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  1. hat

    Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional2 Lands in Europe for £259.99 / €289.99

    For that price... Is it bulletproof? Can I hide under it in the event of an airstrike?
  2. hat

    nicehash has been down all day..

    It will not be easy to return 4700 bitcoins. They'll have to build it up and return it slowly, if they do it at all. I'd be okay if they didn't return anything... what do we expect them to do? Pay for it themselves out of their own pocket? I don't expect them to have that kind of personal stash...
  3. hat

    PSA: Avoid freedom pop

    I use freedompop. I too downgraded to the free plan, because I was trying to avoid paying a cell phone bill. I don't recall being charged for that, but I will say that once you reach 400/500MB, they deactivate your data and you must turn on automatic top ups (meaning they automatically charge...
  4. hat

    nicehash has been down all day..

    https://www.tweaktown.com/news/60117/nicehash-reimburse-users-60-million-btc-hack/index.html Not sure about how true it will be... but there's that.
  5. hat

    TPU's WCG/BOINC Team

    @infrared Water buildup can be caused by... just about anything. Do be mindful of that, though, and know it can cause problems like the blood clot you thought you had. If it comes to it you may want to use something like this while you sleep...
  6. hat

    nicehash has been down all day..

    Wouldn't that require you to constantly be checking the profitability of various coins yourself all the time?
  7. hat

    nicehash has been down all day..

    I hope they get it together soon... need to start mining again. It may not have been much but that missing $130 I was set to receive is... well... missed. It could have helped out a lot.
  8. hat

    Mining "Renting" Service Nicehash Hacked; $68M Routed From User Wallets

    I was about to post the same link. Question now is, what can the perpetrator(s) really do with it? I'm sure there are many hawks watching this address. It would be kind of like stealing the world's biggest diamond, but everyone can see where it goes as soon as you try to do anything with it...
  9. hat

    nicehash has been down all day..

    So you could use minergate to deposit into a shape shift.io wallet and go from there? Considering some form of wallet other than an online wallet. Probably not a good idea to keep everything on coinbase either (which is where my nicehash payments were going). Looking forward to your guide RTB...
  10. hat

    nicehash has been down all day..

    I had around $130 worth of btc due to be paid to my coinbase acct this Friday... That's probably gone too :\
  11. hat

    Constant IPv6 pings to my firewall

    I don't know much about this stuff, but logic tells me it may be something else, or at least have some unusual underlying cause, since he said it didn't start happening until "a day or so" ago.
  12. hat

    downgrading options(solved) not downgrading now

    It's time to just sit down and enjoy what you currently have. If you're tired of upgrading why buy a crappy prebuilt? Just leave it alone.
  13. hat

    AMD Second-generation Ryzen "Pinnacle Ridge" Confirmed to Support AM4

    nothing And most people think i7 means 7 cores. Most people just aren't too well informed or don't care very much about PC hardware. Maybe AM2 wasn't around too long... but it was at least forwards compatible. I don't think it was AMD's fault that those mobo manufacturers were reluctant to...
  14. hat

    AMD Second-generation Ryzen "Pinnacle Ridge" Confirmed to Support AM4

    To be honest I never followed up on the FM series. It seemed to me like a really cheap, low power solution for your Grandma or your HTPC or something. Looking it up they don't seem exactly cheap either... I wonder what purpose this socket is supposed to serve? Maybe I was remembering something...
  15. hat

    AMD Second-generation Ryzen "Pinnacle Ridge" Confirmed to Support AM4

    When... exactly... was this? I remember AMD being very compatible forwards and backwards since AM2.
  16. hat

    Riding the Crypto wave

    I understand exactly what you mean. If I had $150 in BTC when it was worth 3000, today it would be worth $500 or more...
  17. hat

    Riding the Crypto wave

    Well trog you could have for example bought 1 btc, but by the time your machine earns the equivalent amount you could have just bought outright, at least your machine will still be earning a little bit more every day... It's the better investment in the long term.
  18. hat

    How many people still use sound cards?

    Using optical audio with my sound bar, I would use onboard if it had optical. It doesn't, so I have to use my old x-fi. If I were building a new system I'd want a board with decent audio (like that ALC1220) and I'd be okay with that, even for analog speakers.
  19. hat

    All those Stupid Trends!

    I was one of those guys who only needed a basic phone that could call and text, until I got my first smart phone. Now, being able to use the Internet on my phone is useful for some things, and things like ePSXe are nice sometimes... but I don't understand why this market is so huge.
  20. hat

    Riding the Crypto wave

    I'm no expert but I think the 1060 3gb will do fine for equihash. You are right, ETH (DaggerHashimoto) is the very vram intensive one.
  21. hat

    On Gaming Business Practices

    My point exactly. You could do whatever you wanted with those games, for one price (unless there was an actual expansion pack released later on which you could buy). They just can't, or won't, make games like that anymore. And the debate of what the base game should be, for what price, what...
  22. hat

    Industry Leaders and Experts Join Forces to Fight Against Loot Crates

    For the media itself yes, for the actual product no. That would be similar to me being able to produce infinite amounts of graphics cards for nothing other then the initial cost of creating the first one. I already handled that and now I can make them indefinitely, my only hangup being the...
  23. hat

    Industry Leaders and Experts Join Forces to Fight Against Loot Crates

    I disagree with you there ford. The software, although digital, has value. Are you saying this wouldn't be a problem if games were still stored on optical media? Why was metal gear solid worth 50 bucks or better when new then, when I could have used that money to buy a whole stack of blank...
  24. hat

    Industry Leaders and Experts Join Forces to Fight Against Loot Crates

    ^^vote with your wallet is a very simple and powerful concept, yet far too many people have voted that running games in this way is fine, so it continues and gets worse. Maybe the people who aren't okay with it are the vocal minority. Maybe they have been until now and it's gotten bad enough for...
  25. hat

    Can't use pc

    Maybe try disconnecting power, hold power button for a minute or so... let all the energy drain out of the capacitors. If that doesn't work, maybe try clear CMOS next. If it still doesn't work, maybe try checking the connections on all the wires and everything... maybe something got loose somehow.