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  1. fox102383

    Need some softwares for ubuntu (CALL OUT TO THE EXPERTS)

    hi I don't know if this will help much,it's some stuff about TASM on ubuntu.:cool:
  2. fox102383

    DayZ (Mod for ARMA II: OAH) Clubhouse

    Day Z Commander works better than Six Launcher any day of the week!
  3. fox102383

    DayZ (Mod for ARMA II: OAH) Clubhouse

    lol I took a guy out last night with my lee enfield,he was perched up on top of a grainery bin building.Was fully decked out too with a 50 cal and thermal and everything,I just sneaked up on him and pop!! right in the back of the head! lol
  4. fox102383

    DayZ (Mod for ARMA II: OAH) Clubhouse

    Server seems to be running fine on my side!
  5. fox102383

    Windows 98 and ME no longer updatable...

    Gotta Love those old operating systems! :cool: If you need a good site to get the Windows Xp updates This is a good site! I've been getting my updates from this site for years now! (http://www.softwarepatch.com/windows/index.html):D
  6. fox102383

    University of Technology Sydney Unveils LiquidKeyboard

    lol Someone better hurry and slap a Iron-Clad patent on this,before Apple hears about it!:roll:
  7. fox102383

    Intel Granted New Network-Power-On Technology Patent

    lol I bet apple is pissed they didn't get this patent! lol:D Since apple is patent happy and all! lol:roll:
  8. fox102383

    NTT DOCOMO, Samsung, NEC and Others to Form Mobile Chip Venture

    Nice! This should be interesting!:D
  9. fox102383

    Phenom II X8?

    lol I can't wait to switch over to intel at the first of the year!:D think i'm gonna go with the intel 2500k!:rockout:
  10. fox102383

    Refurb Crosshair IV

    lol Yeah your gonna have that "What If" thinking in the back of your mind eating at you! if you get a refurbished mobo! Been there done that!
  11. fox102383

    'Locked' AMD Zambezi Silicon Being Branded As New Phenom II Line

    lol They are branding them with the name phenom II, hoping that after awhile everyone will forget about the turds they put out,Then they will bring out their revised line of Fx cpu's out later,when they feel that things have died down alittle bit! It's a marketing ploy!