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  1. J

    Quake Champions Closed Beta Keys

    someone was faster then you :P
  2. J

    Quake Champions Closed Beta Keys

    i hope I made someone happy. Your Closed Beta Code 8X8A-B3AN-A8HK-K8HB-X73B REDEEM CODE Closed Beta Instructions To get ready for Closed Beta please download and install the game by following these steps: Log in to your Bethesda.net account. Redeem your code. Download the Bethesda.net...
  3. J

    Xsplit gets my CPU to 100% without streaming or recording,

    It started to happen today. I didnt change anything or installed new programs. Computer just starts to almost lag coz Xsplit eats 100%cpu just by having program open. Now I cant even stream coz stream lags epicly. Even if I use nvidia codec cpu still spikes at 100% for no reason, when yesterday...
  4. J

    OFFICIAL Ghost Recon Wildlands (Discussion)

    When i free some space on hdd will try it out over easter weekend.
  5. J

    OFFICIAL Ghost Recon Wildlands (Discussion)

    I choose ths game over for honour from my 1070 did i pick the right game? Coz i havent played it yet
  6. J

    Bayonetta now on Steam/PC

    I played this sexy game on ps3. If they give me bayonetta 2 on pc I will buy it.
  7. J

    3 Days, 5 Games: Giveaway ENDED- Winner selected

    I would love to try entry for Dishonored 2 if I can, thanks.
  8. J

    3 Days, 5 Games: Giveaway ENDED- Winner selected

    Day 2 for valley.Thanks
  9. J

    XLR microphone + mixer connect to PC

    Mixer got phantom inbuilt, but i never tried micro without phantom i always turn on phantom when use micro. But micro description says it requires phantom power.
  10. J

    XLR microphone + mixer connect to PC

    Its connected to AUX out what is located on top right corner of mixer. I mean effects are there but they are not so alive and clear as listening directly to mixer.
  11. J

    XLR microphone + mixer connect to PC

    I tried it max out but voice effects just dont sound on stream or pc recorded videos as they sound straight from mixer. So not sure what's the problem
  12. J

    XLR microphone + mixer connect to PC

    Hello. Recently I bought xlr microphone AT2050 and mixer ALTO ZMX122FX. Got xlr cable and bought some of rca cables for mixer. So the thing is I pluged micro into mixer turned on phantom power plugged in headphones in mixer to test micro before i connect it to pc. So it worked very good and...
  13. J

    The show off your tech related purchase thread

    I just love it Monitor is epic. And headphones great build and epic sound
  14. J

    The show off your tech related purchase thread

    Got these on my Valentines day. From myself.
  15. J

    The show off your tech related purchase thread

    Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Studio Monitor Professional Headphones - Black https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00HVLUR86/?tag=tec053-21 LG 29UM68 29" Ultrawide IPS Monitor (2560x1080, 2x HDMI, DP, Speakers) https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01BFH194W/?tag=tec053-21
  16. J

    Diablo 3 Discussion

    Is there a diablo clan of TPU? Coz I remember that i played it with Wizzard on release. We need revive this shit somehow.
  17. J

    The ‘father of Pac-Man’ dies

    Giving my deepest sorrow, and Pacman will be always in my memory as one of finest games of childhood.
  18. J

    Diablo 3 Discussion

    To be Honest I think this DLC will revive Diablo 3 for like 3 weeks and it will die again :)
  19. J

    A Memorial to Kreij - Holiday 2017 PC build and Giveaway is open- Enter Now!!!

    it's been 2y already. Giving my deepest respect to him. In name of myself for himself I will do Giveaway in coming weeks with stretch Goals. Will try to make it memorable :)
  20. J

    OFFICIAL Mass Effect: Andromeda (Discussion)

    Will this be the best Mass effect game ever made? I hope there wount be season pass. Unless it's been announced and i missed it.
  21. J

    Looking for VOcal microphone

    Hello, it's been 100 years since I asked some help. So here i am again, and knowing you are the best Doods and Doodeses. So I want to make my own songs what will be epic fail, but it doesnt matter. So I want not the best but best for money vocal microphone up to 600£. And for podcasting and...
  22. J

    Dishonored 2

    Had this game on PS4, finihsed 3 missions, and problems hit my life had to sell everything . But I did enjoy it, maybe will return to it someday.
  23. J

    DiRT 4

    I never played or liked much of Dirt games, but for some reason I am hyped for this one. Must be change of weather in my brains.
  24. J

    Life of Black Tiger

    This actually could be better than Goat Simulator
  25. J

    Games you beat (2016)

    Game was just too easy, at some point it was just ''please, finish already'' Only challenging thing was last boss for true ending. But if you like chibi style characters you will enjoy it. But it's not worth the price they ask for PS4 unless its on discount. Or better off playing it on PS vita.