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  1. TheDeeGee

    Logitech G Announces the 2019 MX518 Gaming Mouse

    Tilt Wheel
  2. TheDeeGee

    Logitech G Announces the 2019 MX518 Gaming Mouse

    Indeed. Still use a G500s myself and have a brand new one in the box.
  3. TheDeeGee

    Zotac Announces Liquid-Cooling Ready GeForce RTX 2080 Ti ArcticStorm Graphics Card

    The premium price is because of the those yellow sleeved splitter cables :P
  4. TheDeeGee

    Red Dead Redemption 2 Has Sold 23 Million Copies In Three Months... Without Help from PC

    Well duh, the majority of the kids can't afford a proper PCMR.
  5. TheDeeGee

    ASUS GPU Tweak II Smears Ads Over Your Games

    It's a shame Nvidia abandoned their System Software for Videocards. I used it back in the day to set Fan Speed.
  6. TheDeeGee

    Metro Exodus Developer Discusses Boycott of the PC Platform for Sequels over Steam Review Bombing

    I don't recall having this issue back in the day with hard copies... Worked fine without having the need for a platform.
  7. TheDeeGee

    CES 2019: Antec Present The Silent Guardian, New Quiet Computing P101 Silent Case

    Bought the Antec P110 Silent about 2 weeks ago to replace my P280, really happy with it. Slightly higher temps (2-5C), but in return you get a super silent case.
  8. TheDeeGee

    Hands On With Patriot's RGB Mouse Pad, Mechanical Keyboard and Gaming Mice

    Am i the only one who finds bright lights you can see in the corner of your view annoying af?
  9. TheDeeGee

    The Division 2 Skipping Steam, Available Only on Ubisoft and Epic Stores; System Requirements Outed With Radeon VII

    You don't have to launch them all at startup anyways.
  10. TheDeeGee

    Corsair Readies Dominator Platinum RGB Memory with Capellix LED Technology

    We need cheaper DDR4, not more RGB...
  11. TheDeeGee

    2018 Was the Year of VR Headsets - Except it Wasn't, According to Steam Hardware Survey

    Good it failed. Give us OLED Monitors without Burn-In.
  12. TheDeeGee

    Version 4.6.0 beta 10 of MSI Afterburner Introduces OC Scanner for Pascal

    Shame you need the garbage UI to get to the option.
  13. TheDeeGee

    Anno 1602 Free For A Limited Time on Ubisoft's Uplay Platform

    I got the Big Box if i wanted to play it again. I say "no thanks" to uPlay.
  14. TheDeeGee

    Intel Xᵉ Kicks the Door Open to Challenge the GeForce-Radeon Duopoly

    Depends on the price, should be 50% below nVidia.
  15. TheDeeGee

    Future Microsoft Office Versions Look to be Subscription Only

    I like to have my OS legal, but if this is going to happen i will no doubt find an alternative way to get my Windows. Especially if it's going to be €9,99 a month.
  16. TheDeeGee

    Nixeus REVEL Fit

    It's why i still use a G500s, and have a brand new spare in a sealed box. I tried other mice, but nothing beats the shape of the MX/G500(s).
  17. TheDeeGee

    NVIDIA's Stock Has Been Plunging Since October; Softbank Reported to be Looking for a Way Out

    Maybe drop prices by 50% so everything is affordable and back to normal pricing of 10 years ago.
  18. TheDeeGee

    Fallout 76 Patch Adds FOV & DOF Sliders, Improves Camp Placements and Construction

    Cool for 7 people that still play it i guess.
  19. TheDeeGee

    Not Just EVGA: For a Limited Time, If You Buy a GeForce RTX Graphics Card You'll Get Battlefield V

    No thanks, too overpriced and my 1070 does mighty fine still.
  20. TheDeeGee

    Retail Prices of Key Intel Core i5 and 8th Gen Core i7 Processor SKUs Sober Up

    Yep, that's what i'm gonna do. I want to upgrade, but people told me to wait for Zen2. In the end i thought to myself: "Why would i pay a big fat premium for an Intel CPU that doesn't even have Hyperthreading?" So back to AMD, which i last used in 2008 before going Intel.
  21. TheDeeGee

    Intel Cutting Retail Processor Supply for Holiday 2018

    Why would you buy an Intel 9 Series anyway? No Hyperthreading and still a big fat premium price. I'm personally done with Intel, which i been using since 2008. My Next upgrade will be AMD Zen2.