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  1. gdallsk

    GTX1070 / GTX1080(Ti) Owners Club [With Poll

    It's the same thing as MSI Afterburner, but skinned differently
  2. gdallsk

    What are some of your PC building pet peeves?

    When my back panel wont close, because of the excess cabling piling up behind it.
  3. gdallsk

    Dell Inspiron N5110 "rattling"noise

    I wouldn't waste my time on chinese knockoffs if I were you, especially when you can get genuine parts, there's no knowing if the same might happen with the cheap one, the genuine seem to be a bit more sturdy than the cheap one.
  4. gdallsk

    (Videocardz) Z170 motherboard modded to support Intel Core i3-8350K

    To see quad cores isn't that impressive, let them make the 6 cores working on older motherboards, then we'll talk.
  5. gdallsk

    [Solved]GB Aorus 1080's confusing part #'s (ended up getting a strix)

    There are now 2 revisions of the normal Aorus card and the Extreme Aorus: The old normal one had a slight overclock from the factory, the new one has 11Gbps memory now The old extreme one had a considerable bump in clocks all around, but the new one bumped the memory even further to 11Gbps as well
  6. gdallsk

    My GTX 1070 is Insanly bottlenecking an i5-6600k

    Is it game specific, or was it just in heaven?
  7. gdallsk

    My GTX 1070 is Insanly bottlenecking an i5-6600k

    With Vsync on, you can still get the occasional stuttering once in a while, its just a nature of the beast, I'm not sure how you can differentiate between 250 and 245 fps though, its just humanly impossible.
  8. gdallsk

    Upgrading CPU issue

    Is it a new CPU, or bought used? If its used, might need to check the PCB on it, see if it's bent or not, remember people complaining their huge heatsinks bending their CPU's.
  9. gdallsk

    Update Realtemp

    @unclewebb Would the version 4.00 support more than 6 cores? Tried GT 3.70 on a 7820X, and could only see 6 of the available 8?
  10. gdallsk

    How many people still use sound cards?

    Xonar DSX here with a custom OP-AMP, onboard sounds too stale and crackly for my tastes.
  11. gdallsk

    Dualshock 4 (DS4 Windows) no longer works on Windows10 Fall Update

    I use this and it works fine: https://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-DS4-To-XInput-Wrapper Probably the only wrapper that has never actually crashed or froze on me since I bought my DualShock 3 years ago.
  12. gdallsk

    OBS Streaming Problem

    From my own streaming experience, doing it on a non-HT quad core is a very painful one, so for you @Szentii , either a capture card, or an i7 could give you the results you would want, whichever is more affordable to you.
  13. gdallsk

    OBS Streaming Problem

    Can you try and stream with CPU encode instead of NVENC, just to exclude that as a potential problem?
  14. gdallsk

    OBS Streaming Problem

    What's your CPU usage when streaming? Destiny can be quite taxing sometimes.
  15. gdallsk

    FineWine===>FineVinegar FuryX Aging Horrible in 2017

    Both teams have their own share of problems, no one's a saint.
  16. gdallsk

    980 ti and psu

    He was talking about tier lists in general, not PSU’s
  17. gdallsk

    980 ti and psu

    I ran an overclocked 6 core xeon with an overclocked R9 290X on a 7 year old TX650, no problems whatsoever, so you should be fine.
  18. gdallsk

    Your PC ATM

    The latest iteration of the beast:
  19. gdallsk

    LiteOn Intros MUX Series M.2 NVMe SSDs with Toshiba BiCS3 Flash

    that interface doesn't look very PCIe-like to me...
  20. gdallsk

    No upgrades till Volta & 8th gen HEDT build...

    Not for long term use. that's for sure.
  21. gdallsk

    FineWine===>FineVinegar FuryX Aging Horrible in 2017

    Or you could sell it for a quite a sizeable amount of cash right now, and get a 1070 or something.
  22. gdallsk

    Time for a new mouse?

    I also vote for Logitech. Words cannot describe how happy I am with my peripherals. :rockout:
  23. gdallsk

    GIGABYTE Intros Aorus K9 Optical Gaming Keyboard

    Doesn't sound like a good sales pitch. Was it meant to be 'easier to clean'?
  24. gdallsk

    Keep the mic up

    Velcro stick it to the ear cup