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    total noob and need help!!

    auslogic ccleaner>ccenhancer for ccleaner bleachbit puran utilities tuneup utilities revo uninstaller Process Lasso safe mode is better for cleaning F8 during boot use ESET Smart Security or free avast SpywareBlaster SuperAntiSpyware you probably have crap on your computer...
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    Connecting my PC to a receiver for 5.1 sound.

    anyways if you need help getting the decoding to work or if you don't care about dolby/dts just make shure you open your high definition audio properties click on advance tab and put the default format at it's highest because it converts it. it's not gonna sound better it's just output at that...
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    Connecting my PC to a receiver for 5.1 sound.

    http://www.svp-team.com/ takes 24fps videos and turns it into 60fps it's great but you need a high end CPU to get the job done and a average video card. uses openCL. running AMD phenom II x4 965 3.4GHz. make shure your power profile is in high performance so it can detect best profile SVP will...
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    Connecting my PC to a receiver for 5.1 sound.

    hey i just thought it over (doh) since your going for a receiver make shure it has HDMI (most do). for the monitor it's optional (only DVI/AVG) fuck the 5.1 analog stuff. iv only saw that stuff at a computer store and it's better to run one wire than a bunch. and the audio through HDMI is great...
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    Sound quality through HDMI out vs X-Fi for signal to a Receiver for music

    so if your using this thing? https://lh3.ggpht.com/-aZei3Pro19s/TkKeKumgI5I/AAAAAAAAAD0/8zrlLMb2sOg/s1600/creative_sound-blaster_x-fi_surround.jpg did you get the support drivers for it from the creative site? or did you let windows update do it (i hate when windows update dose that) and i...
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    Connecting my PC to a receiver for 5.1 sound.

    oh the black out put seays digital so it's probably digital to analog conversion witch is fine because you can do 24-bit/192Khz well the sound card is digital but it's going through an analog wire and it's only show left and right and your looking at Yamaha i got RX-1700 ($1000+) but it's...
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    Connecting my PC to a receiver for 5.1 sound.

    from the picture i saw no, optical or HDMI do digital and ya it's complicated when you look into the details of hardware well if you doing analog you would use speakers to do the 5.1 did you get the sound card drivers from the source site because it will give you a control panel to do the...
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    Connecting my PC to a receiver for 5.1 sound.

    yup from video card to reciver to tv unless your tv has optical out :P
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    Connecting my PC to a receiver for 5.1 sound.

    im using the home theater. my sound goes through my video card to the a/v receiver via HDMI. once you boot your computer up via HDMI right click on the speakers icon in the taskbar and open playback devices then it should say your tv name or receiver at the bottom click on configure and the rest...
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    HDMI vs DVI vs SVGA (D-Sub)?

    i use HDMI witch goes to 1920x1080 16:9 but my native rez witch is 1680x1050 16:10 and it's funny that i have to select 16:9 to get rid of the black bars. 16:10 adds the black bars so it poses as 16:9 and HDMI give you the advantage between RGB and YPbPr p.s. if i go above my native rez then i...
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    R&D: Diamond Qubits Are A Quantum Computer Enthusiast's Best Friend

    iv seen about this on tv before it's gonna be way more powerfull than silicone because it conducts way better http://tpucdn.com/forums/images/smilies/rockout.gif some company is able to clone a bunch (perfect diamond) so it might end up in computers soon
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    AMD's Bulldozer 8.4GHz+ OC Achievement: Cooled to Near-Absolute Zero

    ya true using auto OC on my mobo seemed pointless since with games it more GPU power and that why you see so many OCed video cards and processors are for computing so if you do a lot of computing (anything besides that uses the GPU) then OC it :3