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    Mobos hate me.

    Ok, so this morning I changed a few mobo settings so I could find the highest processor frequency my board can handle (cant remember exact name, the processor speed for AMD processors). Well I changed them, and my pc failed to boot. Reset the CMOS, and it failed to boot. Removed, the battery...
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    Bad Bios flash

    Hey all, I was flashing my bios to try and fix a keyboard oddity that I've been having. Also, I like to keep my system up to date. Anyway, I used the AMI winflash utility. It erased all but 2 rows of the bios and then started to reprogram. After the first two or 3 rows, my computer decided...
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    More problems, PC reboots

    So I got my new power supply. 550W Corsair. I spent all night cleaning out my PC and getting everything back into it. I installed windows, grabbed all my data off of my HD, and then reinstaled windows on to the hard drive that I had been using after a clean reformat. I proceeded to...
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    Which PSU

    Ok usually i'm pretty good about what PC components to buy, but since i now need a PSU (which finally convinced me to get an external backup hd) i'd like some feed back on which one i should get. These are what i've narrowed it down to. These should be fine if I added another hard drive to my...
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    Is my PSU saying goodbye?

    Sup everybody. Here is my problem. My computer likes to completely lock up on the desktop randomly. It's not all the time, but sometimes. And it seems to happen the most when I insert a USB thumb drive. I also had it shut off when i was rendering something for a school project in maya, i...
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    Opteron temps, need cooling advice

    Hey all, I'm trying to get my Opty 170 to 2.6 ghz. I feel that that is magical for some reason. Anyway, I can get it to 2.4 stable at 1.325 vcore. But a 1.375 vcore seems to get a 2.5 ghz stable but then It'll hard lock when I'm testing it towards the end. Using speedfan to check my temps I...
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    Possible video card upgrade help

    Hey guys/gals. I have a quick question. I think I might be in need of an upgrade to my video card. My x1800GTO has done well but I can't play the more modern games without turning settings down below what I prefer. Example: DiRT-1024x768, 8xAF and mostly high settings gets me 18 fps avg with...
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    Question for those w/ Opty's and Win XP

    did you guys install the Athlon x2 dual core fix too? I did, don't know if was what I was suppose to do. If not, what did you guys use. thanx
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    Issue with Day of Defeat Source and CoD2

    i have some weird problem. I am subject to the repeating sound hangup in DoD:S. I have rolled from 6.9 to 6.8 and back, with no luck. Going any futher back removes the improvements that 6.8 brought for me (x1800 gto). Any suggestions? In call of Duty II, i have black squares that pop up, and...