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    Getting new Headset; which one?

    As for the little known brands - beware "Psyko" Psyko 5.1 PC Gaming Headset review
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    So Long Privacy: Apple Bans Apps, Music for Customers Who Opt Out of Tracking

    Service providers can pinpoint your location based on your distance from the antennas from the very beggining of the cellular telephony. So anyone with a moblle phone can consider themselves being watched. I usually hate how Apple behaves towards people: customers and their own employees or...
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    Getting new Headset; which one?

    There are more decent brands for gaming headsets out there than just logitech and sennheiser: See these comparative reviews, for example: http://www.tomsguide.com/us/pc-gaming-headset,review-1471.html http://www.everythingusb.com/gaming-headsets.html
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    how to hook up exterenal subwoofer

    Is there no cross-over on the back of the woofer?
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    Astro Mix-amp and HPX Setup - PS3

    Astro was not made for PS3, apparently: Unfortunately, the only thing it seems Astro forgot to throw into the mixamp is the ability to do voice over the PS3. While there are connections for both PC and Xbox 360 , to use the A40 for voice communications on the PS3 requires the purchase of a...
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    So Long Privacy: Apple Bans Apps, Music for Customers Who Opt Out of Tracking

    In all fairness, they only say they are going to use anonymous location information, mostly to serve ads. What's wrong with that? Btw, has anyone used this "Find My iPhone" app that they mentioned there? Might come in handy.
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    new mp3 player, what to get

    I second the recommendation for Creative Zens - clean interface, handy extras and very good sound quality. I bought mine directly from the manufacturer (mine was a discountinued model, they also have good discounts on refurbished units etc). Linky
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    Thermaltake Luxa² LM100 Mini

    HTPC = silent system so I do not exactly follow what advantage would two larger fans give over a small one. If it keeps the temperature in control why bother?
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    Creative Announces Sound Blaster Wireless for iTunes

    A usb sound card, one receiver and a remote control for 160 bucks isn't a bad deal. It is USB sound card indeed but the wireless output is not FM. Audio is streamed wirelessly @ 2.4GHz - according to the specs here: http://www.soundblaster.com/products/wirelessaudio/ For someone who wants to...
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    Zii Egg question - can Android run on top of another OS or does it replace it?

    I am quite interested in that Zii Egg computer announced a few days ago (http://www.zii.com) but wondering if Android could run on top of another OS or will it replace it? I mean the hardware with SDK sells for 399 bucks and the version stripped of software was mentioned with a 199 price tag...
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    X-Fi Support Syndicate & Owner's Clubhouse

    realtek xfi mod OT, kind of Have you guys seen the thread on realtek x-fi mod by ketxxx? Here. All cool. But. I don't get this guy... He modded the realtek driver to add x-fi features. (that he btw hates :wtf:) Everybody says how better their onboard sounds now with X-Fi. Free X-Fi sound so to...
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    X-fi on any sound card or codec

    Some mobos come with X-Fi add-on that works [I suppose] in the same manner as a codec [look at that connector...] This comes from a Foxconn X58 review at madshrimps.be Maybe we'll see X-Fi as a standard codec, that would be pretty cool for gaming.
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    Sound Card Help!

    Did you try this one: Driver Pack 1.01.0076 Release date : 31 Dec 08 Looks like a new one is out.
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    Flexible keyboards ?

    give us a few links - there are various types and I am not sure which one you really mean.
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    Seriously Odd Static/Sound Issues

    i guess gamer is a good option precisely for the reasons you mentioned but at similar price there is a much newer card out there that beats the gamer. Talking about the X-Fi Titanium - it is PCI-e, comes with Dolby encoding and both optical input AND output right on the board. PCI-e is supposed...
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    Creative Gigaworks T-series or not???

    Can't compare 2.0 with 2.1 - if properly built 2.1 will always give you more bass. Although "more" is not always equal with "better". I am a big fan of T20 speakers - assuming T40s sound only better. T20 produce unbelievable low end given their small dimensions. Unbelievable is such a stupid...
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    Creative Launches Vado Pocket Video Cam

    a bump for this old thread as Creative just announced Vado HD. Which makes the original one look pale in comparison. Just look at that recording: <object width="400" height="225"><param name="allowfullscreen" value="true" /><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always" /><param name="movie"...
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    ASUS Preparing New Gamer and Audiophile Sound-Cards

    They actually claimed full hardware support for EAX HD but once people found out it was a blatant lie ASUS moved back and started using a word "emulation". Btw. ASUS folks are notorious liars. They intentionally lied to the reviewers by giving them Eee PCs with bigger batteries then those in the...
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    Creative Announces X-Fi Notebook ExpressCard

    I suppose EAX 5 could be done in software too, nonetheless hardware acceleration has its merits and this is why software versus hardware audio processing is still a valid point. The fact that this card supports EAX 4 and not 5 does not mean it is done in software. Not saying it is - I would like...
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    Creative Announces X-Fi Notebook ExpressCard

    The wireless streaming seems like quite a cool idea, besides how do you know it is not X-Fi chip. Specs sheet reads: "Supports EAX 4.0 and OpenAL for ultra-realistic gaming surround over headphones, plus Creative ALchemy for maximum audio performance of legacy games under Windows Vista." To me...
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    Integrated sound is that sucky?

    Well, btarunr has 3.4 but he also happens to use a sound card and not a motherboard audio if I read this screenshot correctly.
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    EAX and Vista

    @Irish_PXzyan: if you have any of the X-Fi series card download ALchemy and this will enable hardware support for EAX in Direct X games in Vista. For any openAL games you do not need the ALchemy - they will work right away in Vista and audio will be processed in sound card hardware. What sound...
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    Creative Announces New GigaWorks T3 2.1 Speakers

    What you think of this low standby power use? Did electronics manufacturers start to embrace eco-friendly concepts. I would be happy to see some data to back up this hope... This is GigaWorks - Creative's best line of speakers, I doubt they would risk a dodgy remote control. Purely from the...
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    5.1 Headset

    So you have decided against actual 5.1 set, right? PC350s are a stereo pair arent they?
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    Logitech G5 not being detected with Vista

    if I read their website correctly problems migght happen if you upgrade from XP to Vista without deinnstalling the XP driver. Or was it a fresh OS install?