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  1. Platibus

    Problem with 6850?

    I got recently a 6850 and it's worked OK so far. I checked out my FPS in some games and they didn't look right. I tried the Performance 3DMark Vantage benchmark and my score was way lower than what reviews told. Under CPU clock it says 2294 MHz, that can't be right. These are the detailed...
  2. Platibus

    EKL Unveils the Alpenföhn Gotthard CPU Cooler

    Since Alpenföhn is a german company, the pronunciation through the german phonetic and the right one for this cooler would be Gott-hard. No particular meaning, Gott is God and hard means nothing in german. I haven't since a design like this before, interesting.
  3. Platibus

    Free Games Thread

    Fallout is free to download at GOG.com http://www.gog.com/en/gamecard/fallout
  4. Platibus

    GK104 Transistor Count and Exact Die-Size Revealed

    Is there a chance the HD6800s will get a price drop too?
  5. Platibus

    Which 6850 model?

    I'm looking foward to get a 6850, but I'm not sure if these models are of good quality: http://www.amazon.com/PowerColor-DisplayPort-PCI-Express-AX6850-GBD5-DH/dp/B0048D7AD0/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1330895111&sr=8-6...
  6. Platibus

    AMD Launches the Radeon HD 7700 Series

    I'll just wait for the nVidia offerings and buy a damn card already, it's been 6 months since I had a gaming PC. I'd like to try out the green side, but their cards offer some poor performance per watt. Shell out a card with only one 6pin connector and the performance of the 6850 and I'll buy it...
  7. Platibus

    Ivy Bridge Desktop Core i3 Processor Lineup Detailed, Lack PCIe Gen. 3.0

    http://www.anandtech.com/bench/Product/49?vs=289 If that's so, then your CPU is a Pentium nowadays.
  8. Platibus

    Radeon HD 7770 Put Through 3DMark 11

    I hope nVidia releases a card around the 6850 performance with only a 6pin conncector. It sucks that the best I can do is a 550ti.
  9. Platibus

    Pirate Bay Unveils "Portable Site", RIAA/MPAA's Worst Nightmare Weighs 90 Megabytes

    Most of the music, movies and games I like are practically nowhere to be found or even acquired online in Mexico. The only way for me to get them is to either become an american citizen and live in the US, or to personally visit the country to seek for that stuff in every store I can. My family...
  10. Platibus

    Pirate Bay Unveils "Portable Site", RIAA/MPAA's Worst Nightmare Weighs 90 Megabytes

    You got that a little wrong. Mediocrity is selling like hot bread these days, just take a look at the kind of games, music and movies that make the most money. Massive earnings doesn't say anything about the quality of the product, it just says what kind of things people want to buy.
  11. Platibus

    Pirate Bay Unveils "Portable Site", RIAA/MPAA's Worst Nightmare Weighs 90 Megabytes

    I get what you're saying. In Med-School it's common for students to borrow books from the library and take photostatic copies of them to study. The author isn't getting any part of it, so does that mean students are breaking the law and deserve jail time, as the guys who do the same with...
  12. Platibus

    Pirate Bay Founders Stare At Jailtime as Supreme Court Rejects Appeal

    LOL A doctor's and, say, a teacher's work simply cannot be compared to that of an authentic artist or a media "artist". Medicine and education is far more important than art.
  13. Platibus

    Next-Gen Xbox Features Blu-ray, Will Not Play Used Games

    Don't worry, in the future they'll only allow you to complete the game once, after that you'll have to pay a "small fee" to play it again LOL
  14. Platibus

    MegaUpload.com Shuttered: One Month 'Black March' Media Boycott Slated For March 1st

    Yeah, I just read about that. Perhaps the claims of money laundring are true. In that case, I'll be glad to see these guys behind bars for a long time, organized crime is something I despise beyond words.
  15. Platibus

    MegaUpload.com Shuttered: One Month 'Black March' Media Boycott Slated For March 1st

    LOL yeah, let them rot in hell for depriving a few million dollars from multimillionaire compaines whose truly talented employees recieve a minimum part of their work's profits, while the executives bathe in money. The guys in charge of Megaupload are just as bad as murderers and rapists...
  16. Platibus

    Starved of Consensus, SOPA and PIPA to Get US President's Veto

    Since when is not earning as much millions or billions as you used to, a valid reason to "get mad" and start fucking up the world to your liking? The worst part is that the people who are pushing this, are the ones who don't take any part on the creative aspects of what is being "stolen" from...
  17. Platibus

    AMD Appoints Rajan Naik as Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer

    lol as soon as he was confirmed to be american, you gave him the "green light". I wonder what is it like to work in a company of this magnitude in a position like his, you'd get to see a lot of technology years before us, I guess. It's good to be him.
  18. Platibus

    Can't configure router.

    I want to change my router's configuration, but whenever I try to access its homepage, the router seems to reset itself and the connection breaks for several minutes. I tried to access the homepage by typing my IP or http://home as an adress, both used to work before, but I get that response...
  19. Platibus

    What can you tell me about Sony KDL-32L5000?

    Not really, the way I see it, the higher end the better. I don't get it, why would the 22" be cheaper than the other? Am I missing something here?
  20. Platibus

    What can you tell me about Sony KDL-32L5000?

    Hello guys. I purchased the Panasonic a week ago but returned it the next day because it was too big for my liking. Now I'm choosing between two Samsung models, these: UN19D4000 and UN22D5003. The 22" is somewhat cheaper despite the larger screen and higher refresh rate and resolution. That's...
  21. Platibus

    What can you tell me about Sony KDL-32L5000?

    Thanks for answering. I discarded that Sony as an option and now I'm gonna pick one of these at Sams this weekend: Samsung LN32D430 Panasonic TC-L32X30X LG 32LK330 They're all at a very good price, so I'm gonna stick to one of the three unless they turn out to be below average. The...
  22. Platibus

    What can you tell me about Sony KDL-32L5000?

    It has a really good price at my local Sears. Is it good enough for gaming and watching DVD's? How would it compare to other TVs?
  23. Platibus

    Hyper 212 isn't fitting in my case

    As the title says, I can't get to fit the Hyper 212+ into my case, more specifically, I can't close the side door. The copper pieces at the top are blocking the way for the door to close. While installing the cooler I had lots of questions none of the videos I saw really answered. For instance...
  24. Platibus

    AMD's First 28 nm GPUs in December

    All I hope is that whatever AMD releases is around the $150 figure, that's a win-win situation for me.