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    Another Marriage Falls Victim to World of Warcraft

    Cmon folks , we all know that WoW is great game , there is no doubt whatever :D
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    TV-Links Pirate Website Shut Down

    sad :(
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    x850xt and x1600xt - possible crossfire ?!

    ....and is possible to cros 2 x X800GTO`s ?!!!! I mean sapphire x800 GTO 128Mb cards ?! They cost 105$ each at my place ....and hope that this will be more powerfull than 7600GT /210$/ , corect ?!!!! No need sm3 and hdr , need performance :)
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    x850xt and x1600xt - possible crossfire ?!

    damn,thanks folks I ask cuz i read long time ago that it can be possible , but at last they change this :( EDIT Also ask cuz i need to change my old PC Wonder where to bet , SLI or Crossfire ?! I need to choice : Asrock 775XFIRE-ESATA2 OR Gigabyte 8N-SLI
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    x850xt and x1600xt - possible crossfire ?!

    Hi everyone I read , read ,read many posts but dont find anythig about that Someone tryed this combination .......and how this work ? Seams x850xt is powerfull but not have sm3 and hdr , and if is posible to add one of these x1600xt`s do i`ll have a sm3 and hdr ?!
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    ATI Radeon 9550 Overclocking and BIOS modding FAQ Guide

    hey b1k3r , i have the same asus 9550 and wont to know how to voltmoded ??!! Please give me a shot if you can My asus9550TD/GE use infineon 5ns memory My best score with Atitool ---> clocked to 450/275 - 3D Mark 03 - 2780 points ============== esd My sys spec : Intel Celeron 1300 , RAM...