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  1. jonathan1107

    Nvidia 3d vision 1440p?

    Does nvidia 3d vision support 1440p resolution? I've been trying to find the info on the Web and can't seem to find the answer. I've also read that it's possible to use other glasses than the ones nvidia sell, But only through 3d tv play. Is it also possible to use em with nvidia 3d vision...
  2. jonathan1107

    Which CPU to buy for GTX 1080 sli build

    I'd like your opinion on which CPU to buy. This rig will be for Gaming mostly. I'll going to cool that CPU with a custom water build. There are so many choices since the arrival of koby Lake processors, I'm a bit confused. Should I grab a Intel sixth get cpu because the price just dropped...
  3. jonathan1107

    PSU for GTX 1080 sli

    I'd like to know which psu's you would recommend for a gtx 1080 sli with a 24/7 overclocked system running on a custom water loop.
  4. jonathan1107

    confused about which motherboard to pick

    First off 3 questions: How much of a difference does an excellent mobo give vs a mid-range mobo (I mean a 180$ mobo vs a 400$ mobo) What's the difference between the asus motherboards, there are like 9 versions, I'm so confused lol (z170, z170a, z170 deluxe, z170 rog, z170 rog maximus, z170...
  5. jonathan1107

    Best combo upgrade for my father?

    My father is upgrading from a radeon 7950 3gb and a fenom 1100t 6 core processor He's got a 850w psu a good one. What would be the best new motherboard + cpu + gou upgrade for him with a budget of around a 1000$?
  6. jonathan1107

    How to read .m2ts and .ssif files on HTPC?

    Hi I've started the process of ripping my entire blu ray collection to my HTPC so I can stream my movies to my laptops, tablets and cell phones in the house. I've installed and configured Kodi. But I do not know how to read those files on Kodi. Is there a way to "mount" those files or read...
  7. jonathan1107

    Can I use my htpc in the living room AND office?

    I have an htpc in my living room. I was thinking of using the setup I have to avoid having to buy another motherboard and cpu plus graphics card. I'd like to use the same PC tower for both my htpc setup (tv) and office gaming without buying two towers... Is it feasible? What would be...
  8. jonathan1107

    Utorrent Optimization

    I've recently upgraded my FIBER internet speed to 195mbps download speed I've been doing a lot of research and tweaking to improve my download speed in utorrent and would like to hear your opinion on the matter. Food for thought: Of course seed vs Leecher ratio affects speeds Utorrent...
  9. jonathan1107

    URGENT cannnot access bios, cannot boot

    I have an msi gaming 5 z97 mobo 2x hdds (500gb) in raid 0 1x kingston ssd (64gb) which contains my windows 7 install. I just sold my computer to a friend and somehow now he can'T boot. He gets a black screen RIGHT after he boots up the computer with the A2 code at the bottom right. He's got...
  10. jonathan1107

    Xbox One LAN setup

    Question about setting up multiple Xbox Ones within the same building. I'm thinking about doing 10 xbox ones with 10 monitors. What would be the way to go about this? If I'm correct most Routers only allow up to 8 ethernet inputs (if I do this WIRED using Ethernet cables) What about a...
  11. jonathan1107

    URGENT: How to WIPE HDDs before Selling my PC

    I have 2x 500gb HDDs in RAID 0 and 1x SSD with windows 7 installed on it. Is there a way to completly WIPE my hard drives WITHIN windows (since windows is not on my HDDs but on my SSD? What about my SSD? It's only got Windows 7 on it with NO personal data. Can I just sell my PC and keep my SSD...
  12. jonathan1107

    Nvidia "SingleCard" vs SLI off + dedicated Physx Card ?

    Hi guys, trying to understand the nvidia panel a bit better. Quick question: If I select "single-GPU" from the "SLI rendering mode" option. What happens exactly? I notice it doesn't "restart" the driver so I'm guessing it still uses the other GPU for stuff like physx right? What happens...
  13. jonathan1107

    PC enthusiast - How to use the Unreal Engine

    Hi. I usually find on the internet many ways to "REDUCE GRAPHICS" fidelity (in the .ini files of a specific game for a specific game engine) In order to INCREASE performance at the cost of graphics fidelity. But I am a PC enthusiast and I like to do JUST the opposite: MAXIMIZE Graphics quality...
  14. jonathan1107

    Borderlands 2 + Pre-Sequel LFG

    I'm about to jump back in and do the borderlands 2 campaign and pre-sequel after that. I had a blast playing borderlands in the past, figured I'd go play some. Thought I'd post here in case somebody feels like joining me ;)
  15. jonathan1107

    High RAM usage. What to do?

    I've noticed rather high RAM usage in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and in another game called "Evolve". In COD AW, my RAM usage went all the way to 7.1gb (that is not the VRAM usage but RAM usage) I get 12gb RAM usage in Evolve which is really high. I know I'm gaming at 1440p with all the...
  16. jonathan1107

    Which of these 3 RAM sets is the best to buy?

    http://www.amazon.ca/dp/B00CRF9WR8/?tag=pcp0f-20 http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820231589&AID=10657534&PID=3938566&SID=&nm_mc=AFC-C8JunctionCA&cm_mmc=AFC-C8JunctionCA-_-na-_-na-_-na&utm_medium=affiliates&utm_source=afc-%zn...
  17. jonathan1107

    Cannot Start the Star Wars Battlefront beta

    I get "star wars battlefront beta stopped working" as soon as I start the game. I did a lot of "googling" and found a few possible fixes. One of them involved updating my windows 7 (64 bit) to SP1 and then downloading a platform update that enables DirectX 11.1 So I tried updating windows and...
  18. jonathan1107

    70% GPU usage in The Witcher 3 (sli)

    I have 2x msi gtx 980ti gaming cards in sli. When running the game (vsync off) SINGLE card I get close to 98-99% GPU usage. Then when I enable SLI and use both GPUs I get around 70-75% GPU usage (V-sync still off) Is that normal? Does it mean the drivers or the game is not optimized properly...
  19. jonathan1107

    Sweetfx Screenshots

    I'd like to know how to take screenshots of my games with the sweetfx effects visible. I currently run sweetfx (latest version) with the witcher 3 and MSI AB and RTSS. When I use the MSI AB osd to take screenshots they don't show the sweetfx changes (just the vanilla version). How do I fix that?
  20. jonathan1107

    Different Clocks reported by MSI AB than GPU-Z

    It happened to me before and I remember I had figured out the cause but I can't remember what the fix was lol... My MSI AB RTSS OSD shows my GPU clocks at 1139mhz (gtx 980 ti msi gaming) but they're actually running at 1415mhz (according to gpu-z) which is definitly correct. How do I get RTSS to...
  21. jonathan1107

    MSI AB Auto Start Profile

    My MSI AB always starts with profile number 5. I want it to always start windows with profile #2 How can I achieve this?
  22. jonathan1107

    Looking to buy a new Mechanical keyboard

    I want to buy a new mech. keyboard. I was considering the Razer blackwidow chroma. I also considered the Corsair k95vsk70. What would be the very best performing/looking keyboard to get right now? Are these 2 (the ones I listed) the best to consider or have I overlooked one?
  23. jonathan1107

    windows 10 worth the upgrade?

    Strictly from a GAMER's perspective, is it worth upgrading? I know it will support dx12 of course. But are there any "benchmarks" out there to showcase the Windows 10 FPS increase in games. Is there enough concrete evidence that the upgrade should be a "no-brainer" ?
  24. jonathan1107

    IMPORTANT Nosgoth FPS boost discovery

    I did a lot of testing today in order to stabilize my FPS. I have a 100hz capable monitor and even though my GTX 980ti was only @ 81% usage, I noticed that my FPS were going all over the place dropping all the way down to 60 fps at times instead of 99fps for say... I tried d3doverrider, tweaks...
  25. jonathan1107

    New to Streaming. Looking for Tips

    I'm new to streaming. In fact I've never once done it before. I have the hardware I need (2x gtx 980 ti) etc... My objective: - I wanna start slowly. I'd like to be able to "live stream" my gaming sessions. No overlays yet, no big ambitions yet. I want to be able to you know: call my friends...