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  1. Sir_Real

    Did a stupid thing - flashed my 4870 x2

    Well its not a match to the bios you have ask for but then it was very unlikely to be really. The bios date is 2008/12/11 If you wonna try the master & slave bios of my card i'll get them saved & uploaded for you?
  2. Sir_Real

    Did a stupid thing - flashed my 4870 x2

    I av a sapphire 4870x2 in my sons rig i'll av a look what bios versions on that. I'll get back to you when i can get him off wow for a few mins
  3. Sir_Real

    Sega - Blast from the Past - Awesome Read

    Buy the time the ps2 release date was annouced there was over 10 million dreamcast owners ! Everyone didnt stop buying dreamcasts because of the ps2 infact the dreamcast was selling well up until sega dropped the bomb shell. The problem was the hardware was selling well yet game sales...
  4. Sir_Real

    Starting Custom Computer Company at University

    I'd have a rethink about starting a pc building business. For a start if your main target buyer is going to be students then you should be thinking laptops & note books rather than custom towers. Plus you'll need to be buying loads of hardware really really cheap to have any chance of making...
  5. Sir_Real

    I'll drill a hole in the wall!

    A fish tank filled with baby oil can be used as totally silent case ;)
  6. Sir_Real

    is my HD6950 broken?

    That looks like a prob with the ram on your gpu. Might be a overheating prob. Does the artifacts appear all the time now or is it just when you've been running a game or benchmark for a few mins? Also your gpu isnt overclocked at all yeah?
  7. Sir_Real

    How can I unlock voltage on 5770?

    Its really not worth the hassle ! return that 5770 to standard before you brick it ! then sell it & upgrade
  8. Sir_Real

    Sega - Blast from the Past - Awesome Read

    The dreamcast was killed off by piracy. I remember when copyed dreamcast games where selling on carboot sales world wide. Best of all no hardware mod was needed to run copyed games :laugh:
  9. Sir_Real

    Multi player via Lan. Its becoming rare !

    Theres only the one lan cable i need to swop over in order to change from using the rooter or ICS. Done a diagram ;) Swopping the lead & rebooting both pc's makes windows change connection automaticly.
  10. Sir_Real

    Used 4870 X2

    You should be fine with that psu. I run my 4870x2 on a basic buy 750watt psu no probs. Your E6300 isnt a good match for a 4870x2 tho. When i was running my E5300@4.1 with 2x hd4870 1gb i found some games would get better fps with crossfire disabled. Obveusly the cpu some what bottle necking...
  11. Sir_Real

    Doubt about 12v rail

    First you carnt trust software voltage readings there often way out. Best to use a multi meter on the yellow & black pins on a molex connector. You have a pretty good psu so i doubt thats your prob its more likely theres a fault with your new 5770 gpu. Try another graphics card see if the...
  12. Sir_Real

    Multi player via Lan. Its becoming rare !

    Ye MW2 will work with two pc's on the same internet connection via a rooter. Sadly the same carnt be said for black ops. To get both my rigs on black ops, same server/match i need to use ICS & disconnect the rooter.
  13. Sir_Real

    Multi player via Lan. Its becoming rare !

    Black opps does work with two pcs connected to the same server/ match usin internet connection sharing. Unlike MW2 ! Seems to run two gaming rigs on the same internet connection your going to need to set them up with the usual rooter & also using ics using a crossover cable ( no rooter )...
  14. Sir_Real

    Bad bios flash 2900xt, no video now

    You can use an old pci gpu sumthin like a geforce 2. Theres no need to install drivers. Indeed there prob wont be any drivers if your running win7
  15. Sir_Real

    Multi player via Lan. Its becoming rare !

    I reckon some of the probs with gettin two or more rigs online on same game are impossible to get round. Unless you can get two totally separate internet connections fitted. I might look into doing this. Anyone frm the uk know if Virgin media will send me a second broadbrand modem ?
  16. Sir_Real

    Multi player via Lan. Its becoming rare !

    Multi player via Lan is an option thats being left out of many new game releases these days. Ok you might say well you can just play online with your m8's ! True but if you happen to own two or more gaming pc's that connect to the same modem / rooter this option seems to becoming a real...
  17. Sir_Real

    4870x2 to 2way sli or crossfire 6870 or gtx460?? best choice?

    I agree two 5870's is better than two 4870x2's but its going to be much cheaper for him two just get another 4870x2 Its all down to what money he can aford. Hes most prob going to need a psu upgrade to go with this gpu upgrade
  18. Sir_Real

    4870x2 to 2way sli or crossfire 6870 or gtx460?? best choice?

    Never liked multi monitor gaming myself but if thats what your using i'd just go for another 4870x2. But 100-120$ for a second user hd4870 surely you could find one cheaper than that
  19. Sir_Real

    4870x2 to 2way sli or crossfire 6870 or gtx460?? best choice?

    You could get yourself a second hand HD4870 1gb & just use that crossfire with your HD4870x2 3x 4870 cores should be enough surely.
  20. Sir_Real

    Overclock my intel pentium E5200 dual core

    Just go into the bios & up the cpu core voltage to around 1.4v & then rise the fsb afew mhz then save reboot, run a quick benchmark such as furmark or intelburntest to check its fairly stable. If all ok then repeat this process till your system becomes unstable then just back off the fsb abit...
  21. Sir_Real

    Windows 7 Update not working!

    Download & run these http://support.microsoft.com/kb/971058 http://www.thewindowsclub.com/repair-fix-windows-updates-with-fix-wu-utility
  22. Sir_Real

    COD4 on Windows 7 kick for disallowed program/driver

    Try updating punk buster. Google if your unsure how. Punk buster in cod4 is a real pain in the arse these days. Kicks players left right & centre for no good reason :ohwell:
  23. Sir_Real

    The TPU UK Clubhouse

    Offering to give away your virginity to any female on TPU. Thats so nice of you :p
  24. Sir_Real

    Which would be the better upgrade: CPU or GPU?

    Basicly i could see full well the P4 couldnt run the crossfired HD4870's. Running almost anything 3D the cpu load was almost maxed out & i could almost count each frame it was so slow. Ye the crossfire was a big prob for the old P4 when i took the tick out crossfire in ccc the framerates in...
  25. Sir_Real

    Which would be the better upgrade: CPU or GPU?

    I have tested what i said above. I own a old LGA775 P4 3.2 & it works in my P5Q-e & crossfire HD4870's rig. But when i tested 3dmark06 or games such as cod4 the frame rates where a joke was like watching a slide show. Bout 3 yrs ago i was using this same P4 3.2 cuppled with a hd2600xt & that...