watercooling kit today... the lover's edition from petra's tech shop. however, i put alittle bit of soap on the barps so i can more easly put the 7/16 tubing on the 1/2 barbs... and well needless to say now my tubes look like a white cloud full of foam... any ideas on how to...
  16. Tomcat81970

    Overclockers Worldwide Report Heat Problems With Intel Core 2 Duo E8400

    I hope this doesn't foreshadow the future 45nm quads... since im assuming that they will just be 2x 45nm c2ds stuck together (until the Nehalem comes out).
  17. Tomcat81970

    Watercooling Setup Question.

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813136039 there is my mobo, and as far as cheap radiators i mean like 25$ or less kind of a thing... i havent finialized it, i may not even need it...
  18. Tomcat81970

    Watercooling Setup Question.

    Well i just ordered this (link below) for my q6600 and x1900xtx. http://www.petrastechshop.com/pecodaloed.html but i was wondering if this (link below) would be compatible with my DFI P35 T2R (one without the transpiper and heatpipes)...
  19. Tomcat81970

    [FS]amd quad 9500 150.00USD

    i just didnt want it because i couldnt overclock with it, or on the first bios.... and i figured that even if i could hit 3ghz, a q6600 is almost certain to get past that, and clock for clock the q6600 is faster... im a die hard amd fan, but i was expecting more... But for the price your asking...
  20. Tomcat81970

    The P35 Chipset Club

    my system... DFI LP LT P35 T2R http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813136039 Q6600 (Stock clocks as of now) EDIT: just ran cpuz on it (well also just put the thing together) and it is a G0
  21. Tomcat81970

    [FS]amd quad 9500 150.00USD

    so your selling yours as well eh?.... to bad for amd. i ended up selling mine to my uncle and got a q6600 with a DFI P35 T2R mobo... i had to RMA the mobo like 2-3 weeks ago and i just finally got it today! yay for pc building tomarrow!
  22. Tomcat81970

    Half Life 3 Pic?

    This i could see...
  23. Tomcat81970

    Nintendo Wii or Sony PlayStation 3?

    I like the Wii because its, well cheaper and alot more fun with a group of people. The Wii is a party console, made not for the best graphics or power, but just strait up fun to play with your friends. Mario galaxies is AMAZING, they are also releasing a new smashbrothers for it. If you want...
  24. Tomcat81970

    Help on deciding a 775 Mobo!

    http://www.anandtech.com/mb/showdoc.aspx?i=3129&p=20 "One looming subject has been the poor overclocking of Micron D9GKX based memory. It is now believed the P35 chipset itself is the weak link, rather than motherboard or even memory module PCB layout issues. Our own tests have revealed that...
  25. Tomcat81970

    Help on deciding a 775 Mobo!

    do have 4gb of ddr2pc8000 (just got that a week ago or so) and i am on a budget (450ish for cpu and mobo) , so my best bet is the P35 DFI, it can also have Penryn so thats also looking up. Does it come with the transpiper? Or is that an extra feature one must purchase. I know some of the DFI...