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  1. Castiel

    Low Powered Plex Media Server

    I am trying to build a new computer just for my Plex Media Server. The plan is to set it in the corner and never touch it again. But the biggest variable is power consumption. I am trying to build the best system that pulls the least amount of power without losing performance. So here is my part...
  2. Castiel

    Web browsers

    Thats not a lot of options. I would only suggest Internet Explorer or Opera. If you are looking for simplicity then IE I guess, but Opera seems like they are making their browser look more like Chrome or the new Firefox.
  3. Castiel

    best news/review site cms

    Well I can say that you will be paying a good amount of money for one. Or like most sites build skins for their current CMS, for example Engadget and TechCrunch both use Wordpress. So I suggest, if you know web design and some PHP to re-skin your current theme with something you like. But to...
  4. Castiel

    Advantage of a server board?

    Well not all server motherboards are the ones that have two CPU sockets, there have been several high-end motherboards that have been released over the past couple years that include two CPU sockets. Now if you are just doing simple tasks like email, web, and music then there is zero reason why...
  5. Castiel

    New Apple Mac Pro Available Starting Tomorrow

    I'm a Apple guy, but I'm for sure that you can get more performance out of a PC for SFX and Video Editing than the new Mac Pro...
  6. Castiel

    Background in a stylesheet

    @ste2425 Its cool :toast:
  7. Castiel

    Background in a stylesheet

    I was directing the question towards the OP. He wasn't specifying which background he was wanting as there are multiple elements with a background set... Your first response was well explained, I was just merely giving backup to support, that we need more information than what was given so we...
  8. Castiel

    OFFICIAL DayZ Standalone (Discussion)

    @erocker What are the graphics like? FPS?
  9. Castiel

    Background in a stylesheet

    Yeah, you have several elements with a background, please specify.
  10. Castiel


    @The Von Matrices Could you give a link to a tutorial or a doc that will show you how to setup mine scrypting?
  11. Castiel

    OFFICIAL DayZ Standalone (Discussion)

    @erocker Could you update the thread with your thoughts on the game? If it is impressive I may go ahead and purchase. EDIT: There are people streaming the game if anyone is interested. http://www.twitch.tv/directory/game/DayZ/live
  12. Castiel


    I suggest to purchase an AMD card, like a 5770 on the cheap side. Upgrade a couple generations more to increase your hash rate. And yes, join a pool because trying to solve a block on your own will take you forever.
  13. Castiel


    @NinkobEi Please leave the negativity out or don't participate in the thread. I am just trying to give information to the people that are wanting to know more. And I consider it a hobby because I am not looking to make a profit. And forgive me for not completely explaining myself on my plan to...
  14. Castiel

    OFFICIAL DayZ Standalone (Discussion)

    @WhiteNoise $29.99
  15. Castiel

    OFFICIAL DayZ Standalone (Discussion)

    I'm wondering the same, though as this is the alpha I would bet that there are going to be a ton of issues. I think I may go ahead and pay to get it as I am very excited to play the standalone. I haven't played the mod, due to hackers and the crappy engine.
  16. Castiel


    You can start today if you want, because with AMD cards they mine better than nVidia. Though with video cards in a pc it can run up your electricity bill. I suggest save and put your money towards a ASIC type mining solution.
  17. Castiel


    Has anyone had any issues with bitcoinstore.com? I have thought about spending a majority of my bitcoin there instead of converting everything to USD and have a Money Order sent to me.
  18. Castiel


    Here is the history of Bitcoin. These videos can help you learn more and get a bigger view of Bitcoin Mining. And it really depends on where you want to start with Bitcoin. For instance hobby or are you wanting to make a profit? Because each option will cost you different amounts. You can...
  19. Castiel

    "Must Enable cookies" error

    When you are using these sites do you have multiple tabs open in those browsers? Specifically the same site in multiple tabs.
  20. Castiel

    ASRock Fatal1ty 990FX Killer Detailed

    I always feel that these Fatal1ty boards are missing things. I wished they would just rebrand a high end AsRock Extreme board with Red and Fatal1ty stickers.
  21. Castiel

    G-Sync Reviewed

    I like the idea and hardware, though I think that I wouldn't invest in this technology for another half year to even more.
  22. Castiel

    Terminal Reality looks dead

    I don't mean to hate on TR, but they weren't a great company. I went several times to their office's for game testing and it sucked. Some of the developers and designers had huge ego's, and they seemed lazy and unorganized.
  23. Castiel

    Use AMD GPU for Xtra Monitors?

    Possible 4 23" monitors.
  24. Castiel

    Use AMD GPU for Xtra Monitors?

    So I have 660ti in my current system. And I was thinking that since I have some extra monitors I might just hook them up. So I have a 5770 laying around, would the nVidia drivers or Windows having a problem seeing that there is a non nVidia GPU installed? I will not be trying to use the 5770 to...
  25. Castiel

    NodeJS Best Practice for require()

    I understand. Stackoverlow can have some big a-holes on there at times.