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    4 Million Windows 8 Licenses Sold: Ballmer

    Well the drivers install but when I connect to my wifi I get a BOSD everytime so it never connects to my wifi
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    4 Million Windows 8 Licenses Sold: Ballmer

    I am one of those 4 million except the only thing I don't like about it is my wireless adapter's drivers do not work properly on windows 8 :( other than that it is refreshing and a fresh experience.
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    Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 Arriving Next Month

    Well you obviously haven't used chrome chrome seems like the least stable browser from the bunch
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    HP Details Turnaround Strategy, Provides 2013 Outlook

    If HP is far from over priced. They usually have good deals on their laptops so I am pretty happy with them.
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    Apple Unveils New iTunes

    Amen to that brother that is why I am afraid to let my sister sync her ipod on my computer because I do not want/ need that junk
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    Apple Unveils New iTunes

    Umm skydrive does all of that and its free well only 7gb and if you were lucky like me and had an account before it went official then you got 25GB free :)
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    ASUS Readies ROG ARES 2 Graphics Card with Dual-HD 7870 GPUs

    :eek: Oh please don't ask for it!!!
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    AMD Introduces New Low-Power AMD Embedded G-Series APU, Extending Platform to 2017

    That and they don't have the capital other companies do such as intel so they can't invest as much into R&D.
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    Sony Announces New VAIO E Series 15 and E Series 17 Models

    This new design looks allot better than their previous generation that had the diamond cut design on it. I personally though it looked too girly; this however is a step in the right direction.
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    Sony Debuts First Ultrabook VAIO T Series

    If this is $750 at the most then it will be worth it. Anyone know what battery they are going to put in this?
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    Dell's Enhanced Alienware Portfolio Delivers Exceptional Mobile Gaming Experience

    Well i hate to be a negative nacy but the samsung series 7 gamer has the same if not sinilar specs as the mx17 for 1500. I believe they are going to have a hardtime selling these. Good luck dell competition ftw!!
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    Transform in Style with the New ASUS Transformer Pad TF300T

    1280x800 sorry to disappoint you.
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    Wintel Tablets Aim to Push Down iPad Market Share to 50% by Mid-2013

    Hopefully these Wintel tablets have at least a 1280 x 720 display because windows 8 doesn't really support lower res desplays, well at least their marketplace doesn't.
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    Wintel Tablets Aim to Push Down iPad Market Share to 50% by Mid-2013

    Well Intel already made some refrence atom tablets that are aimed for the education market that said they would cost around $200 so yea I cannot wait to see what they design for their Wintel tablets.
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    Get That Fresh New Look for Spring with VAIO E Series 14P from Sony

    Does anyone know if the 7670M is any better than the 6630M?
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    Intel Ushers in 'A New Era of Computing' with Ultrabook Campaign

    Have you tried any of the sony S series laptops, they are pretty thin and depending on the model you can get pretty decent graphics power. Paying ~$1000 for intel's integrated graphics feels like a total rip off to me.
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    Western Digital Ships First 2 TB Portable Hard Drive With Next-Gen My Passport

    I would try to stay away from these, because on the current passports WD has sodered on the micro USB 3 to the drives, so even if you manage to take the drive out of the shell, you won't be able to use it as a SATA drive.
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    Apple Launches New iPad

    Specs are alright, my mind isn't blown. Tablets are still useless to me. No flash = no money from me.
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    Samsung Miniaturizes 1920x1080 Pixels Into A 4.8" Display

    0_o we are going to need bigger batteries, and possibly better eyes
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    Galaxy GeForce GTX 560 SE Pictured, Benchmarked

    Sub $200 0_o Nvidia crazy, they need to work out their pricing scheme and their naming scheme
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    ASUS Also Unveils the Transformer Pad 300 'Affordable' Tegra 3 Tablet

    Go asus, $399 not bad, I wonder what they have in store for windows 8 tablets, hopefully they will be apart of the band wagon because they can make some really good hardware.
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    Current-Generation Ultrabooks In For Price-Cuts

    AMD's ultrabook equivalent did not see this coming hopefully they can still manage to sell them cheaper, they just need to give us more info on the preformance we should expect from their machines.
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    Will you wait for NVIDIA's next-generation Kepler GPU?

    Couldn't agree with you more there aren't any games right now that take full advantage of the new GPU's, so it would be silly to spend another ~$300 on a GPU just so two games can take advantage of it.
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    New Lesance Type-GX Reference Configuration Packs GeForce GT 630M Graphics

    Hummm well depends on the quality screen, but so far this does not seem worth it, you can easily get an asus g series for a similar price with better specs.
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    Google To Supply 27,000 Chromebooks to US Schools

    I may not agree that this was a smart move on the schools behalf, but all I can say is that google is going to take over the world you just wait.