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    Deepcool Announces Assassin Twin-Tower CPU Cooler

    The only thing that concerns me is if they implemented suicide bomber defenses into this... otherwise it looks shiny.
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    NVIDIA nForce 680i BIOS Updates

    I look at it like a redneck: "if it ain't broke don't go a fix'in it". Nvidia wants us to do a lot of things... do we ever listen, nope.
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    Queen to release a Podcast

    At first glance I thought there was going to be some big announcement about Queen the band reforming with the lead singer from the darkness. Either that or Freddie Mercury was still alive and was just abucted by aliens... I knew it. Then all my hopes were shattered with some old hag trying to...
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    Vodafone fined €76 million for wiretapping

    Good thing they didn't tap my phone they would have been bored into submission by listening to me talk about what I had for lunch yesterday to my grandma. Either that or asking if uncle ray has taken his poop pills so he can go to the potty.
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    NVIDIA GPUs Accelerate Adobe Acrobat 8 and Adobe Reader 8

    Not only is foxit faster and more stable... it is also a lot easier on the ol' hard drive and memory. Oh, we are suppose to talk about adobe... here is an idea make adobe larger with more useless shit that makes a simple task take longer then it should... yeah thats it. You know just like...
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    AMD 65nm products soon

    This is good and all... very slow coming but at this point you take what you can get, its a step in the right direction at least. The sad part is they are just now catching up the old processors with technology that should have been done a lot sooner... laziness or ego's not sure. The downside...
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    Intel EOLs Celeron D

    About friggin time is all I got to say... they blew ass and so did P4's. Intel wasted years there while producing junk processors... thank god they finally figured out what to do, copy AMD... thus core 2 duo!!! YAY!!
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    [Case Gallery] Neat Ultra Aluminus

    I gave you an 8 out of 10... I Really like how you went with silver and green lights. I get so sick of the same old: black and blue combo... nice to see someone change it up, nice and clean and I like your hardware selections.
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    ASUS Commando i965 Motherboard

    To me a motherboard is a motherboard... I mean sure there are slight differences between different makes and models. The way I look at it is if it supports the cpu you need and its cheap give it a shot as long as its not some un-heard of company. I don't see any reason to buy the top end boards...
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    Samsung releases Ultra Edition media phones

    Yes Fancy screens is a must... also fancy women whom buttons are there for the pushing. Nothing like a good button mash fest. On a serious note Japan always has cooler shit than us... or maybe its just that they make it look cooler, but then again we did have "Neo" aka the one.... so take that...
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    ECS Unleashes PN2 SLI2+ 680i Extreme Motherboard

    I am a fanboy of ecs... they are often cheaper than other bigger name motherboards and I have had success with using them. I plan on building a new rig with a ecs and a core 2 duo myself within the next year or so.
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    Best Buy evicts people queing for PS3

    I don't think beastbuyer's is being smart about this. The one thing I have learned over the years is that you don't want to piss off nerds. It is only once every few years that they leave the dungeon of gaming and porn whacking that is their lives... and enter civilization. With its fancy...
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    Atari Founder Forecasts PlayStation 3 Failure

    Sounds like someone is an anti-sony fan... and why shouldn't he be didn't they kick his companys' ass last I checked. Ah yes atari, that is who we need to listen to... do me a favor Nolan... when you are able to actually maintain a system and make a good game, give me your opinion then.
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    Bioware will support PhysX

    No complaints here I loved the baldur's gate series, so anything of that nature will be nice... and graphics to boot.
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    AMD Roadmap for 2006/2007

    Am I the only one having trouble to make heads or tails out of that chart. I mean I like the colors, reminds me of traffic lights and they are fun! Its more confusing than al sharpton preaching proper grammer.
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    Sony releases James Bond themed Microvault

    Now thats some sexy advertising... a 7 with a gun coming out the side...... bang!
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    LimeWire linked to identity theft

    I guess I will have to stop leaving Limewire open downloading huge porn files. On another note, its as stated above who can be certain if this isn't just rubbish. Oh also kids, don't download porn... its bad and you will put your eye out with that thing if you keep messing with it.
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    Utube.com sues Youtube.com

    I guess I got a little pwned... its not like I was being serious, I was just pointing out how unprofessional the man sounded coming to his defense. If we wanted to go all technical we could have just told him to leave his commenting in court instead of something that does nothing but show up in...
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    Leadtek to Offer Four Geforce 8800 Boards

    For your info tonyjack, I like my cards with a nice set of cooling fans and a slit for good measure. Guys who are into the whole "cooling pipe" are just a little too fruity for my taste.
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    Vadim Computers releases first quad core DX10 computer in the UK

    Seems a little dumb to start upgrading before everything is even usable.
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    Leadtek to Offer Four Geforce 8800 Boards

    Lol that is too good I would have never spotted the transformer look without the mention. All that being said they still look sexy... but hey they are no ati :P.
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    E3 reborn as GamePro Expo

    Game companies need not bitch and moan about a little cost to get their fans pumped and ready to play. I think this is a very good move... people were really pissed about not having E3 to attend, as well as they should be. I guess if game companies are having such a friggin loss over a little...
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    Utube.com sues Youtube.com

    I just like how the guy said: "We were there first, by 10 years!"... not only is this funny but childish too. "sir do you have any evidence to support you having your website established 10 years prior to the other company"?... "no, but my mommy seen it and she will testify"....
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    Intel to train a million Chinese teachers

    LOL, just the way that this is put: "intel will train a million teachers"... first off it would have to be another country because there is not a million people wanting to be teachers in all of United States, we know the pay situation. I don't know just screams slave labor to me :P... "hey ching...
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    Microsoft allows unlimited machine-to-machine transfers of Windows Vista

    And finally a high note on a plagued start... I don't plan on upgrading just from what I have seen and heard so far, its turned me off so far. Again we don't even need to go there with the price of an upgrade anyways :P.