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  1. Eukashi

    In Win Unveils the 303 Mid-Tower Case

    where are we mounted a 240mm AIO Liquid cooler on this case?
  2. Eukashi

    AMD Zen Architecture Supports Up to 32 Cores per Socket: Leaked Linux Patch

    32cores(per 4 SMT)=128Threads? it is so interesting. in desktop,8cores(per 4 SMT)=32Threads, wow!
  3. Eukashi

    Choose R9 290 Series for its 512-bit Memory Bus: AMD

    when the HBM technology is loaded into RADEON, a problem in a memory band is cleared. there is no need to increase the secondary cache as Maxwell.
  4. Eukashi

    EK Announces Fans Specially Designed for Radiators: EK Vardar Series

    yeah i like Gentle typhoon. it has been discontinued for 3.11 earthquake. that is good news.
  5. Eukashi

    Big Swing in Market Share From AMD to NVIDIA: JPR

    i am optimistic about RADEON's future. new HBM technology would be very effective in GPU. http://www.sisoftware.eu/rank2011d/show_run.php?q=c2ffcdfbddbcdde0d1e8d8ebd9e9cfbd80b096f396ab9bbdcef3c3&l=en...
  6. Eukashi

    Corsair AX1500i Digital Power Supply Now Available

    100V-15A...so scary.
  7. Eukashi

    AMD Readies 16-core Processors with Full Uncore

    Please 4GHz 4M/8C 256SP-GCN APU on Socket FM2+. When I record PC games, more CPU core is required for x264VFW.
  8. Eukashi

    "Vishera" End Of The Line for AMD FX CPUs: Roadmap

    we need more cores, please 4M8C 4CU/256SP Kaveri PLEASE!
  9. Eukashi

    GeForce GTX 780 Ti Designed to be Faster than GTX TITAN?

    Why 290X only uses a 3770k?