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    NAND Flash Supply to Improve in 1Q18

    It would be really nice if DRAM supply (and prices) improved.
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    Intel Reports Q3-2017 Financial Results

    Intel is all about product segmentation, which apparently works for them. But yeah it can be confusing. Their Xeon line borders on ludicrous in terms of number of skus and non descriptive naming.
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    Newegg Sued for Alleged Involvement in Ponzi Scheme Through Fake Orders

    Moneual was the parent company of Zalman. If anyone remembers about three years ago there was a brief time when Zalman was rumored to be going bankrupt. Luckily for them them they weren't involved in the fraud and they were restructured to be able to continue doing business. As far as Newegg...
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    Cooler Master MasterBox MB600L, Liquid Cooling on a Budget

    It looks like the formula for designing new cases consists of 1) tempered glass or full plastic window 2) full length psu shroud 3) simple interior with no features other than flat attach ssd/hd mounts 4) one dual 3.5" drive cage under the psu shroud at the front I guess it works because there...
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    German Company to Sell Binned Core i7 8700K With 99.9% Silver Heatspreader

    Careful mister! Reasonable counters to snap judgements can confuse the internets.
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    Laptop active cooling to passive mod?

    If you do decide to try it you can always put your cpu's top power percentage under 100% in the Windows power settings. Perhaps start with 50% and see how it goes.
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    Retailers are Buying AMD RX Vega 64 at $675 Each

    As previously pointed out the retailer is well known according to Wizzard. MaLabs is definitely a major distributor. I have no idea for certain if the invoice in this case is truly a reflection of final price but in the industry I worked in it definitely was. There is no shipping listed...
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    Retailers are Buying AMD RX Vega 64 at $675 Each

    Wizzard already stated early in the thread, "It is a well-known store with physical and online presence"
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    Your PC ATM

    It really sounds like you are disappointed that you didn't personally get Threadripper and taking it out on other people (and AMD).
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    Alphacool Announces the Eisbaer 420 - The World's Biggest AIO solution

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    NVIDIA Announces Financial Results for Second Quarter Fiscal 2018

    A Gross Margin of 58% sure makes turning a profit easier.
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    DeepCool Announce White Variant of the Captain 240EX RGB AIO

    I think some companies are just more conservative with estimations but yes I agree it could do much more than 150W.
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    Intel Core i3-8300 Detailed - First Quad-Core i3

    Based on what I have read the consensus seems to be that this is fake. Intel would be cannibalizing itself to offer it. Four cores/four threads would be more likely.
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    Noctua Presents CPU Coolers for AMD's Threadripper (X399) and EPYC Platforms

    That Hyper 212 doesn't exactly inspire confidence either.
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    MSI AM4 Motherboards Are Ryzen 3 Ready

    I'm always a little leery when I see mention of the bazooka and grenade motherboards. I'm sure they're fine products but it conjures up exploding electronics. Just like the dual AMD gpu Vesuvius a while back.
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    François Piednoël Quits Intel

    Your continued obsession with Bulldozer is truly bizarre. Let it go.
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    GIGABYTE Intros the Aorus ATC 700 CPU Cooler

    Now they're making cpu coolers just like motherboards- covered in a lot of plastic with rgb lights.
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    AMD Reportedly Rebranding RX 460 to RX 560D

    Forgive my ignorance, but I was under the impression that the 460 and 560 were considered undesirable for mining. Is that not true?
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    Samsung's New $13B V-NAND Factory Begins Production

    You have to spend money to make money, or something like that.
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    Xbox One X Hardware Specs Give Gaming Desktops a Run for their Money

    The cpu is nothing special but you are certainly selling it short by claiming netbook level.
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    AMD Ryzen 5 Series Lineup Leaked

    "Over 12 hours ahead of its unveiling, Guru3D leaked..." Unless I'm missing something I'd say that is leaking.
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    MSI Announces New ARCTIC Range of ATX and mATX Z270 and B250 Motherboards

    I suppose it's a little better that we are talking about motherboards...can you imagine a power supply named mortar or grenade?
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    Thermalright Intros the Silver Arrow ITX-R CPU Cooler

    You are thinking of the original Silver Arrow ITX cooler. This is the new and improved R variant that is more compact to fit a greater number of itx motherboards and cases (/off Thermalright marketing).
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    The 'AMD Zen' CPU Would Definitely Beat The Intel Core i7

    That's an odd place to put this type of article- the Parent Herald. The quality is about what you would expect for reading about a cpu on a parenting site. No offense Recon.
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    AMD "Summit Ridge" ZEN CPU at 2.80 GHz Beats 3.40 GHz Core i5-4670K

    I don't think it was a case of AMD benching anything. As far as I know it was a user who deleted the benchmarks once they were discovered.