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  1. ssdpro

    Toshiba Memory Corporation Unveils 2TB XG5-P NVMe SSD

    This is uninformed. While the Bain-led consortium did buy in to the company, shareholder control remains 50.1% in the hands of Toshiba and Hoya which is the Japanese holding. The consortium will take a bulk of the profit but the company isn't going anywhere. Japan won't let it. As for what...
  2. ssdpro

    Sale of Toshiba Memory Corporation Approved by Toshiba's Shareholders

    Poor Japan? This deal for Toshiba was a total coup. Toshiba is keeping 40% of the memory production and Hoya (Japan) is taking 10.1%. That keeps the unit 50.1 in Japanese control. The Bain group Pangea is taking 49.9. Yeah, Toshiba loses a huge hunk of a profitable unit but we get to keep...
  3. ssdpro

    Toshiba Sells its Memory Business to Bain Capital for $18 Billion

    That is the hilarious part. One really never had to do with the other but facts are facts, it did and could happen. OCZ has infected whatever it touched. OCZ Technology infected OCZ Storage Solutions (Toshiba sub) then OCZ Storage Solutions infected Toshiba as a whole. Seriously though, I...
  4. ssdpro

    Toshiba Elects Bain Capital as Preferred Bidder for its Entire Memory Business

    The early info from this looks like a big win for Toshiba and Bain. Toshiba keeps partial control of the memory production unit by offering preferred shares (no voting rights) but gets the capital to patch the nuclear hole, Bain and the group get the bulk of memory unit profits without daily...
  5. ssdpro

    7th Gen Core "Kaby Lake" Won't Work on 300-series Chipset Motherboards

    The real sarcastic question would be: Is it even news that an old Intel CPU doesn't need a new motherboard? I guess this is at least discussion worthy but take a deep breath folks. Who gives a flying fart about forcing a Kaby processor into a Z370 motherboard?
  6. ssdpro

    Toshiba Updates on the Sale of Toshiba Memory Corporation

    As for that "Bain and SK Hynix seem to be buying their entire flash memory business for 22 billion" link, I see that article nowhere no those words at the link you gave. Perhaps it was removed. Lots of editorial writers tend to push articles like that around things like this to pump then are...
  7. ssdpro

    Toshiba Updates on the Sale of Toshiba Memory Corporation

    It actually seems like the opposite. Yesterday there were reports a deal was being finalized with WD, now this MOU with the other group led by Bain. In both cases, WSJ reports the agreements are for 40% stakes in the memory chip unit. Each consortium would have a voting right/veto on the...
  8. ssdpro

    Toshiba to Sell Memory Production Sector to WD-led Consortium for $18.3 billion

    Earlier reports said flash production only and a partial "spin off" at that.
  9. ssdpro

    Toshiba to Sell Memory Production Sector to WD-led Consortium for $18.3 billion

    Will be interesting to see if it remains sale of a 40% stake as previously reported.
  10. ssdpro

    Intel Intros Core i9-7920X HEDT Processor

    Pretty funny that chart uses overclock mem frequencies for the AMD products and stock/spec mem frequencies for the Intel products. You can look right at AMD.com and see the spec sheet for both CPUs is 2666...
  11. ssdpro

    Intel Readies Higher Z390 Chipset for 2018 Launch

    Sounds like a refinement to me. Like Z68 was to P67. It is all about marketing. There is nothing wrong with releasing tons of chipsets and tons of CPUs. At any given time you get to purchase CPU "x" and motherboard "y". They keep releasing and releasing to target that user that wants to...
  12. ssdpro

    Intel Skylake-X HCC CPU Delidded by Der8auer, also not Soldered

    I read this 3 page comment and have concluded this user is really annoying. There is no reason to refer to everyone that buys product "A" as an idiot. Do you have proof Intel applies "Toothpaste"? After application of this "toothpaste" did the factory "call it a day"? And what is "coz it's...
  13. ssdpro

    AMD Resolves Linux Marginality Performance Issue on Newly Shipped Ryzen CPUs

    Two things of interest there.
  14. ssdpro

    Intel to Launch B360 Motherboard Chipset Following AMD Coup on B350

    This. AMD has decent products now that are a good value. There was no need to complicate or confuse the market by using such a similar naming scheme for all the CPU and chipset products. The products were good enough to stand on their own.
  15. ssdpro

    Intel "Coffee Lake" Platform Detailed - 24 PCIe Lanes from the Chipset

    I think that officially made the other member's point and exposed your lack of historical and technological understanding.
  16. ssdpro

    AMD X399 Platform Lacks NVMe RAID Booting Support

    Way too emotional. Just read the first page... lots of pro AMD there.
  17. ssdpro

    AMD X399 Platform Lacks NVMe RAID Booting Support

    I lean a little bull on Intel and critical on AMD. This story however is a big nothing. The whole point of nvme is/was to create a new interface/protocol that advances the old queue and command limits of SATA. It also benefited from increasing PCIe allocation. RAID is not necessary - right...
  18. ssdpro

    RMA Fraud on Amazon Targeting AMD Ryzen Buyers

    That's one way to simulate demand.
  19. ssdpro

    Samsung 850 Pro SSD Reaches End of Life With 9100 TB Written

    Was that second "850 Pro" supposed to be the "750 Evo" sample? And did the TR150 suffer the same fate or is it still going?
  20. ssdpro

    Critical Flaw in HyperThreading Discovered in "Skylake" and "Kaby Lake" CPUs

    Do we have any cases of anything negative happening related to this? I can't believe we should really disable functionality based on nameless "Debian support groups" rather than Intel's specification update errata. Skylake has been around a long time now and forums show remarkable stability...
  21. ssdpro

    AMD Stock Nosedives to Biggest Loss in 12 Years

    Actually the opposite. The market doesn't respond to internet fan love, opinions, or pumping. Market value is set based on numbers (actual data) and projections of the company's financial management (hype). The numbers from March sales were better than they had been a year ago but the...
  22. ssdpro

    AMD Increases Its Market Share on the Back of Strong Ryzen Sales

    I agree with your comments and story edit, mostly. I think Ryzen is a good product. I think they priced it a bit below even my best case predictions making it a tremendous value. The problem was the market (and most users) wanted a product that exceeded Intel's offerings and pushed them hard...
  23. ssdpro

    AMD Increases Its Market Share on the Back of Strong Ryzen Sales

    I have no idea what the last part of the article is about, the financial report yesterday was a disaster and the stock is crashing because of it. Instead of citing "passmark" system scans as market share evidence, I'll post actual data: Stock value day before launch, $14.96. Stock value right...
  24. ssdpro

    Intel Patches Remote Execution Flaw on Its CPUs - Active Since 2008

    The resolution is buried in the article near the bottom. Intel released a microcode update to system mfg, so using the official method they need to embed in a UEFI/BIOS update and release. That means you will wait as any reputable mfg has a validation process (unless they embed into the...
  25. ssdpro

    Microsoft Advises Against Installing The Creators Update Manually

    I never understand all the drama people find themselves in. People cry if their screen seems a little more red than they like. People cry if their junk butt broadcom controller needs an update and someone didn't check it. People need to get over this drama when everything isn't immediately...