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    Windows won't run updates.

    Anyone had this issue before, that can help me resolve it? Something to do with the Firewall not turning on properly.
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    Got this board off a friend, brand new, never used. Anybody has any info on it, because I couldn't find any on the internet? Here is a pic from the mobo as well:
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    BF1 Crashing Constantly

    When i turn on BF1 and try to load in a game, i get a freeze and then a DX error saying: " GPU must have more than 1GB of VRam". Im using an R9 280x 3GB and i played BF1 before but after update it keeps doing this. Opinions and solutions are welcome.
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    Bios corrupted, CPU downclocking under load??

    As title says, im suspecting the BIOS as the culprit for this issue. Last night, i came across some weird FPS drops when playing PUBG. So i naturaly expected my GPU or CPU were overheating. So i took out the panel and used a thermometer with a probe to mesure the temps, cause i dont trust...
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    Black screen while gaming

    I have a strange problem i would like to adress to TPU. Yesterday after a long gaming session, my screen blacked out while my PC still was working, i could hear sound an everything. So i hard restarted my PC, and i got 1 long 3 short beeps, and no boot. After searching Asus for beep codes i...
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    DRAM Ratio

    How do i change my FSB DRAM Ratio, since the one the board is setting is absurd? I want to change it to like 1:2 for my RAM to set at 1866mhz.
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    PUBG: Common problem and Interesting Solution.

    Ok, so we all know the common stuttering problem on PUBG. Well after switching from a Core I5 to a Xeon on my main platform, I got stuttering issues and fps drops for some unknown reason, so I got interested and started to investigate. Now I know, and many of you as well, know how bad a game...
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    CPU Upgrade

    What do you think of my newest upgrade: From an Intel I5 750 To Intel Xeon X3470 Opinions are welcome.
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    MSI P45 C51 wont boot after RAM Upgrade

    My P45 C51 mobo with a Q9300 needs a ram upgrade, so i puled out my Fury Black 1600mhz 2 x 4GB Ram Sticks. So i reset mobo, pull out old ram, insert new one, and no post, no beep codes, nothing it is just hanging there. Mobo lights show everything is ok, but no post. System spec are: Intel...
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    Dell Latitude Screen Replacement

    I've got a Dell Latitude 2100 with a damaged dysplay screen, and want to replace it. Do i have to get a screen from same kind of laptop, or are there screens from other 10.1 inch laptops screens that match this model of Dell?
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    Thoughts about upgrading my sister's PC so she can stay off mine.

    Here are the specs and the upgrade i plan to do: CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 (upgrade to Core 2Quad Q9300 and OC to 3.5Ghz) MOBO:MSI P45 C51 (stays the same) COOLER: Intel Stock (upgrade to DeepCool Gammaxx 400 with a DeepCool GS120 Fan) RAM:6GB some random memory (upgrade to Kingston HyperX...
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    Online videos freeze when not moving mouse

    Title says it all. Anyone else has this weird thing and how do i get rid of it? It started happening after last big Windows 10 Update.
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    Corsair CX650M - 12,8V on 12V Rail. Should i be conserned about this?

    The headline says it all. Give me your thoughts.
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    XMP Profile 1600MHZ RAM, Task Manager Shows 1066

    Now that i got another board (see system spec) i ran in another issue. Every program i ran (Aida64, Everest, CPUZ etc) shows 1600Mhz Dual Channel Ram, only Windows is smart enought to show 1066 in Task Manager. Opinions and advices are welcome. Note: Timings and settings in BIOS are correctly set.
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    ASUS Smart Doctor for Windows 10 x64 (a favor for a friend)

    Need a good working version of ASUS Smart Doctor for a AMD RADEON 4890 Extreme for Windows 10 x64 Pro. Anyone have any info on this piece of software or not?
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    Looking for 1156 socket mobo with Sata3/USB3 to buy

    Header says it all. Give me options and prices. My Location: Skopje, Macedonia, Europe People from Europe have advantage because of cheaper shipping, but I can get it from US if price is good.
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    Pin on my socket mobo got broken and black.

    I guess it may finnaly be time for a new mobo. Yesterday i again got the RAM Hardware Reserved problem, and decided to open the CPU Socket again, and i was shocked. A Pin in the socket was black like it was fried or something and it was missing a head. So i have no idea now what to do. Here i...
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    Impressed with RX 460 overall.

    So i had a thread about a week ago when i was instaling an RX 460 on a friend's PC. Specs: Intel Core I5 2300 Foxconn H67MP-V 2.0 Sapphire RX 460 Nitro 4GB (New) 8GB of RAM ( 4 x 2 mix-match Apacher and Kingston 1333mhz) DeepCool DN500 80+ White (New) WD 1TB Caviar Blue (New) Windows 10 Pro...
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    RX Series fail to show display on 1155 socket board?

    Anyone has encountered this issue and know a fix? A friend of mine bought am RX 460 for his i5-2300 on a Foxconn N15235 board and it fails to display image, while with his older gpu (GTS 450) no problem.
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    RAM Issue

    Ever since i setup my RAM Sticks to run Dual Channel with custom timings ( read from CPU ID on RAM) and an OC from 1333 to 1600mhz ( since my board's factory set is 1333) ive come across something weird. Every now and then, when i turn on my PC, i come across a issue, which makes half of my RAM...
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    Never used RAM Slot broke???

    So on to the point... I was cleaning my Main Rig Tower yesterday and I saw I put my RAM Sticks on different color slots (idk if I did it by mistake or intentionaly during a previous clean). So I tried to move the second stick of the RAM to the blue-matching slot, and trying to boot, I got 3...
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    Windows 10 Flickering

    I've experienced some unusual flickering ever since I installed Windows 10 on my main rig. It only happeness when I open Microsoft Edge and EMail App. It flickers between some random commands and tabs and what not when I open ME to browse online or the EMail app as well when I open my main...
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    Help with OCing my RAM Memory

    Since i run an old i5 750, my RAM is downclocked to 1333mhz, and i like to get it to 1600 mhz stock for my Hyper X Black Fury. Now ive tried in the past, but every time i raise the bus and lower the multiplier of the CPU so the CPU can run at stock 2.6, it always comes to instability issue. I...
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    Finally, my PC is totaly finished

    Today i finally finished my PC with the upgrades that i did just an hour ago. Here are pics of my PC look right now, and last upgrade. Full spec can be found on my profile, give me your opinions. Waiting on comments about my build, looks, and my choice of parts.
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    Is this unusual or my card is going crazy?

    As I was looking into Far Cry Primal, if I can run it or not, I came across something that made me curious, so I had to ask here, is this unusual for a card, or is it going nuts? Obviously my card has 3GB VRAM, but on the Can I Run It Site and Detection app, it is shown that I have 4GB of...