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  1. techsmith

    Friend bought new power supply and now pc wont turn on.

    Did you fix it or the problem still there?
  2. techsmith

    new case

    Damn that Fractal pearl looks sexy. Too bad I don't think its available this side of the ocean.
  3. techsmith


    hmmm, that video card isn't much (as in its 3-4 generations old), but your processor is old as well. I think that mobo on your specs accepts Phenom IIs. Even a Phenom II 550BE would give you a good boost ($90): your current processor vs 550BE...
  4. techsmith

    New CoolerMaster Products!

    I like that new HAFX look better than the previous HAFs.
  5. techsmith

    Friend bought new power supply and now pc wont turn on.

    try removing stuff and testing them one by one. test one video card at a time, then start adding components until you get a beep or an error message. remove all unnecessary USB for now. what motherboard is this on?
  6. techsmith

    Friend bought new power supply and now pc wont turn on.

    Did you plug in the powersupply to the video card? (6-pin/8-pin 12v+)
  7. techsmith

    Friend bought new power supply and now pc wont turn on.

    So did you plug in the ATX 4 pin as well? Do the fans spin at all (does it stay spinning and the screen is just black?), check if he has a microphone attached to the motherboard for beeping, some cases don't come with a beeping speaker.
  8. techsmith

    Friend bought new power supply and now pc wont turn on.

    Did you plug the ATX 4 pin power as well? Are you getting any beep errors in the bios or can you not get into the bios at all?
  9. techsmith


    yep, and also what resolutions do you play your games at?
  10. techsmith

    Acer Delivers Full HD NVIDIA 3D Vision-Ready Display for Consumers in the US

    lol I thought for a sec that the lcd costs 199.99, until I read it again. :( lol $399 is not that bad I guess. The viewsonic 2233RZ does only 1680x1050 and it costs almost the same.
  11. techsmith

    Cooler Master ATCS 840

    That sucks. Cases usually are shipped in double boxes. They must be really careless to do that too because the ATCS is pretty tough. ugh, I can only imagine how annoying that is finally getting your shipment then finding out its damaged.
  12. techsmith

    Games you are playing now (PC edition)

    Going through Mass Effect 1 rather slowly. lol I bought ME2 already but I probably won't play it until after I finish the first one (which will most likely take me a month or two)
  13. techsmith

    COD4: Galactic Warfare (Star Wars mod)

    lol that looks frakkin cool. I still play Jedi Knights from time to time so this would serve as a good replacement. lol (unless there's no light sabres on this mod)
  14. techsmith

    The graphics card with the hottest looks!

    whoa, what is that extra bracket thing on the Firepro? I wish more cards have designs on the other side instead of just PCB because that's the one that is most often visible. hehe
  15. techsmith

    Mass Effect 2 Details :)

    I do play at a slow pace :) I tend to like exploring every nook and cranny. Soldier is pretty basic and offers the most armor and usage of weapons. No psychic or tech powers though.
  16. techsmith

    Cooler Master ATCS 840

    This case is awesome. It looks much more spacious in person than you see in the photos. I don't know why removeable motherboard trays aren't a more frequent feature in chassis these days.
  17. techsmith

    Mass Effect 2 Details :)

    I've already bought it but I'm still only about an hour in on ME1 so I probably won't be able to touch ME2 for a while. lol. This weekend should be interesting with an ME1 marathon.
  18. techsmith

    Is Apple's iPad the future?

    The disturbing thing about this is the totalitarian aspect of the iPad with all the software for it has to be approved by Apple (not to mention hardware and accessories customization as well), kinda ironic since Apple had that now iconic 1984-style commercial.
  19. techsmith

    Favorite memory brand?

    G.skill and Patriot for me as well. Running DDR2 G.Skills and their support is also very good.
  20. techsmith

    Caviar Green VS Caviar Black

    Caviar Greens are cheaper, quieter and use a little bit less energy, they are best for media storage mostly. Caviar Blacks are where you would the OS and applications.
  21. techsmith

    Mass Effect 2 Details :)

    I just started playing ME1 last night, no hassles so far other than it would crash on save sometimes and the shadows on the faces kind of bother me (it flickers a lot). This looks like a long game. lol, it will probably take me a month to finish.
  22. techsmith

    Recommendations on dvd burners?

    InfraRecorder or CDBurnerXP are both free and good. I just use the free Nero software that came with my DVD burner.
  23. techsmith

    Asus Rma

    Don't forget I live in Canada by the way. So it probably takes longer to RMA from here (it was shipped to California). I don't know if Asus has a UK location.
  24. techsmith

    absolute best HDD I can get for $100?

    If you are going for 500GB, Samsung F3s are single platter I think (so are Seagates new 500GB IIRC) If you are going for 640GB, Caviar Blacks from Western Digital have dual platters, 5 year warranty, 32MB cache, etc.
  25. techsmith

    The graphics card with the hottest looks!

    wow, I haven't even seen some of these, probably limited editions. I agree with the 5870 vapor-x looks very sleek but powerful.