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  1. Raptorpowa

    3-sapphire hd 7950 with ek fc7950 water block and back plate.

    I dunno if this is the right section but I'm looking to sell these gpu, I still have the packages and the original heat sink on them. PM me for details. Picture of them inside the case labs case.
  2. Raptorpowa

    upgrading my motherboard from...

    EVGA Classified LE Edition 759 to RIVE Black Edition. I always like well build motherboard I paid almost $500.00 dollars on my 1366 mobo. Do you think RIVE BE will not disappoint? Here the case for it.
  3. Raptorpowa

    3 way 7950

    is awesome. The smoothness is beyond impressive. I tested it on popular games like TR, Crysis 3, Dragon AGE series, Metro Last light, and Dirt 3. I must say amd driver with facing frame time work like magic. This solidify my next gpu purchase, it will be the amd R9 290X for my corsair 350D build :)
  4. Raptorpowa

    EVGA classified X58 LE E759 NF2000 chip.

    I bought this motherboard for $450.00 and I must say it's the best motherboard of all time for me. It has not fail me running i7 920 @ 4.0 24/7 for four years now. I really want to upgrade to sandy but I'm afraid that no other motherboards will match the quality and durability of this motherboard.
  5. Raptorpowa

    Amd 9970.

    I made a mistake purchasing my third hd 7950, I should have waited but my buying impulse took over. If what they say is true about 9970 that it will be faster than gtx 780. Should I stick with 3-7950 or sell them and buy 9970?