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  1. EntropyZ

    So about AsRock RMA... is it good?

    Hey guys, I just wanted to ask what are your past and present experiences with their RMA. I recently gave my B350M Pro 4 AM4 motherboard away for repairs or replacement, it's getting delivered to a "qualified manufacturer service center" by my retailer as I type this. In one of my threads I...
  2. EntropyZ

    [Solved] Distorted headphone sound after upgrade

    I tried almost everything. 1) Reinstalling different Realtek driver versions. Even ones that come through Microsoft themselves. 2) Disabling Audio Enhancements (Why would you though? It never helps) 3) Checking the cables for interference. 4) Messing with quality settings, volume and speaker...
  3. EntropyZ

    GTX 760 Recovery - MDA

    So I think the graphics card is toast. I can get it to boot into windows and display outputs work, but once the driver is being applied, the computer crashes. GPU-Z just sees this: Everything is fine, apart from, well not being able to apply any kind of driver. I took out the card from the...
  4. EntropyZ

    Asrock X370 Taichi 2.20 and Asrock AB350M Pro4 2.40

    A video made by @buildzoid made me chuckle. How does AsRock manage to break something so easily and not respond or fix any of it. They probably can't afford to hire proper testers. :laugh: I've personally had this experience yesterday. I flashed my AB350M Pro4 Bios to version 2.40, all it did...
  5. EntropyZ

    A question about power delivery concerning iGPU VRM

    So I have been wondering for months and haven't even found an answer on google. If the iGPU is disabled/not used or whatever, does the VRM that is meant for iGPU do anything for the CPU? Is the VRM dedicated to the iGPU. Is the top section meant for expansion slots, or does everything just...
  6. EntropyZ

    I need to pick a budget M-ATX case (poll)

    Hey, I just wanted you all to know that, I appreciate you reading this. It's been a year now, and I already feel old here. So the important question. I am getting ready for AMD Ryzen release, so I wanted a good enclosure that didn't break my bank when it all totals out. So I put a some MATX...
  7. EntropyZ

    Gigabyte R9 380 G1 Gaming 4GB Constantly Throttling [solved]

    A copy from a post in http://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/gigabyte-g1-4gb-r9-380-problem.215303/#post-3401116 I don't want to hijack OP's thread. Well this is going to be my first post, since skulking around for 3 years without an account has it's drawbacks when there's a community like...