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  1. Joe Public

    GIGABYTE Adds BIOS Updates for Next-Gen CPU Support

    Z280 doesn't really offer anything relevant to my needs, so it's nice that Z170 boards now have full Kaby Lake support. If I should ever want an i7-7700K I'll just pop it in my Z170 Pro Gaming. But for now the 6600K I have is plenty for my needs.
  2. Joe Public

    i update bios then black screen ???? pls help me 980ti

    Yeah, don't put values in if you are not sure they are going to work. Lucky you didn't brick the card, tho.
  3. Joe Public

    Enermax Announces the Revolution DUO Series Power Supplies

    Not the exact TR2 in the review, but I stayed far away from the TT PSUs back in those days. If you bought anything else than the Toughpowers, you were pretty much getting a turkey. http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/thermaltake-purepower-430w-np-power-supply-review/
  4. Joe Public

    Enermax Announces the Revolution DUO Series Power Supplies

    Reminds me of those old crappy overrated PSUs that needed the top fan for spot cooling those components that were clearly not up to the task of delivering what was asked of them. :ohwell: Not that I'm saying that this is why it has it, because Enermax doesn't do that. But it just brings out...
  5. Joe Public

    Fnatic Gear Rush Keyboard

    I have no idea about e-sport people and who that is. The only other e-sport person I ever heard of was that Fatal1ty or how the heck you spell it guy and even back then I had no idea who he was at the time. :p I'm in the market for a gaming keyboard, since I built a new rig not long ago, but...
  6. Joe Public

    Windows7 is my OS, what's yours?

    Windows 10 on my recent Skylake build. (fresh install, no upgrade) Windows 7 on my HTPC and laptop. The HTPC wasn't upgraded because of various reasons ("yarr") and the lappy wasn't because I was lazy and didn't make the deadline.
  7. Joe Public

    In Win Signature S-Series 1065W PSU Pictured

    Yeah, I also thought it was a kinda random number, but I guess if it's good for that, that's what they can put.
  8. Joe Public

    Vibe Therapy Meridian

    All of the sudden I'm feeling kinda.... stimulated. o_O
  9. Joe Public

    Corsair HXi Series 750 W

    I guess it's a one in a 100 thousand scenario with that screw. Corsair was just unlucky with the one they sent to csmaris, but at least it shows they didn't cherry pick a unit. Not that a lot of manufacturers do that, but at least it's something in that miserable scenario. It would of course...
  10. Joe Public

    Corsair RM Series 1000 W

    Funny the ripple on 3.3V on this thing is so high, that rail seems to fare better on their budget CX units. CX600M : ~20 mV @ 600W RM1000 : ~30mV @ 600W Either CWT got sloppier, or this unit is buggy. But then again, the rail is pretty unimportant in modern computers.
  11. Joe Public

    Seasonic Platinum Series 1200 W

    They adapt the rail setup to the customer's requests. They can use split rail or single rail at their discretion. And sometimes the OCP trip point of rails are actually set higher than the label indicates. Multiple rail is not a drawback when it's done right.
  12. Joe Public

    When do you plan on buying a 4K monitor?

    Haven't given it any consideration. Besides, my single 7970 would suck gaming at 4k anyway. I'm fine gaming at 1080p for now.
  13. Joe Public

    Have you tried Mantle with BF4? (Frontpage poll)

    I don't play BF4, but when any game I play or plan to get supports it, I'm sure I'll find out how well it works.
  14. Joe Public

    Corsair Unveils the AX1500i Power Supply

    Looking forward to reviews tho. Even if it's something I'll never need.
  15. Joe Public

    Enermax Revolution X't 630 W

    Kind of a mediocre effort from a company that is or at least used to be regarded as a trendsetter in the PSU world. I guess things never stay the same always, which can also be said of other brands today.
  16. Joe Public

    Thermaltake Toughpower DPS 850 W

    The fan grille looks like they went out and bought some storm drain grates... But then again, I don't use windowed cases anyway, so looks aren't really that important to me. I bought a couple of their Purepower units back in the days before they started to get their act tohether, sometimes in...
  17. Joe Public

    Nzxt hale82 v2 700 w

    It's sad how they used to be good, then just plummeted into mediocrity. There was once a time where I'd recommend NZXT.
  18. Joe Public

    Cooler Master V Series 850 W

    I've been recommending these V-series CM PSUs to people I know that are building lately, they are great value and excellent quality. I'm glad to see CM stepping up their game with these units.
  19. Joe Public

    AMD new Radeons Frontpage Poll Discussion

    I already bought a 7970 on sale a few months ago. Was about the same that a R9 280X is now, so won't be buying anything new until 2015 or so.
  20. Joe Public

    Rosewill Hercules 1600 W

    Rosewill PSUs have been generally good for a long time now. Though this unit is too large and too pricey imo. There are better choices out there.
  21. Joe Public

    G.Skill TridentX F3-2666C11Q-16GTXD 4x4 GB 2666 MHz C11

    I think they look kinda gaudy. But since I don't use cases with side windows, it wouldn't really matter.
  22. Joe Public

    Bioshock Infinite Will Not Support Windows XP

    I do have XP installed, but it's on a test bench rig. I'd never use Windows XP for my main rig, though. I have no real use for it on a daily basis either. It's a 12 year old OS. Heck, DOS had to die in the end too to many people's dismay, but you can't expect stuff to keep being supported...
  23. Joe Public

    What are your plans for Windows 8 ?

    I downloaded the Preview, but never got around to installing it. Maybe I'll take a look at Win 8 at some point, but it doesn't really pique my interest for now. Sticking with Win 7 for the time being.
  24. Joe Public

    Tacens Intros Radix 6 Series PSUs

    Lmao. Single PCIe connector on a 550W. (and a 400 and 500W without). Yeah, can you spell "disaster"?
  25. Joe Public

    Realtek program missing after fresh install *Big problem*

    I assume since you mention Realtek and then headset, that it's the software for the integrated sound card you refer to. Then it would be most likely obtainable from the website of the manufacturer of your motherboard.