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    AMD Ryzen 3 1300X 3.4 GHz

    Why is that? Resolution doesn't increase the CPU workload significantly, as the CPU is used for getting all of the details and physics organized which is pretty much entirely independent of resolution. This is also why I can game on two 4k screens with my 7700HQ without issue. ;)
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    Intel Pentium G4560 Cannibalizing Core i3 Sales, Company Effectively Kills it

    as someone that recently picked up a 4560, amd is pretty late to the party. can’t buy what isn’t on the market..
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    On Elmor's Open Letter, or The State of the Industry

    im confused as to the direction of your post, is it pro-market status quo or against? 'average joe' is extremely happy with the current selection, there's still more options than they could possibly need.
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    On Elmor's Open Letter, or The State of the Industry

    If you need more, hard mod it. Its been trivially easy for generation after generation on nvidia cards. Overclocks are warranty voiding, welcome to the real world. If you're gonna play the "im honest i swear" card, then a hardmod that is super well documented should be no issue.
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    CPU Reviews 720p/1080p/4K or 1080p/1440p/4K?

    I agree that the lower resolution provides a better side by side comparison, assuming raw power in X game scenario is actually useful. The problem I see with it is that it's not indicitive of current or future performance for the actual users. You can get an idea of how a specific engine is...
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    Zotac GeForce GTX 1080 Ti AMP! Extreme 11 GB

    they're really not in the same market. :/
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    Prey Performance Analysis

    Ah yes, can't wait for all the fury x apologists to yell "told ya so" on performance while ignoring the two years of 980ti supremacy.
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    NVIDIA to Support 4K Netflix on GTX 10 Series Cards

    also of note: egpus like the razer core count as a relay and disable this. another fun fact: optimus allows 4k playback via kaby lake while the dgpu nvidia card accelerates another application, provided you can meet the hdcp compliance to play at all.
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    AMD Radeon Vega in the League of GTX 1080 Ti and TITAN Xp

    Of course they are in gamers hands, I've had mine for weeks. Just because *you* don't, doesn't change reality.
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    AMD Radeon Vega in the League of GTX 1080 Ti and TITAN Xp

    The difference here is that nvidia pulls through reliably - and then tells you it's available monday. Vega is already climbing a steep hill if competing with 1080ti is it's target, because 1080 ti's are already in gamers hands. Vegas target market is shrinking every time a 1080 ti is sold.
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    Just how long is a PSU expected to last?

    My PC Power and cooling (Pre OCZ) is going on 11 years old this year, and still not a single complaint. My EVGA 1600W T2 also has a 10 year warranty. A solid PSU will last a very, very, very, very long time.
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    Post your Speedtest.net Speeds!

    fiber is generally synchronous up and down speeds, cable will be async because upstream allocation eats usable channels. with fiber, you get a channel regardless of speed so the only thing that matters is endpoint transciever speeds.
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    Original Titan vs 1080ti

    DP was removed from maxwell but iirc returned with Pascal.
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    Original Titan vs 1080ti

    2x 980 Ti on my old system: http://www.3dmark.com/fs/11905262 13290. I'll post my roommates almost identical system and 1080Ti 13k after I dig it up here...
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    MSI GS73 STEALTH PRO-009 (GTX 1050 Ti)

    You can have both configurations on tb3 and be in spec, which was why i was asking. The only way to know for sure is to actually verify in the system.
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    MSI GS73 STEALTH PRO-009 (GTX 1050 Ti)

    This is a fantatic configuration for eGPU users, assuming they didn't skimp and 2 lane it.
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    MSI GS73 STEALTH PRO-009 (GTX 1050 Ti)

    Is this a 2 or 4 lane tb3 configuration?
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    Original Titan vs 1080ti

    a 1080ti is almost spot on par with two 980 Ti/maxwell titans. it would be quite an upgrade, and if you're vram limited the quadros will offer more memory as well as the 16gb titan.
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    List your Spec and a one year update plan

    OLD: 5820k / EK 360 predator 64gb DDR4-3000 2x 980 Ti Hybrid Gigabyte G1-Gaming-Wifi 1600w EVGA T2 2x Dell P2715Q 2014 rMBP 2.5ghz i7 16gb ddr3 512gb pcie ssd GT 750m 2GB -------------------------- NEW: Dell XPS 15 I7 7700HQ 32GB DDR4 4k LCD GTX 1050 Razer Core EVGA 1080 Ti FE 2x Dell P2715Q...
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    $7500~$8000 Server Building Challenge

    M.2 ssd is a waste of time in this use case. You want a SAS solution most likely. Why is 3.1 necessary? If you need 3.1 speeds, you should be considering thunderbolt. This feels far more like a "i have $10k and want to spend it" than "i need to actually get work done" build.
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    $7500~$8000 Server Building Challenge

    And what happens when you stuff 256gb in and it doesn't work? When it comes to registered and the variants of registered DIMMS, there is motherboard circuitry and BIOS support necessary.
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    $7500~$8000 Server Building Challenge

    You could probably reduce the price a fair bit and get the same or more cores with a dual socket Xeon. This eases the burden on your dimm prices substantially by giving you twice as many dimm slots, and can even get you more GPU space. Also, that WS board has a max single socket ram capacity of...
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    Another GPU brand question.

    I've had I think 4-5 RMAs with EVGA, and their service is I'd say.. adequate/good. Hardly "excellent". Apple is a good instance of what I would refer to as excellent. The only problem is that there's so many instances of bad support, adequate EVGA support gets considered highly because they...