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    Wooden motherboard tray?

    Are there any potential hazards in using a wooden motherboard tray? I know there's the obvious conclusion of wood burns, but i dont *think* that anything on a computer would reach the temperatures required to ignite wood... thoughts? This is for a big case mod that i'm working on right now; i'll...
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    damaged card?

    I've been running Folding@Home on my x1900GT since release in early october, and it recently began spewing up errors quite heavily. So i looked at the 3d view in ATITool and spied this: keep in mind that the card has been running at stock since i got it with the stock cooler. Is something...
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    Wireless questions

    I've got a friend who is going wireless but doesn't know too much about it (and, unfortunately, neither do i). One thing he wants to be able to do is set up a wireless router coming off his cable modem and then have another wireless router/AP pick up said signal and use it as the uplink for a...
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    gigabyte x800 pro non-vivo

    i read somewhere (possibly here) that the gigabyte x800 comes with all 16 pipes. is this just the ViVo ir this one too?
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    9600 woes

    OK, so, today I go to FrozenCPU's store (its based near my house) and pick up an ATi Silencer 2 which should theoretically work with my card. The problem is, it didnt. After much maneuvering and attempts and thoughts and anger, it still didnt go. So we said fuck that. Now, i happened to be at a...
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    removing stock heatsink on a 9600

    my heatsink is glued on. the holes are around it for a heatsink, but they're empty. From this, i can conclude that visiontek glued it on. how do you remove it?
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    9600(NP) bios reflash?

    First off, my card is the Visiontek xtasy 9600. it is (as far as i know) a completely reference 9600. stock clock is 325/200. Hi, I'm thinking about reflashing my card's bios to a slightly edited GeCube 9600XT BIOS whose card has the same ram chips as mine. I've edited down the clocks from...
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    9600 almost on fire

    I have a Visiontek Xtasy 9600 that takes pretty well to overclocks, at least the GPU does, running at around 40 - 45C under load, but the ram... Visiontek cut corners on this card, as it only has a small heatsink on the core, and nothing on the ram. at the ram's rated maximum of 250 mhz, they...