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    how test ubuntu

    I would install it in virtualbox or vmware
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    Best WIFI card for Linux

    rt73 It works out of the box on any ubuntu 8.10 distro and opensuse 11.1. They're the only new ones I've tried.
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    Best WIFI card for Linux

    I have a TP-Link tl-wn321g usb one and it works fine in Kubuntu
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    Will you jump to get Windows 7

    I actually probably will buy it like almost as soon as it comes out (first time I'd say that about windows)
  5. S ??

    Trend micro has blocked that IP for spyware so I gather it's dodgy
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    Best wireless keyboard/mouse? Recommendations to make my HTPC better?

    If there is a delay it's too short for me to be able to see!
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    Best wireless keyboard/mouse? Recommendations to make my HTPC better?

    I have and really like the Logitech LX310 mouse and keyboard set. Battery life is meant to be 6 months, don't know if that's true but I've had mine since xmas and it's still... working lol + it's a laser mouse so you can use it on pretty much anything
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    is my laptop obsolete? (2)

    Why post the same thing twice? It's not obsolete.
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    Good FTP client/manager?

    When I used windows I used coreftp which was good
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    [WTB] 17'' Monitor

    I have a 17" Diamond Digital crt monitor which I'm replacing soon and you're offer is better than my dad's offer (nothing)! I think I'll be right looking at the cost of sending it to the usa... Cheapest option is $147
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    linux in windows

    It's probably the login screen
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    Mint or Fedora 10 KDE for new Linux user

    Video playback problems in Linux usually aren't graphics card related. I'm using Kubuntu and I had terrible dvd playback but looking on the Ubuntu site I had to download some package (lib...something it had the number 2 in it too) and then configure something. Can't remember much soz
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    Microsoft Makes First Windows 7 Beta Public

    I want to download this, I really do! I just don't want to spend a day or more downloading it.
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    Core i7 920 - $385 AUD

    Yadnum Computers is a scam site owned by a cold blooded Australian called Michael Munday. Don't touch it.
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    PC Case Gear GAINWARD 4850 HOT DEAL!!!

    If only ATI had better linux support... :(
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    linux in windows

    Just wondering, why Fedora Core 2? 10 is out... I'm pretty sure you can install from an install cd in vmware, not just a live cd.
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    No drive found during boot-up

    My brother like tapped the cable for the hdd in my old computer and then I had pretty much the same problem except it would work for about half an hour before dying.
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    Are you going to buy a Phenom 2

    I'd like to I have plans of a new computer around $2500 later in the year and I'd like to put one in it
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    Mint or Fedora 10 KDE for new Linux user

    The only advantage of KDE over Gnome really is that it looks 1000x better! Oh and I think that Dolphin is the best file browser on the face of the earth! imo I would much rather Fedora but it takes more knowledge than Mint. If you want KDE you could try Kubuntu 8.10, that's what I'm using! I...
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    Today i bought domain.

    I can go to almost any given site and find the XHTML doctype up the top. It's a standard, it's used by pretty much everyone these days. Go on any web design site and they will use xhtml.
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    Today i bought domain.

    xhtml xhtml xhtml lol I really think you should have a go at learning xhtml if you haven't already. It's pretty much the same but there are some changes.
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    Wikipedia Donation Campaign Succeeds in Raising Above $6 Million

    I donated $1 a few months ago :) Which would have been around 60 US cents.
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    Windows XP oem

    I know it doesn't work with Vista but will an OEM copy of XP work on more than 1 computer?
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    im so confused.

    I'm not the one having the problem...
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    im so confused.

    Now I'm confused... Are you sure you're not just using the livecd?