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  1. HeXen

    Doom 3 HD pack+ RELEASED!!

    call me retarded, but i was going back n forth between you're pics you thumbnailed, and the doom3.jpg looks better than bfgedition.jpeg. Is the first one modded? i kinda want this game, but torn between graphics....anyone have Original modded vs BFG pics compared? if its not too much difference...
  2. HeXen

    Battlefield 3 Clubhouse

    Crysis, Crysis 2 with dx11, dead space,skyrim, stalker series and dozens of other modern titles work just fine maxed out. Not sure my exact temps. BF3 seems to be the only one with this issue, its strange that i underclock it and the game works fine...everything is default, drivers, hardware...
  3. HeXen

    Battlefield 3 Clubhouse

    i had lots of crashes with this game, was told to up the GPU voltage even though i don't overclock. What i did instead was underclock it and cranked up the fan...worked great and i'm sure just upping the voltage likely would have worked too. What i don't understand is, why this game in...
  4. HeXen

    Nostalgic GPU battles!!!

    3dfx banshee graphics :pimp:
  5. HeXen

    Doom 3 HD pack+ RELEASED!!

    well which would be better decision. Original with mods or BFG? Sounds like its down to better gameplay vs graphics.
  6. HeXen

    Doom 3 HD pack+ RELEASED!!

    i didn't used to like Doom 3 when it came out. hyped too much and i had over expectations of it. but lately i've had this urge to want to replay it again, but i never found it actually scary, just kinda a series of knee jerk "oh crap" reactions. So not sure if i wanna pay 30 for it but wonder if...
  7. HeXen

    Are you loyal to your home page?

    i don't have a homepage. Ironbrowser i use just shows a white page with a square block saying "web store". so i guess that's my homepage.