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  1. qamulek

    What do you want from the next Windows OS?

    I would like support added to changing the directories of any folder to another folder on any other drive. For instance lets say windows is installed on an SSD, but I want my default programs to be loaded onto an HDD. The Program Files folder would be mapped to the HDD, while the programs I...
  2. qamulek

    Well I'm not visiting kotaku anymore

    The only reason the new interface pisses me off is because my new netbook scrolls at a very low frame rate on the new format Kotaku is using, and my netbook has an e350 with 4gb of ram so WTF KOTAKU??? :confused: It also took me a few times to try and log into TPU until one of my general...
  3. qamulek

    My Dirt2 and MW2 giveaway compo.

    My guess is 1. x/6/2 [Row x Column 6 Block 2] 2. p/3/2 Guessing under the tires :O
  4. qamulek

    Dual Monitors

    As far as I know your motherboard should recognize that you have a graphics card installed and make that the primary display device while at the same time disabling the onboard gpu. If you want dual monitors then you need to use the both ports on the video card(1 for each monitor), then use...
  5. qamulek

    Laptop memory upgrade?!

    If you try 1333 then possibly bring it down to a local shop that will let you try it out before you buy(or has a good return policy) so that you don't pay shipping and restocking fees if the 1333 sticks don't work out.
  6. qamulek

    Laptop memory upgrade?!

    As far as I know its the actual timings that you should worry about. The lower the real timing the better, but I prefer to have it ranked such that the higher number is better; to do that take the ram speed and divide it by its latency: 1066/7=~152.3 1333/9=~148.1 There isn't much of a...
  7. qamulek

    Questions about my CPU-Z memory numbers

    333x2=666 As far as I know ddr stands for double-data-rate which sends data on both the up and down cycles which is 2x as fast as the older type of ram that sent data on only the rising(or falling?) edge of the clock; to make it a decent comparison the speeds are listed like equivalent...
  8. qamulek

    EVGA Intros Power Boost Gadget to Improve PCI-E Power Stability

    If you send a billion electrons in then a billion electrons must come out or you build up a charge which can eventually lead to trouble. My guess is the +12v wires are being load balanced, but the ground wires are simply connected to each other. As an example lets say each wire was rated to...
  9. qamulek

    Programming Paradigms

    So I missed the "Notice : Stealth thread." part and read the entire thing thinking there was going to be something about programming involved... 1) Santa is so fat because he eats nothing but pixies. These pixies are stuffed into small cylindrical tubes for easy storage; in some places...
  10. qamulek

    Unlimited Detail Technology

    I want a benchmark where I can vary the amount of points used in the models to graph the performance vs the number of points on the screen. The reason is to test the claim that the amount of points doesn't affect the performance(that much) using this UDT. It would be interesting to see the...
  11. qamulek

    Laptop opinions for step son?

    Never get a kid something portable that is expensive. When my sister was visiting she got her daughter a $150ish digital camera which the daughter lost on the flight home... Losing a laptop is a bit harder, but I can easily see someone stealing it from him. +1 for the desktop. If the...
  12. qamulek

    Q9550's Life/Temp threshold.....

    1.1625vcore at 3.5Ghz is really nice. What voltage does it require to run at 3.78Ghz? Don't expect to get the fsb past 450Mhz unless you're lucky, but it sounds like you're not as it requires lots of volts past that. 450Mhz with an 8.5 multi works out to just a hair over 3.8Ghz, so I would...
  13. qamulek

    Something other than Fraps to record video in game?

    I have tried at least three recommended alternatives to fraps for video recording, and I found all three to be crap in comparison to fraps. Even though fraps performed the best I still didn't like the performance drop using fraps video recorder, which lead me to video tuners/recorders. The pc...
  14. qamulek

    2011 Intel Core Processor Pricing and Launch Dates Surface

    I thought Sandy Bridge was locked to stock frequency unless you buy the xxxK variant? If that is so then why does the 2600 cost nearly as much as the 2600k? :confused: Whats up with the T and S variants? Apparently I missed that in all my previous googling... Off to google it D:
  15. qamulek

    Most extreme stability test?

    Try do the test again, but use "Maximum" on the intel burn test options.
  16. qamulek

    NVIDIA Readying Dual-GF110 Graphics Accelerator, Eying Total Performance Leadership

    power limit? A 580 is currently power limited due to spiking above the total available power of 150+75+75=300watt max. In tpu's article here the 580 power limits itself after spiking up then it settles to a max watts of 200(question why 200 and not something more like 250 or 290??? Probably...
  17. qamulek

    Great success thanks 2 u - still need a little help please

    In Win7 installer try delete the partition so the HDD is in a raw format, then select "new" partition(or w/e it is for win7 installer). Oh crap win7 upgrade? I know from experience that Windows XP upgrade absolutely would not continue unless you either had a previous version of windows...
  18. qamulek

    RAM Timings vs. Frequencies

    anandtech latency vs freq TBH as far as gaming is concerned take the extra $$$ and buy a better video card(or 2nd video card) or buy a better cpu. OHOHOO I like the reviewers conclusion: rather then buy an expensive memory kit it would be better to buy some cheap low speed ram at tight...
  19. qamulek

    Frustrated...but trying again & need help please!

    If all else fails first take your gear to some computer shop and tell them to make it work. They'll figure out what is good and what needs replaced(possibly selling you the stuff right there) and charge you a relatively small fee* compared to buying a bare bones system then putting the gear you...
  20. qamulek

    Frustrated...but trying again & need help please!

    Thx for the link. On page 33 of the manual(downloaded from link) are instructions to clear the cmos. Unplug the power supply from the wall. *try* turn on the computer to get any juice out of the power supply. Near the battery(which is near the middle of the motherboard) is a jumper that...
  21. qamulek

    Frustrated...but trying again & need help please!

    add reset switch and try reset cmos Add in a reset SW. I once took apart my uncles system and put it back together to find that the reset and power switch were switched D: I found out because the first time I tried turning it on I got nothing. Freaked me out. I checked the power supply was...
  22. qamulek

    Intel Reports First $11 Billion Revenue Quarter

    $3billion.... I read this after reading about AMD's lack of profit above, and my jaw dropped to the floor. Hang in there AMD! I'm looking forward to the release of bobcat for netbooks and the bulldozer( or w/e the desktop variant will be).
  23. qamulek

    Gaming: Best Anti-Cheat Proof?

    webcam behind the shoulder. My guess is a webcam behind the shoulder of the player while being pointed in such a way as to catch both the keyboard/mouse and the screen combined with a demo. The donkey kong records are submited by video, so if a webcam behind the shoulder isn't enough....
  24. qamulek

    Should you be selling that software? Maybe/Maybe not!

    This judgement seems to make the resale value zero, so imagine the savings that could be had by buying it used(implying more pirates and less buyers) D:
  25. qamulek

    Zalman Intros ZM-SF3 Case Fans with ''Shark's Fin Blade'' Design

    Getting the Krazy glue and the WD-40 out now to retro fit my current fans into super efficient and quiet fans~~~ While I'm at it I'll try poke small holes on the leading edge of the fins like they do in airplane/jet wings. Sadly I don't have a mic or some way to measure rpm to see if it helps...