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  1. Xaser04

    GIGABYTE Intros the AB350N-Gaming WiFi Mini-ITX Socket AM4 Motherboard

    Looks interesting although I am not 100% sure on the layout.
  2. Xaser04

    Rumor: Nvidia GTX 980MX and 970MX comes for laptops

    Hmmm sounds interesting on paper but in reality a small bump to Cuda Cores coupled with lower clock speeds (assuming base & boost) would lead to an overall wash in terms of performance.
  3. Xaser04

    MSI Announces the Gaming 24 AIO Desktop

    It must be available as a soldered version as well otherwise you wouldn't get it in such thin/light gaming laptops.
  4. Xaser04

    MSI Announces the Gaming 24 AIO Desktop

    I don't really understand why they don't at least offer a 970m?
  5. Xaser04

    AMD Radeon R9 380 Launched by PC OEM

    This is the first time I have heard the rumour that the 380 could be a 285 or even 280x rebrand... And.. LOL at Intel CPU's being trash in DX12...
  6. Xaser04

    Rare GPUs / Unreleased GPUs

    Also at the time it had no hardware based resolve MSAA ability built into the pipeline. It had to do it all via shaders which completely crippled it in benchmarks that used any amount of MSAA. IIRC this was fixed when the 3870 launched but it was still lacking absolute grunt as per your post.
  7. Xaser04

    NVIDIA to Restore Overclocking on Mobile GPUs

    Hmmm my 780m running at 980/6000 (up from 772/5000) wants a word..
  8. Xaser04

    GeForce GTX 870m too hot?

    There are a few ways, just depends on how in depth you want to go: - Raise the back of the laptop up by 1-2". This will aid airflow getting to the fans. - Run with a laptop cooler. Depending on the laptops design these will work well or do bugger all (unless heavily modified). - Re-paste...
  9. Xaser04

    GeForce GTX 870m too hot?

    Perfectly normal temperatures for a high end mobile GPU. My 780M overclocked will nudge against 90 degrees after a prolonged gaming session.
  10. Xaser04

    New Nvidia Drivers 344.48

    Installed these yesterday and for the first time since running Surround the driver "forgot" my Surround setup existed requiring a manual re-build. It was almost like being back on Eyefinity with its profile issues. I havn't tried my 690 in any games yet with the new driver but I am not...
  11. Xaser04

    NVIDIA Could Review GTX TITAN-Z Pricing for the Retail Channel

    :confused: It is basically two (downclocked) Titan Blacks on a single card. It is quite easy to see why it is worth more than a Titan Black in isolation. Whether either it or the Titan Black are worth their respective price points is a different arguement altogether.
  12. Xaser04

    9800GTX +Amp Edition (Zotac) 6pin vs 8pin

    You can't compare difference architectures like this. You can only really compare overall performance. That said your point about the 9800GTX performance relative to todays cards does stand.
  13. Xaser04

    Dell Readies Alienware 13 Gaming Laptop for Fall

    Why is this running a ULV Intel processor when the likes of Clevo, MSI & gigabyte are all able to fit full bore quad core i7's in (what appears to be) a similar thickness chassis?!
  14. Xaser04

    Mad Catz Ships the S.T.R.I.K.E. M Wireless Keyboard

    The ergonomics of that look horrific. The spacing between the WASD keys and the space bar makes it look down right awkward to use.
  15. Xaser04

    How much will the i3 4150 bottleneck a GTX 770?

    In something like Crysis 3, no it won't maintain 60FPS at all times*. The level "Welcome to the jungle" absolutely hammers the CPU (the grass in particular is a heavy burden). Even at 5888x1080 I still noticed an improvement going from a 4C/4T CPU to a 4C/8T CPU. My laptop for example...
  16. Xaser04

    GTX770, help me find good graphics card.

    No. It normally just means the PCB has been modified (often this reallt means "made cheaper to manufactuer") in some way, the core is a newer revsion or possibly just a different cooler (think VTX 290 - X edition Rev 1 & 2 - the only difference being the cooler).
  17. Xaser04

    Just how quick is a 780m anyway?!

    Thanks. :) I think the ram made more difference for the 780M than it did for the 760. At 1080p "playable settings" the 192GB/s bandwidth seems enough for the 760 core to keep it fed, thus the increase to (7Ghz) 224GB/s yielded less benefit. At 5888x1080 this is a different story mind with the...
  18. Xaser04

    Just how quick is a 780m anyway?!

    This is a question that has bugged me for a while yet I have never been able to get conclusive proof; Just how fast is a GTX780m(880m) in relation to desktop cards? Various reviews and forum posts state the performance is anywhere from GTX670 levels (makes more sense) right the way down to the...
  19. Xaser04

    Hopefully a new vBios for my AMD Radeon 8970M!

    Is it right that the machine is cutting off when it hits a certain temperature? I am not familiar with Alienwares since I got rid of my M11x but my Clevo P170SM simply throttles back the GPU if it hits a certain temperature (well technically the Nvidia bios does this but the effect is the same)...
  20. Xaser04

    Royal Queen R9 280X overclock?

    Use Afterburner and simply set a profile with your desired clocks which can be accessed at the touch of a button. I really don't see the point in flashing the bios when you have this option. You will want to use the software to monitor your framerate, temps, GPU usage anyway. Whatever you do...
  21. Xaser04

    Royal Queen R9 280X overclock?

    Download the latest build of MSI Afterburner (google it) and play around with the clock speeds until you find a setting that offers 100% stability (use games and benchmarks to test this) with a good balance of speed / heat and voltage (if the latter is adjustable).
  22. Xaser04

    R9 290X meet Eyefinity, Eyefinity 290X

    Preface - I dun Derped! Hi all, This review has been a while coming and ultimately started with a completely different premise; initially the review was going to focus on how a 290X copes with Eyefinity when coupled with a budget processor, in this case a Athlon X4 (Richland) 760K. The...
  23. Xaser04

    Gaming at 5K : GTX TITAN Z Review

    The 64 ROP backend of the 290/290X is most likely providing the benefit here. IIRC he is mimiking a Titan Z by downclocking two GK110's (assumed to be 780TI's) to the rumoured Titan Z clocks.
  24. Xaser04

    HD7850 1GB meets Eyefinity - What will happen?!

    Quick update, I have managed to pick up a R9 290 unlocked to a 290x for a little over £220. I am interested to see what level of CPU limitation (if at all) I will see due to the 760K (overclocked of course). Obviously 1080p will be laughably bad in certain titles, but I am running...
  25. Xaser04

    HD7850 1GB meets Eyefinity - What will happen?!

    It is a cracking little card. Works lovely in 1080p (which it is used mostly in). Recently my laptop hasn't even had a look in as I have been having too much fun tweaking the 7850. My 780M is quicker (1536sp GK104 @ 980/6000 so it should be) but watching the 7850 shrug off a near 40% overclock...