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    Possibly looking to upgrade.

    Looking to upgrade my graphics card at the moment. Games that I definitely plan on playing are: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Call of Duty: World at War Modern Warfare 2 Left 4 Dead Starcraft 2 Diablo 3 I'll be running at 1680x1050 resolution. I have been looking at this GTS 250...
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    What is wrong with my laptop? (xps1330)

    Hi, I have a 5-month old dell xps1330. just recently my dell laptop have experienced some problems. it started off by freezing with purple/pink pixel dots filled all over the screen then goes to a black screen and then i have to manually restart it. Then a few times it would go to BSOD (blue...
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    What video card should I get?

    Well I have some dell promotional gift cards to use, since I didn't know that you can't combine them since I was planning to buy a PS3. 1x $150 promotional gift card 2x $100 promotional gift card 1x $75 recession coupon 2x $25 coupon (ALL FOR DELL) I'll most likely use a $100 gift,$25 coupon...
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    PS3 Question concerning mouse and keyboard use?

    I am hoping to be able to play COD4 with mouse and keyboard on PS3. I've read that UT3 is the only game out so far that you can just stick in the mouse and keyboard to the PS3 and play. Are there any other games that does this as well that I'm not aware of? And is "XFPS RATEUP" the only adapter...
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    Reliable game rental "programs" or w/e you call it.

    I live in Texas, United States (Katy- near houston to be exact) was wondering where I could find good game. rental "program" or w/e you call it. don't want to spend too much money but at same time dont want to spend too much money. its for ps3. i know of blockbusters game pass for like $22 a...
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    has my old computer finally died?

    its like a 6year old hp. p4 1.6ghz single core, 80gb hd, optical drives no longer word, 512mb ram, 32mb riva tnt2. i had attempted to run 3dmark03 for the pimp my pc competition which didnt work because my computer was too old so i decided to start deleting stuff i didnt use on it to clear up...
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    How would a 8600gt SSC 256mb run COD4??

    just wondering because newegg have a promo that lowers it to $95-$30MIR= $65. i run on 1680x1050 currently with a hd2400pro 128mb. it runs 10fps at 1680x1050 so im looking for an improvment hehe and have almost $200 to spend but dont want to go all out because i only play a select few such as...
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    what videocard for me?

    ok i have $190 to spend at the very least for a videocard assuming i don't use my dell gift cards to get a ps3 and cod4. the purpose of the videocard if i get it is to game cod4 really. the only other games i think ill play is cs1.6, upcoming starcraft 2, and prob some need for speed. i run on a...
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    What are some good free malware, adware, etc. scanners??

    I have the free Adware 2007, but I also ran another program that required you to buy, but it would scan to show what you have on the system and it showed some stuff the Adware 2007 couldn't find. What would ya'll recommend me to use that's free?
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    CM690 Case for $19.99!!!!!

    http://clubit.com/product_detail.cfm?itemno=A1306233 ClubIT Price: $94.99* Instant Rebate: $15.00 - Rebate good from 12/28/2007 to 1/4/2008 You Pay: $79.99* Mail-in Rebate: $30.00 - Rebate good from 12/20/2007 to 1/4/2008 Mail-in Rebate: $30.00 - Rebate good from 12/28/2007 to...
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    Antec 900 @ $59.99 YES $59.99!!

    Antec 900 newegg has the Antec Nine Hundred Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case for a low $79.99 after rebate. Free 3 Business Day Shipping. Newsletter subscribers use coupon code EMCBCBJDF Exp 12/24 to take $20 off = $59.99AR $40 rebate Exp 12/31/07
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    VisionTek HD3850 256mb @ BB for $143.99

    VisionTek HD3850 256mb @ BB for $143.99 get them while you can :D
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    VISIONTEK - HD 3870 @ BB for $214.99- Get them while you can

    VisionTek HD 3870 @ Bestbuy $214.99 - Online Only get them while you can because it hasnt been restocked in a long time till now
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    Question bout ATITOOLS .27?

    at the bottom right it shows 64%, then under it 58degree celsius, then under it 99 degree celsius. is the 58 degree celsius the vga temp? what is the 99degree celsius for??
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    what program to use to see vga temperatures??

    will it run on a prebuilt like a dell xps 420? i want to see if temperatures are reason to constant crashing.
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    Never Buy A Dell!

    I recently bought a XPS 420 and am exchanging it, because of crashing due to video card. I installed drivers from dell and ati and still crashes. Not only is there this issue, I was told that I would get the 425w psu despite not ordering the 8800gt or 8800gtx, but it came with the 375w psu. I...
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    whats a good computer??

    whats a good computer brand that doesnt lock their bios? i want to upgrade the video card to a 8800gt when i buy it. just had a bad experience with dell and the xps 420. it kept crashing so i plan to return it and get another brand. building my computer is unfortunately out of the question.
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    has there been any word on 8800gt release date?

    has there been any word on the 8800gt 256mb release date? i am planning to buy it although i have a 1680x1050 22' monitor, because i just cant spend 269+ right now to get the 512mb ones. reason i want to get it is because it performs just as well as the 512mb ati hd 3870 according to expreview
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    Question regarding EVGA's Step Up Program

    Let's say I buy a 8600GTS for $140 from newegg. then i choose to step up within 90 days for a higher card which most likely will be the 8800gt's. how much would be deducted from the 8800gt's? $140 or the cost to of 8600gts at the time i choose to step up? im thinking of doing this to wait...
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    8800gt or HD 3870???

    I'm trying to figure out what I should get. I know that the 8800GT peforms better than the HD 3870, but there's a significant price gap between the two. So I was wondering which is better to buy for the Dell XPS 420 which I plan on getting the basic $999. (q6600, 3gb 667mhz, ati 2400 pro 128mb...
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    Need help choosing computer company.

    Why is cyberpowerpc and ibuypc w/e cheaper than the dell and hp?? are ibuypc and cyberpower pc reliable?? let me say that i wont build a comp on my own and im looking to get something like a 8800gt and q6600 and 2gb ram...
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    will crysis run on a non oc q6600?

    ive looked around and for crysis it says sytem requirements is 3.2ghz for vista so does taht pretty much mean, that crysis wont run on non oc q6600 which is 2.4ghz..?
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    Fill me in about AVA Direct...

    There's a good chance that I wont build a computer on my own, because my parents don't trust me for some odd reason and don't want to go through the building process and possible RMAing. I was surfing around looking for good cheap gaming brand computers and came across the AVA Direct webpage. It...
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    HotDeal: CoolerMaster 690

    correct me if im wrong buy the CM690http://clubit.com/product_detail.cfm?itemno=CA1306233 from clubit is being sold for 59.99 and then a $30 mir so 29.99!!!!!!!!
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    Water Cool or Fan Cool

    I was wondering if it was worth it to get a water cooling kit instead of all out air cooling. If so what kit would you recommend. Cooler Master 690 http://www.newegg.com/product/product.asp?item=N82E16811119137 Microsoft Windows Vista 32-Bit Home Premium for System Builders Single Pack DVD...