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    Gigabyte Announces GeForce GTX 980 WaterForce Tri-SLI

    My god. Why? Large, plastic, ugly. Just can't see why anyone would use this.
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    Samsung Unveils the S27D590C 27-inch Curved Monitor

    But you sit pretty far from a TV hence a curved screen is no use. You sit close to a desktop screen so curved will be a positive thing.
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    Raijintek Announces Metis Mini-ITX Cube Case

    I'm a sucker for red cases. Looks ok in my eyes. Nothing special nothing bad.
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    X2 Also Readies the Quantax Mini ITX PC Case

    Intresting. What kind of PSU is that and where is the small annoying fan (obviously not in the back)? And I guess that it's three low profile PCIe brackets we see?
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    SilverStone Launches the Argon AR05 and AR06 Low-Profile CPU Coolers

    Looks like nothing special. But it's good they make coolers to match their cases.
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    Fractal Design Introduces the Integra M Series Power Supplies

    Only 140mm long. That's only matched by Silverstone. Very nice for smaller ITX cases that use ATX PSU.
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    MAINGEAR Launches the SPARK Small Form Factor Gaming PC

    The Brix doesn't have a GTX 760. It's something close to 870M. Just as gigabytes AMD version has a between variant of GPU no one else has. Couldn't Maingear atleast change color of the case?
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    Scythe Releases the Mugen MAX CPU Cooler

    Until the pumps go quiet and the fans can spin slow next to the radiators water is way to noisy for me.
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    Lian Li Announces New Brushed Aluminum Mini-ITX Chasis – PC-Q01

    I'm dead tired of Lian Li putting out "ATX PSU over the CPU" cases. My PC-Q08r is the same design and it's just a bad thermal design. My "moving the PSU modd" idea is still the road ahead of me.
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    Apacer Mashes a DDR3 DIMM with an M.2 SSD

    This should be DDR5. Letting the Ram and SSD be the same physical thing. Skipping the part with M.2 connection on the side and only use the now a days standard RAM slots. ITX boards get 2 SSD slots be default and ATX boards can get as much as 8. Smart but not that useful in todays version
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    SilverStone Unveils a 600W, Fully-modular SFX Power Supply

    Old news.... same mockup 450w SFX with a bad 600w sticker on it. Wonder when Silverstone actually will release the finished product.
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    Gigabyte Shows off its First Mini-ITX Gaming Series Motherboard

    Still don't understand why ITX boards lacks M.2? It's the only boards imho that really needs M.2 to keep the case from being clogged by cables.
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    Acer Delivers World's First 4K Display with NVIDIA G-SYNC Technology

    hehe. A year ago we complained over the fact that the 4k screens didn't come in desktop size for us to enjoy. Now we realize and complain over the fact that we got the screens we've been waiting for. But seriously. Is really 4k even close to gaming? Feels like atleast 2 generations of graphic...
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    Be quiet! to Present a Complete New Product Category at Computex 2014

    I think it will be novelty USB drives.
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    ADATA's Flagship M.2 SSD Pictured

    1 TB on the backside of a ITX board. Man, I wish there was mobos with double M.2 slots on the backside.
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    AMD Announces 2nd Generation Embedded R-Series APUs and CPUs

    Is this Kaveri Refresh?
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    Akasa Announces Euler S Mini-ITX Fanless Case

    It's a nice little case to bad it can't handle A10-7850k (yeah I know that there isn't any thin itx for kaveri).
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    EK Introduces NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 (Ti) Water Block

    Why would you need water to cool less then 75 watts?
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    SilverStone Milo ML07 Now Available

    The "normal" version of the Raven case is out. A good case apperently but not my style.
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    MSI Also Launches its Z97 Gaming Series Motherboards

    Is it just me or... Where is the M.2 on the itx board?
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    MSI 9-series Gaming Series Motherboards Pictured

    Crazy CPU position on the ITX. Not many cooler will fit with the GPU so close.
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    Virtium Announces DDR4 VLP RDIMM Products

    Great for ultrabooks. Nice to see that they actually putting out more and more DDR4 RAMs now.
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    SilverStone Unveils NightJar 520W Power Supply

    Is that a fact that it's a Seasonic?
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    Leadtek Announces GTX 750 Ti OC and GTX 750 OC Graphics Cards

    Where are the passive 750/ti's? This is just yet another card that been released 10 times already. So far only KFA2/Galaxy has made something special.