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  1. jaggerwild

    CPU red light 2 digit code "00" Asus X99--Deluxe

    OK so, I have a X99-DELUXE. When I got it had five bent pins, fixed them. POPPED in my 26630L -V3 CPU, hit power. I get the CPU red light(constant)and 00 debug code. The pins are aligned, I use a micro scope and sowing needle's(should see me shaking then!). But I've got it down where I can save...
  2. jaggerwild

    Hardware upgrade, several drives, OS drive, win 10 64bit, Best approach?

    I'm upgrading again from a X79 to a X99 system, I don't want to lose my games(on a separate drive) OS is on a NVE to SATA adapter. I've upgraded my hardware three times i think now, so just worried it will report n shoot me. Just worried I will have to buy more from the mother ship. I can list...
  3. jaggerwild

    Anybody Remember a site called " MKV"

    They used to have a site with all the GPU BIOS, it was MKV or MVK or similar like around 2006 or so? They had a forum and everything. It was an International site, at the time not many new postings(more likely around 2004).
  4. jaggerwild

    USB 1.1 to RS232 DB9 Serial Port Adapter

    I have a lappy with windows 7 64 bit, want to make sure if I need drivers for a remote connection. Probably cabled connection on site..........Lappy info has i3 4core 8GB of memory Win 7 64bit. Any help..... THANK YOU!
  5. jaggerwild

    Toshiba Lappy Drivers

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS ALL! If you would be so kind as to put your Egg Nog and Whiskey down to link me so I can get drivers for A lap top I have. I went to Toshiba's site but they are compressed, and for what ever reason(I hate zipped files with a passion) aint working. OK BACK TO THE PUNCH BOWL, OR...
  6. jaggerwild

    Asrock H97M PRO4 no boot issue(FIX)

    Hey all! Wanted to post this to help others who may(i know its late)need a fix to there issue, the board here arrived with a burnt trace on the fan header(I held little hope in fixing this after it would not boot). After some googling, I found a fix, and it is crazy. Apparently the LDO voltage...
  7. jaggerwild


    Hello all! Looking for a massive CPU cooler! Need's to have all adapters so I can use it on any set up I have. I never owned one except for the factory Intel, also needs to have brackets for extra fan/s. Figured id post here before shopping at the Egg, as I hate them. In box me what you have...
  8. jaggerwild

    Bricked XFX HD6950

    Hey All! So I sold this card(was in perfect condition) on Ebay of course the kid contacts me after three weeks, that it does not work. No display with it in primary PCI-e slot. SO I wanted to try n do a blind flash on it, see if he tried to flash it to a 6970 or what eva. I have a dual core...
  9. jaggerwild

    Windows 10 pro

    I need to change my motherboard, have windows 10 pro. When i google how to it says go to activation then add an account, my issue is there is no add an account option under activation? Or am I in the wrong window? Not sure how to proceed, ive googled it and the same results. Do I have an OEM...
  10. jaggerwild

    Windows 10 64 bit OEM, with no Office?

    Hello All! Long sotry short, I got a OEM windows 10 64bit. But I do not see microsoft office anywhere, does windows need to update after legalizing it? Or does it not come with 10 OEM, please delete this if I in anyway am asking something I shouldn't!! I need to use the apply but simply can't...
  11. jaggerwild

    [WTB][LGA 1150/2011]

    Looking for a Z170 bent pin board, 2011 etc...Hit me up
  12. jaggerwild

    skylake Z170 memory issue's

    So I bought corsair memory for my skylake build(unknowing there is a memory issue)and the memory voltage is directly connected to this issue. At the time I bought my CPU from blah blah on line I bought Z170 comparable memory or so I thought............... So I ended up getting corsair 16GB 2X8...
  13. jaggerwild

    TPU Sell out?

    I noticed a thread(won't pin point it)but it was name branded(manufacturer)got locked down. Also a few days ago I made a comment on the Green Team drivers up date, it was removed saying I was aiming my posts at people? Seriously, for the record my Green posting comments where aimed at no one...
  14. jaggerwild

    Games freezing mid game

    OK my rig is the 3770K, asus maximus V formula, 8GB 1600 Gskill@1600,asus GTX 780TI'S DCIIOC, Corsiar TX750, water pump,10 fans, 2SSD'S, 1HDD. So last week I was down, I had ordered rigid tubing and fittings, of course I blindly ordered both didn't make sure they were the same size. So I took...
  15. jaggerwild

    New posters............

    Is it me or is there a plethora of stupid Help me build a Computer postings? And if so why isn't or aren't these spammers being weeded out? Dude's with no computer cut n paste like pro's, smmho_O
  16. jaggerwild

    [US] Asus X79 Deluxe Aprx $163.00

    If anyone needs a X79 this is the cream of the crop(still good price) even just to re sell it, i would but no funds.................... http://www.ebay.com/itm/ASUS-X79-DELUXE-Motherboard-READ-/162072350052?hash=item25bc43cd64:g:9AwAAOSw7W5XOThC
  17. jaggerwild

    ASUS X79-DELUXE Motherboard need a cap bios reversed to non cap

    Hey all! I just picked up a Intel Xeon CPU 2660, my motherboard supported CPU lists it but says to use an older bios, issue is the board is now CAPS(format?)so when it see's the older none caps Bios it says the file is not readable or not a good file. So basically I need a bios file converted...
  18. jaggerwild

    [WTB] [USA] LPA SOCKET 2011v3 CPU

    Hello ALL! I need a low cost CPU for testing my motherboard, message me what you have n need. I don't have a ton of CASH so probably looking a server used chip(core count don't matter) doesn't have to be killer, just working in good condition is most important(as low price as possible)I have a...
  19. jaggerwild

    Windows 7 64BIT OEM

    So I got this new mother board(ASUS MAXIMUS V FORMULA), my OS was good and valid. I swapped out my old Maximus V Gene as it was missing 1 pin in the CPU socket(my hobby CPU pin repair)keeps me busy and wanted to see how high I can over clock. So in short the damn built in cooling barbs that Asus...
  20. jaggerwild

    Asus X79 DELUXE Intel 3930K 2 GTX 780Ti DCIIOC no SLI

    UGH! Need help all. I got the X79 Deluxe with 4 PCI-e slots, manual says slot 1 and 4 for full PCIeX16. Issue is if I put my second card in slot 4, it doesn't even see it. If I put it in slot PCI-e 3 it see's it but no option to SLI in Nvidia control panel? Also tried a clean install of newer...
  21. jaggerwild

    Saving a X58 EVGA Classy..............

    As Titled, I have a no boot EVGA board. I got one of these cheap scopes to magnify the image as my eyes are bad(I'm old). Right off the bat I found the first PCI-e slot 2 pins bent(I'll post images soon), I found 2 pins bent. They are the one's closest to the memory slots, left and right side...
  22. jaggerwild

    Windows 10 CHEAP.........................

    Really pretty much any windows Keys, I'm all about the CHEAP. Link to the site(search "windows" once at the site)............ http://www.kinguin.net/ I happened upon this from another site(wont mention), pretty much world wide. If this is old news delete, or not allowed...
  23. jaggerwild

    (WTB) EK V2 Reservoir END CAPS ONLY

    Need 2 end caps for a V2 version, or complete. Message me............ also need the mount
  24. jaggerwild

    Hp dv9320us

    Hey all Need some help I have an HP DV9320 with no display, it powers on the CPU fan spins 4 about three seconds then stops. it has Vista with the built in media center, I hit all th F keys durring boot and nothing. tried booting from vista disk nothing. tried external display with the...