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  1. zatblast

    laptop heatsink

    hi... just wondering if one of you thats taken your laptop apart to apply different thermal paste to the heat sink ever noticed some sort of thin metalic strip... what i mean is the nvidia 6150go chip had a thermal pad attached to it, the turion 64 x2 had a thermal pad that went around the edges...
  2. zatblast

    NVGTS.SYS blue screening... ideas?

    Hi, been having a bit of a problem with my first build... (and if you happen around the nvidia/asus boards this is posted there too.. but dont expect much from them lol) I have tried everything i could think of including researching it but got no where there, so tried multiple combintations and...
  3. zatblast

    8800 320mb or 512 question

    question regarding the 8800gts 320mb 320bit card vs the 8800gt 512mb 256bit personally theoretcailly in my mind the 320 might be better... simply because each mb gets its own path but then again i am going on instinct for that decision lol so really i guess my question would be what makes one...
  4. zatblast

    asus p5k-e wireless have N draft 2.0?

    can anyone confirm if the asus p5k-e does or does not come with draft 2.0 N? most places only mention g/b however a few seem to be mentioning it coming equiped with N draft 2.0 thanks in advanced to any help resolving this question.
  5. zatblast

    Bios flashing tutorial suggestions

    I know its bad i havent read any how to flash your bios tutorials throughly, but i am wondering if anyone happens to know of a good one just to refrence when i have some time
  6. zatblast

    Question regarding 8400-passiveish cooling

    Hi, have been putting together a theoretical computer (theoretical because i keep changing it and wont have $ until late feb) heres the current specs case-P182 (already bought) ram-2x1gb corsair xms2 5 5 5 12 800mhz (also bought) motherboard-Asus P5k-E w/ wifi CPU-E8400 psu-corasir...