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  1. andrewsmc

    Mushkin Enhanced Reactor 1TB SSD $220 - Newegg

    Ive owned several Mushkin SSd's. The one in my system now is propbably 5-6 years old. Never had a problem with any of their products.
  2. andrewsmc

    Any worthy windows equalizer programs?

    So I got a nice amp and my HD598s and Ive been wondering if there's any windows software to change equalizer settings or anything you guys should suggest I take a look at. I do plan on grabbing a DAC from Schiit. But until then, any suggestion? I have no idea if any software will help get better...
  3. andrewsmc

    OFFICIAL Tom Clancy's The Division (Discussion)

    I disagree, and I've played it. It's very dynamic and you must out play your opponents, not outshoot. If you haven't tried it, you should. I read a lot and watch tons of videos. I was disappointed and skeptical until I played it. It's a great game.
  4. andrewsmc

    OFFICIAL Tom Clancy's The Division (Discussion)

    Have you played R6? I can't get enough of it. I would suggest it to anyone who likes a tactical FPS.
  5. andrewsmc

    Upgrading from HDD to SSD, Any Recommendations?

    I will second the BX100. im running a 240gb right now. But TBH, he will notice a huge increase in performance with any SSD. I also buy lots of mushkins and they have served me well for years. Below is a 512gb for 120.00...
  6. andrewsmc

    Need help choosing audio setup.

    Well as some of you may know I just won the MSI 970 that @64K gave away. Instead of purchasing a GPU, I can now splurge on something I have never been able to. I know absolutely nothing about PC audio so please bear with me. This is the headset I'm looking at - Sennheiser HD 598 But im unsure...
  7. andrewsmc

    [FF][US] MSI GTX 970 Gaming Giveaway [Giveaway Completed]

    This community is SO GREAT! thank you to 64K!!!! THANK YOU!
  8. andrewsmc

    [FF][US] MSI GTX 970 Gaming Giveaway [Giveaway Completed]

    I am planning to buy one of these very soon but would LOVE to get it from a member on these forums. Thanks for the give away and I am entering!
  9. andrewsmc

    Mouse wireless, with long range, like 10-12 meters.

    Hes got that IMAX monitor, bruh.
  10. andrewsmc

    TPU Product Reviews.

    I'm not "bothered" by the scoring. I simply saw what I thought was a minor flaw in their system so I decided to say something about it. Some people have agreed with me, and some haven't. I normally don't look at the number and its not that big of a deal. Some have said that its arbitrary and it...
  11. andrewsmc

    TPU Product Reviews.

    I can see this is going nowhere with you. So I will respectfully leave the conversation.
  12. andrewsmc

    TPU Product Reviews.

    The difference is that you're reviewing brand new products(unless I'm missing something) that are advertised to perform very specific tasks. I'm not trying to be negative or counter-constructive. I see that the score "is just a number" but I think that the way that number is determined could be...
  13. andrewsmc

    2500-3800$ build advice

    You should elaborate on what exactly you will be using this PC to do. Without you detailing to us exactly what you will be doing on the PC the advice we can give is negligible.
  14. andrewsmc

    TPU Product Reviews.

    While I understand what you're saying. You don't really know if something is junk before reviewing it. Even the best manufactures have made piss poor products. Referencing the review i posted above I think its the way they rate these items. My .02
  15. andrewsmc

    TPU Product Reviews.

    Hey everyone, I know I haven't been to active on the forums lately but I do still creep the top threads every other day. One thing I have always done almost religiously is check the newest product reviews and it wasn't until recently that I really see a flaw with the way products are scored...
  16. andrewsmc

    Getting near for the build

    Newegg TV. Step by step instructions. Please remember that this is all hardware and I personally think that software requires much more troubleshooting and experience. Good luck.
  17. andrewsmc

    Building 1st gaming computer. Looking for ideas.

    As others have stated you are going about building the wrong way. start by pricing out quality parts and then choose color. Just by your parts list I can tell you need to do some serious homework or be riddled by constant problems/broken hardware that you don't have the expertise to fix.
  18. andrewsmc

    air cooler vs water cooler sealed/custom

    That is a LOT of work. Amazing none the least!
  19. andrewsmc

    Article: Just How Important is GPU Memory Bandwidth?

    What program do you guys use to make all the graphs?
  20. andrewsmc

    air cooler vs water cooler sealed/custom

    It is all about how much work you want to put in, and how much time and money you have to spend. I personally have a H60. Its plug and play and I can overclock well with it.
  21. andrewsmc

    Giveaway time...GTA 4 Global steam, key.

    grats man
  22. andrewsmc

    Giveaway time...GTA 4 Global steam, key.

    I wants.... badly. It would make my dog happy :) <-----------
  23. andrewsmc

    look out graphene.. here comes silicine

    Just edit your first post with the additional link. PLT: add some information instead of just a link.
  24. andrewsmc

    The Filthy, Rotten, Nasty, Helpdesk-Nightmare picture clubhouse

    I just threw up in my mouth. I really don't understand how you guys get this shit sooooooooo dirty? My keyboard is about 3 years old and I have probably wiped it down once and it's very clean.
  25. andrewsmc

    OFFICIAL Cooperative PC games thread v 2.0

    May we see your list? You could just throw it up on your original post.