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    List the Games installed on your system ATM!

    Oh, way too many. I have a Steam problem, I do... A few highlights: Crusader Kings II (because character-driven history is the best kind of history) Hearthstone (out of closed beta! Whee!) League of Angels (okay, so that's bookmarked, not installed... anyway) Nation Red (best twin-stick...
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    OFFICIAL Planets³ (Discussion)

    Looks really cool from where I'm sitting.
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    Fan-made He Man game - grab it while it's up

    It's...beautiful... :cry:
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    Can't wait for the new expansion of Diablo 3, Reaper of Souls!

    But that would mean you were talking about story, and Diablo III didn't have one, right? Just pure gameplay and some clever vocal cues, and absolutely nothing about 10-minute cutscenes that always seem to happen when your character is 20 feet away? Right? :(
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    What is your favorite PC Controller?

    I've been using a Logitech F310 forever, and it has yet to disappoint -- though the little indentations on the Dualshock4 thumbsticks are very appealing indeed...