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  1. 1freedude

    Windows 8 Clubhouse

    Let's play a game I like to call...just the tip, the start tip, that is.
  2. 1freedude

    subwoofer for 2.1 system

    I made a drawing. Tape out would work, but can't control the level (volume) on the device. Would have to use knob.
  3. 1freedude

    subwoofer for 2.1 system

    Does the audio source have sub out? What is the source?
  4. 1freedude

    Quick motherboard question.

    Yes. The other power cable only runs the CPU.
  5. 1freedude

    Setting up a file server

    http://www.rejetto.com/hfs/ So easy...I use it to stream to my phone, my wife's laptop, my tablet (1080p). Open browser, copy link ( it is set up like a FTP), paste into VLC, or whatever, enjoy. To get to it from outside my network, No-IP handles the routing. All free. I just checked, HFS...
  6. 1freedude

    Setting up a file server

    As far as WebUI, I use HFS. HTTP File Server. Gets me all my stuff anywhere. Really handy with Android OS.
  7. 1freedude

    [Electronics] Pulse triggered relay/switch

    Old school relay...momentary switch activated by movement/position of the lock. Not sure what the switch will do, but an idea
  8. 1freedude

    Speedtest on a 3G Android Phone

    are you rooted and the such? try installing/flashing a newer radio (modem).
  9. 1freedude

    Help installing windows

    Try removing the NTFS, to let the installer put it on.
  10. 1freedude

    Power Supply Board

    Laptop bricks are not 12 volt. Netbook bricks usually are 12 v.
  11. 1freedude

    Power Supply Board

    OK, I found it! http://www.belkin.com/us/F7C007-Belkin/p/P-F7C007 Now, if you don't like Belkin, there is a bunch like this from other makers.
  12. 1freedude

    Power Supply Board

    http://www.frozencpu.com/products/9106/bus-192/AC_to_DC_Adapter_-_110V_AC_to_12V_DC_Converter_w_Standard_4_Pin_5000mA_Max.html?tl=g11c271s670 Perfect?
  13. 1freedude

    SLI nvidia EVGA 460 2win doesn't work (HyperSLI)

    The 2win is a buggy overheating waste of a card. I have one. I use it in a x58 sabertooth, when it decides to run. I have to switch slots, change dvi ports just to get it to POST. Never mind about Windows performance. I have found that installing 314.22 drivers over the old install will...
  14. 1freedude

    Burn my PSU?

    Go to pet store get bugs open case dump bugs enjoy the stink
  15. 1freedude

    Warp Speed, Scotty? Star Trek's FTL Drive May Actually Work

    Haha, W1zz hijacked your thread with a Tractor Beam!
  16. 1freedude

    wiring home security cameras

    Would stress it a bit methinks. An old external hard drive brick is usually good for a couple amps.
  17. 1freedude

    wiring home security cameras

    Milliamps must be same or greater
  18. 1freedude

    Google Android users clubhouse

    Awesome, welcome to the superuser club.
  19. 1freedude

    Google Android users clubhouse

    Try P.A.C. man. Combines best features of PA, AOKP, Cyanogen. Which recovery do you use? Might be time to do a FULL wipe, I mean a deep level format. System, data, sdcard (especially), everything. Could be some ghost junk floating around messing with the gapps. I have the T-Mobile US...
  20. 1freedude

    network speed vs bandwidth

    Speed is either adequate or inadequate. Not trying to be funny. If the latency is great, but the data rate is huge, it may matter or it may not matter.
  21. 1freedude

    User Guidance: How to identify and react to spam

    What does OP mean in this context?
  22. 1freedude

    Windows 7 Remote Desktop

    If your friend has a work related reason to get to his work network from his home, he should go to his network admin and ask for help. Otherwise, Teamviewer or cellular connection is his best bet.
  23. 1freedude

    Buffalo Ships High Capacity DriveStation DDR USB Hard Drive

    And, this will only work one way. Reading from the disk won't benefit from the cache. I was assuming this was a portable solution. Seems it should NOT be its primary use, but system expansion instead.
  24. 1freedude

    Buffalo Ships High Capacity DriveStation DDR USB Hard Drive

    Huh, gimmick, then?