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    Windows 8 reformatting help? Losing my mind here (ASUS G750JW)

    My friend picked up a G750JW from Best Buy after deciding a laptop would better suit him. He came to me saying the stock 5400RPM was slow, so we swapped it out for a combination of SSD + 750GB WD Scorpio Black. I ended up cloning the 5400RPM to the SSD to do that, because I couldn't figure out...
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    Intermittent driver crashes help?

    My 7970s have been giving me issues lately. None of the 13.2 beta drivers work without crashing after about ten minutes. I rolled back to the 13.1 drivers and everything was fine for a while, but now Battlefield 3 is giving me that issue. I've never ran into this issue before, so I'm not sure...
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    Are my 7970s doomed to stock speeds?

    I've always wanted to Crossfire, so I bit the bullet and bought a second 7970 Black Edition. I figured out something disappointing when I installed them though. My first 7970 is out for RMA right now, but it was a single DVI model Black Edition that overclocked like a bat out of hades...
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    HAF XB Cooling Advice?

    I've been lurking around the TPU website and forums for a while and finally figured I'd join. I'm a big fan of the site, and I'm hoping to get a few opinions on my case! I just moved from a Corsair 600T to a HAF XB because I saw it at Tiger Direct and fell in love. Right now it's housing a...